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Video – Scientist Paul R. Houser Ph.D. speaking in Yreka, CA on May 7

Agriculture, Agriculture - California, Bi-State Alliance, CA & OR, California Rivers, California water, Clean Water ACT - EPA, Endangered Species Act, Federal gov & land grabs, Good websites, KBRA or KHSA, Klamath County, Klamath River & Dams, Oregon and Water, Oregon governments, Over-regulations, PacifiCorp, Paul R. Houser Ph.D. scientist, Salmon and fish, Sham Science, Siskiyou County, State gov, Threats to agriculture, Water rights, Water, Resources & Quality

Thank you Robert Exter of Redding Tea Party for this youtube video. It is much appreciated.  — Editor Liz Bowen

Cal-Ore Bi-State Alliance invited Dr. Houser out to the Klamath and Siskiyou area of the Klamath Basin to visit and speak May 5-9, 2012.

It was well worth the time for EVERYONE involved.

On May 7, 2012, renowned scientist, Paul R. Houser, Ph.D. spoke to 300 Siskiyou County citizens and explained why he filed a serious “whistleblower” complaint with the federal Office of Special Council after being “fired” by the federal Dept. of Interior.

What was the federal officials’ issue with Dr. Houser?

He questioned the PROCESS that was used to promote destruction of four hydro-electric dams on the Klamath River AND cited flawed science and politically-based conclusions regarding salmon restoration in the Klamath Basin.

In this video, Siskiyou Co. Sheriff Jon Lopey introduces Dr. Paul R. Houser to a crowd in Yreka, CA.

Before being fired, Dr. Houser was the top scientist in the federal government charged with “integrity review” of science projects within the Dept. of Interior.


Please check back as a PAGE will soon be dedicated to Dr. Houser on Pie N Politics.com

Also check out Dr. Houser’s website at:


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Check out Klamath Basin Crisis.org for the page on Dr. Paul Houser, the DOI whistleblower

Federal gov & land grabs, Good websites, KBRA or KHSA, Klamath Basin Crisis.org, Whistleblowers

 Dr. Paul R. Houser
* Scientist and whistleblower
* expert on ‘Scientific Integrity’
* highest level scientist in the Bureau of Reclamation
* only scientist in the D.C. office
FIRED for exposing scientific fraud by Interior

Houser PicDr. Paul R. Houser biography

Klamath KBRA scientist, Dr. Paul Houser, whistleblower letter to Siskiyou County Supervisors, posted to KBC 2/27/12




Allegation of scientific and scholarly misconduct and reprisal for a disclosure concerning the biased summarization of key scientific conclusions for the Klamath River dam removal Secretarial determination process, from Dr. Paul R. Houser, Science Advisor and Scientific Integrity Officer, Bureau of Reclamation, Washington D.C., to Office of the Executive Secretariat and Regulatory Affairs, Department of the Interior, posted to KBC 2/27/12.


Dr. Houser attachments to letter to Siskiyou Supervisors, posted to KBC 3/2/12

or click here:   http://www.klamathbasincrisis.org/settlement/science/klamathhouserwhistleblowertoSiskSups022412.htm


KBC NEWS 3/19/12 – Dr. Paul R. Houser, hydrometeorologist, and expert scientist on “Scientific Integrity,” was the highest level scientist in the Bureau of Reclamation, and the only scientist in the D.C. office. Houser, whistleblower, was fired for exposing the Secretary of Interior’s “intentional falsification,” “bias,” and  “predetermined intention” to destroy the Klamath dams. 

HERE for Dr. Houser’s biography

Here for Dr. Houser’s KBC webpage.

KBC News asked Dr. Houser his opinion of Interior’s  peer review report  also of the peer reviewers?”

HERE is Dr. Houser’s review.

Dr. Paul R. Houser, Hydrometeorologist,

Review of Interior’s Klamath Dam Removal

EIS/EIR Peer-Review and Peer-Reviewers

Dr. Paul R. Houser, hydrometeorologist, and expert scientist on “Scientific Integrity,” was the highest level scientist in the Bureau of Reclamation, and the only scientist in the D.C. office. Houser was fired for exposing “intentional falsification,” “bias,” and Interior’s “predetermined intention” to destroy the Klamath dams.

HERE for Dr. Houser’s biography

Here for Dr. Houser’s KBC webpage.

KBC News posed the following question of Dr. Houser:  What is  your opinion of Interior’s peer review report of Klamath Dam Removal Overview Report pdf, and also of the peer reviewers?”

Following is Dr. Houser’s response:

“Here is my review of the review.

I note that comment 3-5: “The Summary and Findings section does not sufficiently express the uncertainties in the responses to restoration options” is generally consistent with my concerns over the September 21, 2011 “Summary of Key Conclusions” expressed in my September disclosure. Note that the summaries included in the draft EIS/EIR are more detailed than the Summary of Key Conclusions, but still have bias.

Also note Comment 4-2: “Make the process of evaluating the scientific information clearer (e.g., in Section 3) and ensure that the Secretary understands the scientific limitations of the advice provided by its expert panels.” For example, the expert panels conclude that most issues could be answered only qualitatively rather than quantitatively, as would be hoped for from scientific information. As put succinctly by the final Coho/Steelhead panel report: “… a decision to proceed with the [dam removal] projects should be understood as a decision to pursue a hypothesis of increased fish production, for which there is evidentiary support for qualitative responses, but whose quantitative outcome is largely unknown” (p. 71).

Further comments of note:

Comment 5a-1: “The Overview Report does not discuss the range of potential outcomes and associated unknowns to the degree expressed in the original technical reports”.

Comment 5b-1: “The KBRA includes discussions on fish restoration and several other key factors associated with dam removal. The document does, however, acknowledge that specific implementation processes have not been thoroughly developed. Because of this, some uncertainty exists about the overall effectiveness of implementation efforts”.

Comment 7a-1: “The risks and uncertainties of dam removal are not as clear, particularly in the Executive Summary, as they should be. Certain aspects of the system response to restoration are better defined (more certain) than others. Such distinctions are important. Recommendation: Edit the Overview Report to highlight the distinction between what is known with confidence and critical uncertainties”.

The reviews also point out inadequate discussion and accounting for the impact of reservoir sediment transport or contaminants. This is a critical omission that could have devastating effects on the current healthy downstream fisheries.

Finally, I am concerned about a peer-review with pre-determined questions. It is possible that the peer-reviewers may only address the questions they are presented, rather than looking at the broad credibility of the report. Peer reviews of scientific papers usually do not have such specific questions, so the reviewers are more broadly tasked with assessing the technical validity of the science presented. The peer reviewers are certainly impressive scientists. However, I note that they include a history professor, a power regulatory consultant, a senior scientist for the Nature Conservancy, a dam-removal engineer, and a salmon recovery professor. This appears to not be an impartial panel, and one with a number of obvious conflicts of interest.”

Best Regards, Paul

Dr. Paul R. Houser, Hydrometeorologist

Mobile:301-613-3782 | Fax:410-970-6643 | prhouser@gmail.com


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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POW on Redding Radio KCNR 1460 AM

Good websites

A radio program hosted by Frank Galusha, aired Saturday, Aug. 20th. Liz Bowen, president of Scott Valley Protect Our Water and local rancher, John Menke, Ph.D. and scientist for POW, spoke on the plight of the farmers and ranchers in Scott Valley, Siskiyou County, California.

Truths about the ESA listed coho salmon were discussed.

Our program is in the can.

It aired 6-7 a.m.

Saturday, KCNR 1460AM and held in their archives.

It will be posted to


Radio Page probably just after 9 p.m. Friday, August 19

for one week.

Just click on the radio button or follow the instructions.

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Taking Liberty is a great website. PNP couldn’t agree more with the introduction video.

Good websites, Op-ed, Water rights

Worth watching —

It came by way of a good friend in Southern Oregon:  Mark Johnson who is fighting the federal and state destruction of gold mining.




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The Great California Water Swindle and Property Grab

1602 Permit for stream bed, California water, Good websites, Salmon and fish, Scott River & Valley, Threats to agriculture

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Check out this website: www.farmwars.info

Parts of California are drying up, such as areas of a once fertile, agricultural breadbasket in the San Joaquin Valley. What were lush, productive fields are now a distant memory. Why? Because the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) has decided to re-interpret the Lake and Streambed Alteration Program (DFG code, section 1600) to include the normal use of water as a “permitable” action.

Here is the vague wording that allows such a broad interpretation:

If DFG determines that the activity may substantially adversely affect fish and wildlife resources, a Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement will be prepared. The Agreement includes reasonable conditions necessary to protect those resources and must comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The entity may proceed with the activity in accordance with the final Agreement. (DFG)

It is this agreement that in effect, transfers water rights from the property owner to the CDFG.

To keep this in perspective, let’s take a look at how water is allocated to see just how much water farmers really get as opposed to water used for environmental concerns. According to Cassandra Anderson of MorphCity:

The division of water is as follows:

  • A whopping 48% goes to the environment (that means the federal government has control over it via the Endangered Species Act – ESA), and most of that water flows right into the Pacific Ocean!
  • 41% Goes to Agriculture
  • 11% Goes to Urban use

Does it make any sense at all to take more water from farmers in the guise of “saving the environment,” and turn a once booming agricultural community supplying precious food to our nation into a dust bowl just to let that precious water flow right into the Pacific Ocean?

The following is a letter from Mark Baird, Vice President of Protect Our Water, Scott Valley:

The California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) is using the cloak of environmental concern to gain control of all surface Water Rights in the State. The CDFG has decided to “re-interpret” a sixty year-old water law, Section 1600,” to include the act of turning on the water as a permitable action.

If successful, these permits can cost as much as $30,000 per diversion. The goal is MONEY — (a self-funding agency that can raise fees at will); and POWER — (the ability to modify judicially decreed and appropriative water rights).

This program was suggested to CDFG by Cal Trout and the Natural Heritage foundation.

No one in this Siskiyou County watershed is stealing water. All of our Water Rights are recorded. All diversions are on California Dept. of Water Resource (DWR) maps. The DWR is receiving all the required reports.

I can prove with CDFG documents that the CDFG has been killing Wild Coho Salmon for 20 years. This is in violation of the federal listing in 1996 of coho salmon to the Endangered Species Act.

The CDFG is using threats and extortion to coerce ranchers and farmers into voluntarily signing contracts, which give control of surface Water Rights to CDFG.

Our group is refusing to sign. We will not submit, we will not sign our property over to CDFG. WE WILL FIGHT to protect our property. Water Rights are property rights under the State Constitution.

If the CDFG is successful here, the rest of California will be next.

On April 1, 2011,

About 150 people showed up to support Mark and Cyndi Baird when they officially and legally turned on their irrigation water diversion today, April 1, 2011. California Dept. of Fish and Game Warden told Mark that he could be cited for not having a Permit to do so. Mark stands on his Constitutional Right of property and states he does NOT need a Permit to use his Water Right.

In fact, Mark told the Game Warden to come to the Water Rally Protest and arrest him. No one from Fish and Game showed up. More than 20 folks made the one-lane road trip up to the mountain diversion and helped turn the crank on the diversion above the fish screen.

(Klamath Basin Crisis)

The Scott Valley Protect Our Water (POW) mission statement:

  • We say NO to those regulations that are attempting to destroy our constitutional Rights.

  • We will not submit, nor sign our rights away.

  • We will stand on those Constitutional Rights with all our resources at our command.

The following is taken from “Civil Disobedience, the Right of Revolution:”

Our government enacts laws that intend to subjugate and enslave. We are hit from all sides with programs that invade our privacy, take away our rights as free citizens, and make chattel of us. Our government is out of control, and its laws do not stand for what is right. Therefore, it is our duty as citizens to question its authority. It is our duty as citizens to revolt. Thoreau states: “All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist the government when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable.” This revolution is not one to eliminate the government, but to make it better. “I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government” (Thoreau, 1849).

© 2011 Barbara H. Peterson

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Changes at American Stewards of Liberty

Coordination process OR -- Fred K. Grant, Good websites

For nearly 20 years, we had the privilege of working with Fred Kelly Grant as a friend, legal counselor, and mentor.  For the past two years, Fred has served as president of American Stewards.  As of April 4, 2011, Fred resigned from our organization and will pursue a new direction with his son, Jon, and daughter-in-law, Staci Grant.

Together, they have created “Trademark America,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to Tenth Amendment and Constitutional issues.  We are grateful to Fred for all he has done for us, our membership, and our nation.

For years, Fred represented our organization teaching us and thousands of Americans about a strategy he initiated known as coordination.  Fred worked tirelessly and was recently offered a wonderful opportunity to provide for himself and his family that he simply could not turn down.

We will always be grateful for our friendship and for Fred’s wisdom, his teachings, and his guidance.  We wish Fred, his family, and his new organization Trademark America all the best.

To fill the void left by Fred’s departure, we have put together a wonderful team of attorneys that we will now be working with to fulfill our organization’s obligations as we continue to grow.
Check out:  www.americanstewards,us/

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The Forgotten Man – Jon McNaughton artist

Good websites

Only 2 minutes and well worth watching on this 9-11 day of REMEMBRANCE.


Also check out his site called:  McNaughton Fine Art

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