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Commissioners issued a cease, desist letter to the US Forest Service

Agriculture, cattle, CORRUPTION, CRIMINAL, Federal gov & land grabs, Forestry & USFS, New Mexico Ronny Rardin Otero Co, Threats to agriculture


Commissioners claims Forest Service is fencing off water resources for ranchers

By Janessa Maxilom
jmaxilom@alamogordonews.com @janessa_speaks on Twitter

Posted:   04/25/2014 09:07:12 PM MDT


Otero County Commissioners issued a cease and desist illegal fencing activities letter to the U.S. Forest Service Friday.
During an emergency meeting, District 3 Commissioner Ronny Rardin said Otero County Sheriff Benny House recently made the county aware of USFS potentially illegal fencing activities.
House said ranchers in the mountains have had issues with the Forest Service fences blocking their cattle from reaching areas that contain water.
He said he reached out the commission on behalf of the ranchers because he was concerned with the legality of the situation.
Looking into the situation the commission decided that current USFS fencing appears to be encroachment on private property.
After deciding the fencing could be deemed as illegal fencing the county issued a statement to Lincoln National Forest Supervisor Travis Moseley, “It has come to the Otero County Commission’s attention that your personnel are actively interfering with our citizens’ private property rights. We understand from Sheriff House and our constituents that your personnel are building enclosure fences around water sources and ‘riparian areas.'”
The letter goes on to state that the USFS dose not possess a water right that would allow their behavior and that such water rights are the property of the person that is grazing cattle. The letter also stated that it is illegal for the USFS to attempt to exclude cattle from access to water.
“This amounts to nothing short of criminal trespass by your personnel, potential animal cruelty and several other violations of state criminal or civil law,” the commission stated in the letter. “Otero County respectfully demands that the USFS immediately cease and desist from all such activities. We respectfully encourage USFS to take a step back and respect private property rights and state law which the USFS has thus far failed to consider.”
Moseley attended the meeting and responded by saying he focuses on land management and sustainability.
“My focus tends to be — and I ask my rangers to be focused on — land management,” Moseley said. “When it comes to livestock grazing it’s about water availability, it’s good distribution, it’s proper utilization and it’s those things that we look to for long term sustainability of those resources. That’s paramount.”
Moseley said the reason the fences were placed is to manage riparian areas for very specific objectives and one reason is to maintain a healthy hydrological system.
LNF Sacramento District Ranger James Duran said the fencing has been done to preserve the Agua Chiquita riparian area.
Duran said the Forest Service is also currently focused on taking measures to protect the New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse.
“Fish and Wildlife Services are preparing to list the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse,” Duran said. “With the meadow mouse listing, what we’ve been told is they do plan to move forward in June of 2014 to list that as an endangered species. Once a species is listed as an endangered species it’s protected. Federally protected. We have to abide by that.”
Duran said USFS is trying to get ahead of the situation and to protect riparian areas where the mice are known to reside.
“I think we’re doing a pretty decent job of managing them and these fences that we’re putting into them will only allow for management to be more sustainable and more affective,” Duran said.
He said he felt it would be a good idea to get the Fish and Wildlife Service involved in the conversation so they could inform everyone about the importance of protecting the specie.
Duran said he would personally reach out to Fish and Wildlife to set aside time for them to educate the county and its citizens about the animal.
“I guess we need to put the cattle on the endangered species list so you guys can work diligently to protect them,” Rardin said. “When you say it’s about the mouse It’s so obvious to me the environmental movement is to stop and get the cattle off the land.”
Rardin said the issue was about water rights and that citizens of the state had rights to the water sources the Forest Service has fenced up.
Duran and Moseley explained that USFS is simply carrying out mandated orders to preserve the land.
“What we need to do is stop the action right now and bring all the players to the table and I mean all the players, not just you guys,” District 2 Commissioner Susan Flores said. “It’s not coming from you. You’re being told what to do. We need to have a public hearing.”
Moseley said the way private property and water rights are interpreted is something that needs to be looked into.
Moseley maintained that all the fences that were built were on federal land the Forest Service manages. He added that he was willing to collaborate with the commission to find common ground and get the situation resolved.

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1,200 firefighters battle record New Mexico blaze

Forestry & USFS, New Mexico Ronny Rardin Otero Co
  • Western Wildfires_Pata.jpg

    May 29, 2012: In this Tuesday photo provided by the U.S. Forest Service, a firefighter walks along a burn out line as part of an effort to contain the nation’s largest wildfire in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico.

  • Published June 02, 2012

    Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. –  The more than 1,200 firefighters who are battling the nation’s largest wildfire in rugged mountains and canyons of southwestern New Mexico are racing to build lines to corral the massive blaze.

The fire had charred more than 354 square miles by Saturday morning, and crews were bracing for more dry and windy conditions.

Fire information officer Lee Bentley says the focus is on the western edge of the Whitewater-Baldy fire.

The fire is expected to start backing down the mountains east of the community of Glenwood, and officials say residents should expect to see more smoke and flames as firefighters continue their backburn operations.

Bentley says gusts could reach close to 30 mph Saturday, resulting in active to extreme fire behavior.

The fire is about 15 percent contained.

It has charred 227,000 acres of the Gila National Forest and a dozen cabins and several outbuildings have been destroyed.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/02/1200-firefighters-battle-record-new-mexico-blaze-1712530292/?test=latestnews#ixzz1wfbDC6Av

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Meet New Mexico Otero County Commissioner Ronny Rardin

New Mexico Ronny Rardin Otero Co

Otero County Commission Chairman Ronny Rardin is standing up to the federal government and preserving county citizens’ rights to manage the portion of Lincoln National Forest within the boundaries of Otero County.

“On Sept. 17, 2011, Otero County took one acre of land that the United States national forest manages,” Rardin proclaimed at the Republican Party meeting in Otero County. “They don’t own that land. I can prove it. You own it. It belongs to New Mexico.”   READ MORE

LISTEN:  Interview on We the People Radio 5/20/12

Click here to view a list of documents provided by Commissioner Rardin

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Otero County holds a Tree Party Sept. 17, 2011

Constitution, Forestry & USFS, New Mexico Ronny Rardin Otero Co

The Arizona Sentinel

September 19, 2011

The American Freedom Renewal Revolution takes another giant leap forward.

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On Saturday Sept 17 2011, in Cloudcroft New Mexico.  Americans stepped up and reclaimed their freedoms. Freedom as it was originally used in the Constitution referred to “Life ,Liberty, and Private Property =Freedom).

The revolutions  that we’ve seen in recent years are started by individuals, such as Rick Santelli and the Tea Party Revolution and now we have the Otero County Tree party, which launched on Saturday by Otero County Commission Chairman Ronnie Rardin.

Ronnie had a lot of help, from his fellow commissioners, the commission liaison Sharon Coll, the town Mayor David Venable , and certain individuals that have been providing guidance enabling the county to use the law as written to begin the process of saving our forests, our watersheds, our infrastructure , towns and communities.

We are hearing a lot of blather from the beltway about jobs. Obama thinks he can create jobs, fact is he’s been killing jobs ever since he fraudulently entered the White House.  Government can help in the creation of jobs, by getting out of the way. That is exactly what the County Government has been forced to do in Otero County, they have had to step  up and remove the blockade of jobs and the preservation of our forests, and watersheds, by putting the forest service on notice.

Either lead follow but get the hell out of the way.  Below are a series of videos , and pictures taken during the event on Saturday.  Do the country a favor and send this site to everyone in your address book and tell them to do the same.  And remember there is more going on here than saving our forest, we are saving our country, freedom and liberty for the generations that will follow us. Enjoy!

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Rardin says county taking over one acre of forest land

Forestry & USFS, New Mexico Ronny Rardin Otero Co


Alamogordo Daily News
By Duane Barbati, Staff Writer

Posted:   08/26/2011 11:03:14 PM MDT

Click photo to enlarge

While speaking at the Republican Party of Otero County meeting… (J.R. Oppenheim/Daily News)

Otero County Commission Chairman Ronny Rardin was the guest speaker Thursday at the monthly meeting of the Republican Party of Otero County.

Rardin spoke about standing up to the federal government and preserving county citizens’ rights to manage the portion of Lincoln National Forest within the boundaries of Otero County.

“On Sept. 17, we’re going to take one acre of land that the United States national forest manages,” he said to audience members. “They don’t own that land. I can prove it. You own it. It belongs to New Mexico.”

Rardin said he believes any land ever given to the federal government has to be done in two ways.

“State legislators have to agree to give it to them and congress has to accept it,” he said. “The White Sands National Monument was never legally handed over to the United States government, but don’t worry, we’re not after White Sands. We think it’s a good idea to have them out there. The national forest land that they manage under the Organic Act, it’s not their land. It’s their timber. It’s not their people. It’s me who you elected to help protect the health, safety and welfare of the people. As long as … I am in office, that’s what I have to do or I have not upheld my office as an elected official.”

Rardin said Holloman Air Force Base land has been given to the federal government legally.

“On Sept. 17, we’re going to take a 200-foot by 200-foot piece of land up by Sleepy Grass (Campground),” he said. “We paid $80,000 of your money for Dr.

(Lawrence D.) Garrett to do a forest plan. We thought it was a bargain. There’s suppose to be 70 trees an acre up there to be a properly managed forest. When fire does start in a forest properly it can be managed and mitigated. It burns through the bottom and cleans out the brush.”

Rardin said Dr. Garrett’s plan is going to be implemented on Sept. 17 on one acre of land.

“We’re going to implement Dr. Garrett’s plan to a T,” he said. “We’re going to clean up our acre of land then show everyone what its suppose to look like in the rest of the forest. We believe they have a right to manage the forest. We also believe we have a say to protect it from fire danger. I don’t want to manage the forest. I want to enjoy the forest. I want to hunt and fish. I have no choice but to go in and manage the forest. Let’s dream ahead. Once the fire danger is down, we back off.”

Rardin said he and commissioners have exhausted all their avenues with getting the federal government to manage the forest.

“We’ve tried to work with the local Forest Service managers,” he said. “There very cordial, but they go ‘we can’t do that. You’re stepping on the Endangered Species Act or another policy.’ I was floored when regional manager of the New Mexico and Arizona District, Corbin Newman, told me he would look at our plan. It’s never happened before. We’ll see if they’ll implement it.”

Rardin said he met with the Cloudcroft officials about a private property ordinance.

“We showed them Ruidoso’s ordinance, ‘Fire Smart,'” he said. “It’s an ordinance that states private property owners will keep the fire ladders down, the brush out and so many trees away from structures and propane tanks. We’re going to adopt the same one. If we’re going to hold the Forest Service to the fire danger, we’re going to hold the private land people to the same fire danger. We’re going to be enforcing that ordinance very soon.”

Contact Duane Barbati at dbarbati@alamogordonews.com.

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Ronny Rardin talks cutting trees legally on USFS managed Forests

Constitution, Forestry & USFS, New Mexico Ronny Rardin Otero Co

On Sept. 17, 2011, Otero County Commissioners with support of Otero County Sheriff, legally cut down trees in USFS managed New Mexico National Forest. The previous week, USFS officials had threatened a swat team to arrest the County Commissioners and New Mexico Congressman. But the County showed documents where they had the right.

It comes down to this:

The Forest Service is operating off of POLICY


Otero County operates under the LAW.

Learn more by watching this Youtube




then Ronny was interviewed on May 20, 2012 on KNCR radio in Redding ,CA.

Listen below:

Here’s the archive of that show today


That is an indexed page and will be updated as we get all the documents scanned.

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