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Siskiyou, California County, Votes to Secede From State

JEFFERSON DECLARATION, SECESSION, Siskiyou County, State gov, State of Jefferson

PNP comment: Governor Jerry Brown’s spokesperson proves democracy is nearly gone in California with his comment. Under the California and U.S. Constitution — all people have a right to free speech and beliefs. Constantly, rural counties are totally ignored by left wingers and their socialist agenda! — Editor Liz Bowen

Huffington Post



Siskiyou California, Siskiyou County California, California Secession, California Secession Attempts, Secession Attempts, Siskiyou, Siskiyou County, State Secession, Politics News

 By Robin Wilkey
Posted: 09/04/2013  3:48 pm EDT  |  Updated: 09/04/2013  4:00 pm EDT

Technically, California is the most polarized state in the nation. But for many Republicans, the Golden State can feel like a lonely place.

First there’s the exceptionally high tax burden, then there’s the strictest gun laws in the nation, and let’s not forget about San Francisco and Nancy Pelosi. And it seems that one Northern California county has finally had enough.

Supervisors in Siskiyou County, a primarily Republican area in the northernmost portion of the state, voted on Tuesday to attempt to secede from California.

Citing overregulation and a perceived lack of representation at the state capitol, the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 in favor of a declaration of secession, the Record Searchlight of Redding reported.

“I haven’t had one contact in regard to this issue that’s in opposition,” Supervisor Michael Kobseff told the San Francisco Chronicle about the secession declaration.

According to the Record Searchlight, more than 100 people attended the meeting to show support for the move. The county reportedly urged other Northern California and Southern Oregon counties to join in the attempt to create a new state.

“We have to have government that’s local, understands our issues and has empathy” for those affected, said Mark Baird, a rancher and water protection advocate, according to local news organization Times-Standard.

Many proposed laws are unconstitutional and deny us our God-given rights,” said Happy Camp resident Gabe Garrison, according to the Chronicle. “We need our own state so we can make laws that fit our way of life.”

Siskiyou County administrative officer Tom Odom told the Chronicle that the decision did not initiate a formal secession process, but rather indicates the county’s support for the move.

Will the state of Jefferson finally come to fruition?

If other recent secession efforts are any indication, not likely. In order for a secession to be possible, the group would need approval from both Congress and the state Legislature.

In 2011, elected officials in Riverside County endorsed a proposal to split California in half, calling the state too big to govern. The proposal was slammed by California Governor Jerry Brown’s office at the time.

It’s a supremely ridiculous waste of everybody’s time,” Brown spokesman Gil Duran told the Los Angeles Times. “If you want to live in a Republican state with very conservative right-wing laws, then there’s a place called Arizona.”

USC historian Kevin Starr told the LA Times that secession attempts are not necessarily genuine moves to cleave the state, but rather a way to bring frustrations to light.

“Secession proposals are just ways of thinking about California, and are also ways for people who feel neglected get the attention that they deserve,” he said. “It’s never passed, and it will never pass. It’s been up to bat 220 times and struck out every time.”

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Getting answers: What is the State of Jefferson?

SECESSION, State of Jefferson

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:00 am

  By STEVEN SILTON H&N Staff Photographer

Article – What is the State of Jefferson (Herald and News)



The concept of a separate state formed by what is now Southern Oregon and Northern California popped up in 1852 when a bill was introduced to the California legislature.

In his book, “The State of Jefferson: The Dream Lives On,” author James Rock defines the region as existing beyond geographical boundaries.

“The State of Jefferson dream changes over time, but the dream lives on. Today, the State of Jefferson is no longer the dream of a new state within the United States. The State of Jefferson is a ‘State of Mind,’ ” he wrote.

A year later, after the bill died, a San Francisco-based newspaper noted a need for the new state and called it the State of Klamath.

In 1856, the idea came up again. Area residents wanted to deal with “(in)sufficient military protection, poor mail service and too high taxes,” according to Rock.

Q: What stopped the formation of the State of Jefferson?

A: After nearly a century of ups and downs, the movement gained the most momentum in the fall of 1941. When the New York Times reported Curry County wanted to secede to California, people started paying attention.

A few months later, in November, the Yreka Chamber of Commerce voted to look into the idea of a new state again. The proposal included Siskiyou, Del Norte and Modoc counties from California as well as Curry, Josephine and Jackson counties from Oregon. The Chamber of Commerce called this new state Mittelwestcoastia, but the local paper soon held a contest to rename it, according to Rock.

The closest this area ever came to becoming the State of Jefferson happened Nov. 27, 1941, when California Gov. Culbert Olson was given the Proclamation of Independence. The movement was quickly dissolved less than two weeks later when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States was pulled into World War II.

According to Rock, “The 1941 ‘State of Jefferson’ movement was defeated by World War II, but the dreams, desires and needs were not crushed or lost.”

Today, the hope for a new state is gone, but through a continued neighborly approach to towns and counties across the border, the State of Jefferson remains an unofficial union in the area.

Q: Was there a government formed for the State of Jefferson?

A: Jim Ward, owner of Ward’s Klamath Funeral Home, once held the title of Secretary of State for the State of Jefferson.

“We had the Jefferson State Days for a few years in the ’80s,” Ward said. “We didn’t do a whole lot with it. We had wooden coins printed out and the flag out there. We had some events at the fairgrounds, but it was sort of all just tongue-in-cheek.”

Ward said there were barbecues and auctions to go with his make-believe title. The so-called State of Jefferson cabinet never met, never actually made plans or tried to get the movement going again. It was simply a fun way to remember what could have been.

“If the second World War hadn’t come out, it probably would have gone through,” said Ward. “But the sentiments still remain.”

Ward said Oregon and California haven’t changed too much. Both Northern California and Southern Oregon residents still have closer ties to each other than with the rest of their states.

“There was a lot of movement because Southern Oregon and Northern California are both sort of different frames of mind, and it’s still that way today,” he said.

Today, there are gun clubs, radio stations, bumper stickers and T-shirts to remind residents of what almost was. In the conclusion of his book Rock writes, “The State of Jefferson resides in the dreams and desires of its people.”

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Good description for and why — a Secession Movement

Federal gov & land grabs, SECESSION, State gov

Secession Movement Ready to Take Hold

The Intel Hub


November 20th, 2012
Reader Views: 1,697


All the buzz in the aftermath of the last election is that secession is in the air.

Despite the improbable prospects that the globalists, that control the federal government, would allow the upstart masses to leave the dominion of Disunion States, it is promising that the country builds critical mass for dissolution.

Secession in this day is not your call to arms in the defense of home. “Honest Abe’s” version of despotism caused many politicians to “Wave the bloody shirt”, but today’s crop of brave leaders just asks you to sign a petition to beg for a cordial severance. Just imagine the response from the unprincipled governmental career class.

The re-education FEMA facilities are ready to become today’s “Camp Douglas” detention centers.

The League of the South list Ten Reasons For Secession and offers this assessment. “What is behind this increasing support for secession and independence?

Perhaps the answer is this: hard reality has finally trumped the myth of a sacred, indivisible union. In other words, many citizens are beginning to see the hand writing on the wall, and the message is alarming.”

Notwithstanding, the sentiments of the Old South, the contemporary motivation to reject the arrogant and oppressive dictates of the central government is taking hold for a myriad of reasons. One of the stronger reasons appears in the article, Pluralism Leaves No Other Option – LIBERTY Demands Secession.

“It is absolutely crucial to view the concept of America not as a country, and certainly not as a government.

The uniqueness in the notion of the 1776 revolution lies within the shot heard round the world. Equity – adjudication of the inadequate common law, supplant natural law with chancery courts. “Equity follows the law” is the claim, but the practice is that the law becomes arbitrary, that which men desire.

Secession is the moral course. Yes, you will reply that the government will never allow such a wild proposal. Surely, you would be correct, the nature of the federal system is to control people, and would not give up the power to dominate citizens. But, that evaluation does not dispel the validity of the ethical case. So much for the prospect of Liberty in a free society.”

Set aside the fear of federal retribution and coercive retaliation. Is it justified to seek dissolution of the failed empire that has long ago buried the essence of a constitutional republic?

The great departed Joseph Sobran in Secession, Anyone?, urges you to search your conscience and be true to your immortal soul.

“A few readers think I’m writing with tongue in cheek when I propose secession. Well, though I see the humor of it, I’m not exactly joking. I know it’s unlikely to happen, for the time being, but the idea has value as a thought-experiment. It can help free our minds of the illusion that the present political status quo was, and is, “inevitable.”

How would such a movement proceed? The essay, Representation, Secession and Taxation, illustrates unbearable circumstances and practical steps to ratchet up populace pressure.

“As discontent rises and practical solutions evaporate, that dirty historic sentiment begins to bubble to the surface, SECESSION. Russell D. Longcore provides a standard, when secession is a vital and justified option that many would accept.

READ more at The Daily Sheeple:


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