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Committee Holds Hearing on LaMalfa Tule Lake Historic Site Bill

Doug LaMalfa Congressman CA

June 24, 2016

Washington DC – The House Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Federal Lands held a hearing on a bill Rep. Doug LaMalfa (CA-R) sponsored to create a National Historic Site on the location of a World War II internment camp. The measure, HR 4387, removes the location from the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument and creates the Tule Lake National Historic Site. LaMalfa stated that he believed Tule Lake was distinct from the Pacific Ocean battlefields which make up the rest of the monument and should be recognized in its own right.

“This bill will recognize the shameful events that occurred at the Tule Lake Camp, where thousands of Japanese Americans were unconstitutionally detained. The Tule Lake National Historic Site will serve as a stark reminder that Americans must always be vigilant in the defense of their rights, during both peace and war,” said LaMalfa. “The measure ensures that the historic site and local community work in tandem by requiring the Park Service to develop its management plan with input from the adjacent airport, the City of Tulelake, and Modoc County. Finally, it lets residents decide what’s best for their community by requiring any expansion to receive the support of the city and county before moving forward.”  

Modoc County resident Nick Macy, operator of the Tulelake Airport adjacent to the existing monument, testified about the community’s support for recognizing the historic nature of the location and engaging local residents in future management of the site. The airport employs several dozen residents, making it one of the largest private employers in Modoc County. While some groups have advocated for significant expansion of the existing monument, the expansion proposals would result in the closure of the airport. HR 4387 prohibits any expansion of the Historic Site without written concurrence from the City of Tulelake and Modoc County.

“Our community has always supported telling the story of the men and women who were incarcerated so that this wrong is never repeated. HR 4387 strikes a balance between respecting the events that took place at the Tule Lake camp and protecting the agricultural economy of the area’s 900 family farms,” Macy said.

Congressman Doug LaMalfa is a lifelong farmer representing California’s First Congressional District, including Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou and Tehama Counties.


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Siskiyou Co: Pony Fire update 6-24-16

FIRES, Forestry & USFS

Happy Camp, CA — The Pony Fire is burning on the Klamath National Forest, about fifteen miles southwest of Happy Camp and west of Highway 96.  The fire remains at 2,858 acres and 60 percent contained.

On Thursday, crews again patrolled containment lines on the northern, eastern and southern perimeters.  Firefighters hiked to the southeast edge of the fire to confirm the Wednesday helicopter water drops used there had checked fire growth.  Crews also continued using a chipper to create a fuel break to protect homes along Highway 96.

Temperatures are expected to rise slightly on Friday, marking the beginning of a warming and drying trend that will extend into next week.  The fire is expected to continue to creep and smolder on Friday, with burning logs rolling downhill the biggest threat.  Crews will continue to patrol all containment lines and use chippers to reduce brushy fuels.  With engine support, crews are planning to check for hotspots just off a dozer line above the “fingers” of fire in the Dillon Creek drainage.

For public and firefighter safety, a temporary closure order has been issued for lands within and adjacent to the Pony fire.  The closed area includes National Forest land west of Highway 96, north of the Ukonom Ranger District boundary, east of Siskiyou Wilderness, and south of a line defined along Crawford Creek, Forest Road 15N19, and Bear Creek/Kelsey Trail.  Dillon Creek Campground remains open.

More information and maps of the closure area are available on the Klamath National Forest website (www.fs.usda.gov/klamath).

Information, maps, and closures are also posted on Inciweb at http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4769/.

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Federal judge strikes down BLM fracking rule; Utah AG comments

Bureau of Land Management, Courts, Federal gov & land grabs, Lawsuits, State gov
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Action: Supporting Healthy Forest that Resist Catastrophic Fire

FIRES, Forestry & USFS

To: Candidates running for President of USA; congress; states and counties

From National Wildfire Institute


Prior to the 1980s, the U.S. Forest Service was a world leader and champion of forest science; the management of America’s forests were widely acknowledged as the best managed Forests in the World.

Active management of our nation’s forests was mandated by the authorizing legislation that set aside our “Forest Reserves” in the Organic Act of 1897.

Specifically, the intention of the Forest Reserves was “to improve and protect the forest within the reservation…securing favorable conditions of water flows, and to furnish a continuous supply of timber for the use and necessities of citizens of the United States.”

For nearly 100 years, the Forest Service managed the Forest Reserves (now the National Forest System) to meet the demand for housing products and aid in economic recoveries from domestic recessions by providing a stable supply of forest products.

Our timber output topped out at nearly 12 billion board feet in 1985, but a few timber sales were not well thought-out. A concerned Congress, fueled by newly formed environmental groups, mandated restrictive legislation to tightly regulate how our National Forests would be managed. Decisions once couched in sound science were now subject to often uninformed public opinion, illegitimate science and extreme political persuasion through the 1970 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Aided by the 1987 Salvage Rider, ensuing litigation through the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) sparked what is well known as the “War in the Woods” that continues to this day.  Rural economies plummeted when decoupled from raw product removal and legal property tax offsets.  Many mills have closed due to lack of wood to keep them in operation and the inability of the US Forest Service to guarantee supply.

The rise in green power groups as well as politically charged assertions about the government “raping the land” and “lawless logging” clouded the fact that nationally, high harvest levels in the 80s never exceeded 50% of forest growth. The timber harvests of the 80s helped lead this nation out of a deep economic recession.  Today, forest growth far exceeds the ability to thin the overstocked trees because forests are not actively managed.

Since the passage of NEPA and its subsequent reinterpretation by judicial proceedings, our nation’s forests suffer immeasurable environmental degradation that threaten their very existence and those who live in close proximity to them. Insects, disease and wildfire consume forests at rates not present in the historic record. With a rapidly warming climate, this damage will increase every passing year.

The current framework of laws, rules and court decisions threatens clean water, local economies and preservation of our National Forests for future generations with the following results:

  • Major curtailment of active management of the National Forests and hugely reduced amounts of forest projects for our nation’s sawmills and forest products industries.

  • The growth of a cottage industry that takes advantage of environmental conflicts using the “Equal Access to Justice Act” as a profitable tool to litigate forest projects for personal profit at the expense of the American people.

  • Curtailment of Forest management has led to unnatural levels of number of trees per acre which are four times natural densities. This allows bugs to kill millions of acres of forest ripe for catastrophic wildfires.

  • Regional timber industries have crashed due to lack of a reliable timber supply, with more than 60% of the nation’s mills shut down. America’s dying rural communities exhibit high unemployment, illicit drug use and reduced essential public services such as law enforcement. Timber companies which survive import unsustainably grown timber from countries such as Siberia and Canada to meet America’s demand for forest products.

  • There is reduced availability of clean water for cities, local communities and fisheries. Wildfires and forest densification have robbed water produced by National Forests in the arid west and threaten the life and productivity of irreplaceable upland streams.

  • Outdated, misguided and ineffective management and legal policies have led members of Congress to advocate selling or transferring National Forests to states or other groups. This would rob future generations of their birthright and end the US world leadership in forested lands. Such short-sighted decisions would be a disaster for rural communities, destroy public access to open landscapes and diminish recreational opportunities forever as states or other groups could not afford to manage our National Forests.


Bold leadership and modernizing policy and law could revitalize our National Forests, reenergize a sluggish economy and create high paying jobs.  Existing gridlock cannot be eliminated by any management agency alone.

  • New management strategies are emerging. Seral Stage Management encourages a mosaic of all stages of forest growth and provides rich and varied ecological niches. It mimics natural disturbance processes and restores full forest function which meet the needs of wildlife, fire and fuels management, recreation, water yield, and timber products. Active management by man with reliable and scientifically verified results can replace catastrophic processes of fire, insects and disease.

  • Critical forest thinning can unleash an enormous economic engine. Creation of 6 million board feet of natural forest byproducts would yield approximately $18 billion dollars in raw product sales (25% of which is returned to counties for roads and schools as tax offsets). Local communities have documented that each $1 spent in the timber products industry returns $5 to the local economy.

  • 21st Century forest management would improve water quality, water yield and groundwater recharge from our uplands. In the process, we could reduce catastrophic fire damage, wildfire suppression costs and release of airborne carcinogens caused by ever-escalating fire activity.

  • By taking bold action to restore active forest management on our National Forests and by leading again in scientific achievement worldwide, we will regain world leadership in caring for the environment and contribute to global health.


 The following critical action items are offered to use with groups during the election process and for issuing policy direction after the election. These items will resonate with rural voters and forest-dependent communities and will enlighten urban citizens.


  • Convene a National Forested Lands Committee who will offer proactive solutions for active management, with a focus on science, habitat improvement, economic viability and protection of communities from wildfire. This committee should be composed of true stakeholders who embrace the founding mission of the agencies. The committee should include scientists, conservationists, private and public forest managers at all levels and county officials with significant public land holdings within their boundaries.

  • Request Congress to revisit the current practice of appealing specific projects which have already been approved in Land Management Plans. The two-tier process of NEPA allows discussion and direction for healthy forest and habitat management during development of the Land Management Plan.

  • Selection of strong, proactive agency leaders is required to provide a clear vision of a renewed direction both internally and externally. Officials in the Department of Agriculture must support and provide a clear mandate to a new Forest Service Chief who will restore the function and mission of the Forest Service as defined in the original Organic Acts.

  • Mandate agency heads to provide strong support for on-the-ground projects developed by community collaboratives. Ensure these collaboratives utilize local experts, ranchers, foresters, conservationists and community leaders who are dedicated to developing active and efficient projects.

  • Stop the current land management policy of trying to burn our way out of years of ineffective forest management. Rather than returning the forests to a natural state, peer science has shown the current mega-fire regime instead leads to deforestation and long term conversion to unwanted vegetative species.

  • Request Congress to define the end of a wildfire emergency from when the smoke is gone to when the landscape is restored, including restorative salvaging of dead timber and fuels.

  • Request Congress to recognize the inability of the Forest Service to meet the goals of the Northwest Forest Plan due to restrictive environmental laws and litigation occurring after the plan’s inception. The inability to utilize the plan has thwarted local forest projects and diminished project effects in communities and their economies. A one-size-fits-all forest management scheme results in harmful forest practices in many ecosystems.

You, as the next President of this great nation, have the opportunity and duty to restore the health and vitality of our National Forests.



/s/  BRUCE COURTRIGHT, Chair, National Wildfire Institute

Ret. Consultant to Chief, Forest Service and Assistant Secretary of Agriculture

/s/  LARRY ALEXANDER, Executive Director, National Wildfire Institute

Director, Northern California Resource Center

/s/  WILLIAM DERR, Wildfire and Law Enforcement Advisor, National Wildfire Institute

Ret. U.S. Forest Service Regional Special Agent

/s/  RAY HAUPT, Science Advisor, National Wildfire Institute

Ret. U.S. Forest Service District Ranger

/s/  DAN BAILEY, Board Member, National Wildfire Institute

Director, National Wildland Interface Council and Wildland Fire Consultant

/s/  LYLE LAVERTY, Board Member, National Wildfire Institute

Ret. Assistant Secretary of the Interior and President, The Laverty Group

/s/  ROCKY OPLINGER, Board Member, National Wildfire Institute

National Incident Commander and Deputy Chief, LaVerne Fire Department

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Bundy vs BLM: Video with Jeanette Finicum, wife of government murdered LaVoy Finicum

Bundy Battle - Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, Constitution, CORRUPTION, CRIMINAL, Federal gov & land grabs, LaVoy Finicum

Debbie Bacigalupi wrote:

From my valued friend, Jim White (Kalispell, MT) with whom I have done many radio shows and several conferences.  He’s a great Christian, talented, and wanting to give RANCHERS a voice.  See his story below.

He recently recorded Jeanette Finicum when she passed thru Montana…and you will hear her talk about how other ranchers are being abused and she had no idea …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjwbFHEjWj4 .

Jim is launching a crusade that will expose these abuses — many of which we have no idea.

And what he plans to do are a series of high def videos/interviews of ranchers telling their story –our love of land, wildlife, providing for others and how things have changed in America to even the extraordinary abuses that ranchers are experiencing from radical environmentalism to greedy lobbyists and legislators.

I plan to do some traveling with Jim as well…like Jim, it is my passion to save rural America.

On Jim’s YouTube channel, you will see many videos …

​from Larry Kogan (Attorney for water issues in Northern MT and Northern CA) to conferences on liberty and freedom


Please donate and pass this on…AND, feel free to reach out to Jim if you have contacts/people/ranchers/farmers you think Jim should interview/reach out to.  Jim White  jim@northwestlibertynews.com

Our RANCHING voices need to be represented by someone who truly cares and heard by the masses!!!  (I know, I’m preaching to the choir … but seriously!!)

In Liberty,

Debbie Bacigalupi



Hello Friends,

As some of you may know, I have retired from broadcasting, for now, to embark on a new mission.  I feel led to bring a voice to the many ranchers that have been illegally victimized by the various “alphabet” agencies of the Federal Government.  In that vein, NorthWest Liberty News is launching “Operation Rancher Rescue.”  The goal is to humanize the many victims of the Federal Government’s aggressive tactics, and lend a voice to those who have been basically standing alone for a long time now.  The first leg of my journey begins this week, as I will be travelling to Northern Nevada to Cliff Gardiner’s home; then on to all parts of Nevada to interview close to 20 ranchers in all.  As you can imagine, a trip like this will be costly in both time and resources; as the round-trip is about 1500 miles and I will need to stay at hotels many nights on the way there, and as I traverse the great state of Nevada.  So, if you wish to support NorthWest Liberty News and “Operation Rancher Rescue,” please feel free to do so by using one of the methods below.  We do not particularly like PayPal, and are trying to move away from them now, but currently that’s what we use.

I want to note first that I humbly request Prayer from every one of you who read this e-mail.

To donate via Credit Card using PayPal click below.  You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover etc…

Credit Card Contributions

If you do not like PayPal, or credit cards in general, just visit any Parkside Credit Union and deposit contributions in the following account:

NorthWest Liberty News

Thank you so much for your support.  I will be unable to make any real reports for probably 2 weeks, but you can be assured that I will provide updates on NorthWest Liberty News whenever possible.

Warm regards,

Jim White – NorthWest Liberty News

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Another gray wolf may be roaming Northern California


PNP comment: We know there are many more than this newest “lone” (ha, ha) wolf in Northern California. — Editor Liz Bowen

June 23, 2016

By The Associated Press

SUSANVILLE, Calif. (AP) – Authorities say trail cameras have captured what may be another gray wolf roaming Northern California.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says a lone wolf-like canid was first photographed in Lassen County in August and trail cameras a few miles away captured a similar animal in October.

The department said Wednesday the animal is not a member of the Shasta Pack, the breeding pair and pups spotted in eastern Siskiyou County in 2015.

They say that unlike OR-25, a transient wolf from Oregon that has visited California several times, this animal is not wearing a tracking collar.

Biologists say they can’t rule out the animal is a domestic dog or a wolf-dog hybrid. But the department points out a wolf-like canid was photographed in western Lassen County twice more in March and in May and that surviving winter in that remote area would be unlikely for a domestic dog or a wolf-dog hybrid.


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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Rep. LaMalfa Applauds SCOTUS Decision Blocking Executive Immigration Plan

Doug LaMalfa Congressman CA

June 23, 2016

Washington DC- Rep. LaMalfa (R-CA) released the following statement on the Supreme Court ruling in U.S. v. Texas, which upheld a Texas federal district court’s decision barring the President from using executive action to implement the Deferred Action for Parent of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program.

“Today, we saw our rule of law upheld at the highest level.  The Supreme Court’s one-sentence opinion, handed down earlier this morning, rightfully blocks the President’s unilateral immigration action, which would have given de facto amnesty to almost 5 million people who are present in our nation illegally. The Constitution makes it clear – Congress writes the law, and the President has a duty to carry those out. This ruling today exemplified once again the importance having separation of powers and checks and balances within our political system.”

Congressman Doug LaMalfa is a lifelong farmer representing California’s First Congressional District, including Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou and Tehama Counties.


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BLM launching drone program to monitor public lands

Bureau of Land Management

June 22, 2016

The Bureau of Land Management has already promoted a notorious thug agent, Dan Love, to head up its new Protective, Security and Intelligence (think Spy) division, and now the federal agency is launching a drone program to monitor various activities and conditions on public lands under BLM control. Do you trust this agency, headed by Harry Reid lackey, Neil Kornze, to use surveillance drones for the limited and specific purposes they profess?

The following story is written by Gary Harmon, as published by the G.J. Daily Sentinel

MEEKER COLORADO — A drone could do in minutes the work of several federal employees to monitor pipeline reclamation efforts, identify and provide a count of endangered plants, watch over raptors, even in their nests, and go where literally no man has gone for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Drones were doing just those things, and more, recently, in northwest Colorado, as a team of drone operators and supervisors tested the craft under the deep blue Colorado sky and buffeting spring winds.

“We’re just testing the technology to see how well it works,” Kent Walter, manager of the Bureau of Land Management’s Meeker Field Office, said before heading to the Hay Gulch area to see a drone, or unmanned aerial system, do its stuff over a stretch of the Overland Pipeline.

On a dusty road through a meadow, a crew of BLM employees ran through a checklist, much as a pilot on manned aircraft might do, in preparation for a UAS flight to survey about 400 yards of pipeline.

Once clear, the drone was released to shoot up to 100 feet — the pre-set altitude for the survey — and then down to another pre-set point, where it began a series of transects back toward its starting point.

Think of a transect as one might mow a yard, said Gil Dustin, the BLM’s air tactical program manager. The drone flies a pattern just as a lawnmower would cut a strip, turn and cut a return strip parallel to the first, gradually working its way back to the crew.

In the drone’s case, the swaths are some 40 feet wide across the pipeline and the camera aboard takes high-resolution photos according to a program built into the flight plan. Those photos then are studied by experts to determine whether the earth above the pipeline is indeed being reclaimed according to BLM requirements.

It would require several hours with a crew of employees on foot to conduct the same survey, Walter said.

The same territory could be surveyed again, using GPS, to determine what kinds of change have occurred over the intervening time.

The UAS crew didn’t limit itself to a reclamation survey. It also flew a nearby canyon in search of cultural sites, capturing views of rugged country no human — in centuries — has seen, Walter said.

“We’ll see country that has never been seen before, using the drone’s camera, Walter said.

It also was used to study raptor nests in the piñon-juniper forest — “It doesn’t seem to bother raptors,” said Walter — as well as other tasks.

The drone crews file flight plans with the Federal Aviation Administration, just as they would if flying manned craft.

Reposted by Reagangirl.com  6/22/16


BLM launching drone program to monitor public lands

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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Judge refuses to overturn Oregon grazing plans

Agriculture, cattle, Courts, Endangered Species Act, Greenies & grant $, Lawsuits

PNP comment: Wow, what a concept! The fish doesn’t even live in the area, so how can cattle harm the fish if it isn’t there? Now this is a sensible judge! — Editor Liz Bowen

Mateusz Perkowski

Capital Press

Published on June 22, 2016 10:59AM

Ranchers, environmentalists and federal agencies recently engaged in oral arguments at the James A. Redden U.S. Courthouse in Medford, Ore., as part of a lawsuit over grazing’s effects on bull trout habitat in Oregon’s Fremont-Winema National Forest.

A federal judge has rejected environmentalists’ arguments that grazing along Oregon’s Sprague and Sycan rivers unlawfully harms bull trout habitat where the fish doesn’t live.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Clarke has held that grazing plans for 10 federal land allotments comply with the Endangered Species Act and other environmental laws.

Several ranching families, who had intervened in the case to defend the grazing plans, are relieved by the judge’s ruling, said Scott Horngren, an attorney with the Western Resources Legal Center, who represented them.

“An adverse decision would have been very disruptive and harmful to their grazing plans this year,” Horngren said.

If the judge had found the grazing plans were unlawfully approved, the environmental plaintiffs likely would have sought to curtail grazing at a time when the ranchers are preparing to release cattle onto public land, he said.

Horngren noted that ranchers already face restrictions on grazing duration and grass stubble height, among other factors.

“This isn’t uncontrolled grazing,” he said.

Last year, Oregon Wild, Friends of Living Oregon Waters and the Western Watersheds Project filed a complaint against the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for approving the grazing plans in the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

The plaintiffs argued that bull trout, a federally protected threatened species, wasn’t occupying its “critical habitat” in the area due to degradation caused by grazing.

Clarke said the environmental groups raised “legitimate concerns” about the future of bull trout populations due to higher water temperatures and sediment in streams.

However, he said the federal agencies adequately studied whether grazing would adversely affect the fish’s critical habitat.

“While plaintiffs disagree with the Forest Service’s conclusion that grazing can continue despite these concerns, they have not demonstrated that the agency disregarded or irrationally analyzed them,” the judge said.

Capital Press was unable to reach an attorney for the environmental groups as of press time.

Aside from the Endangered Species Act allegations, Clarke also rejected the environmentalists’ claims that grazing was authorized in violation of the Clean Water Act.

The “best management practices,” or BMPs, for protecting water quality in the national forest were approved by Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality, which administers the Clean Water Act, he said.

“Though plaintiffs speculate that the Forest Service has not fully implemented its BMPs, there is no evidence that the agency has failed to undertake any specific commitment or otherwise acted in bad faith,” Clarke said.

Clarke ruled that environmental groups “have not connected” water quality problems with the grazing plans.

“As such, the court cannot conclude that authorized grazing is to blame,” he said.


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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Yreka Tea Party Patriots 6-28-16

TEA Party

Yreka Tea Party Patriots

Meeting for Tuesday, June 21st

6:30 PM at the Covenant Chapel Church

200 Greenhorn Rd.   Yreka 



The Truth About Cancer..

What is Cancer

Free….Contact Louise for more information at 530-842-5443

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