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Victim Falsely Arrested, Jailed – Vindicated

U.S. Observer

By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

U.S. Observer

Clackamas County, OR – The last thought on 17 year old Sierra Brownlow’s     mind while she was walking down 122nd Avenue on a sunny June afternoon to     meet a friend, was that she was about to be dragged through a six-month long     nightmare at the hands of the Clackamas County Juvenile Department and Circuit     Court Judge Deanne Darling.

Sierra was heading to the Safeway parking lot located at 122nd and Sunnyside     Road in Clackamas, Oregon to meet a friend on June 11, 2012 when a car driven     by Ashley Dalton pulled up beside her with two passengers, Skye Petrzenski     and Olivia

Iverson. According to witnesses, Iverson leaned out of the car and began     shouting obscenities at Sierra.

Iverson was part of an alleged gang of bullies who had been reportedly harassing     Sierra at school for most of the previous year. Unknown to Sierra, Iverson     had called Keasha “Katy” Neil, another girl who had been allegedly     bullying Sierra, to come to the Safeway and “take care of Sierra.”

Sierra was in the Safeway parking lot behind her friend Chelsea Carroll’s     car when Ms. Neil came charging out of nowhere towards them, screaming threats     as she approached.

Sierra said, “I knew Neil was hunting me down after she called and     texted me. The next thing I see is Neil running towards me with a crazed     look in her eyes and her fists cocked. I just knew I was in for a serious     beating. I only had a few seconds to figure out what to do, but knew I didn’t     want to be trapped behind Chelsea’s car, especially since I had no     idea where the other three girls were. I took a few steps towards Neil to     slow her momentum and defend myself, but it was not enough to stop her attack.”

Little did Sierra know that getting stalked and attacked by a gang of high     school bullies was going to be the least of her problems.

Clackamas County Deputies R. Stewart and B. Jensen arrived on the scene     shortly after some bystanders had broken up the fight. Neil had a visible     bruise on her face and told the deputies that Sierra started the fight. According     to one witness, the deputies made it immediately clear they did not like     Sierra and refused to interview several key witnesses or collect any evidence     other than the initial lies they received from Neil and Iverson. After a     very brief and completely inadequate investigation, they arrested Sierra,     charged her with Assault IV and took her to jail. Sierra was released to     the custody of her mother.

Nothing happened for several months until Sierra and her father David Brownlow     were called in for a meeting on September 12, 2012 with Merin Paldi, who     represented herself as a Clackamas County juvenile counselor.

At the start of the meeting Paldi informed Sierra that she was going to     be charged with Assault IV and Harassment, which would total 18 months in     jail, but that if Sierra “worked” with Paldi she would try to     make Sierra’s probation as short as possible – with Paldi as     her probation officer. Ms. Paldi then read the police report, where Sierra     learned for the first time that Neil had accused her of stopping the car     driven by Dalton, where she pulled Neil from the car and started the fight.

Sierra immediately told Paldi that Ms. Neil was the aggressor and was not     even in the car driven by Dalton. Paldi replied that it was too late to bring     up any evidence and ordered Sierra to appear the following Monday at a hearing     to discuss the charges.

That evening Sierra reached out to Skye Petrzenski, one of the girls who     had been riding in Dalton’s car. Petrzenski and Sierra had never met     before, but Skye came forward immediately and told the truth of what happened,     saying, “Sierra was totally innocent. I was in that car with Iverson     and Dalton and I can assure you that Neil was not in the car with us. I heard     Iverson call Neil from the car to set up the attack on Sierra. I was best     friends with Neil, but I was not about to let Sierra get punished for something     she didn’t do.”

“Skye is my hero.” said Mr. Brownlow, “The state’s     case was obliterated the minute she came forward and told the truth. Skye’s     only motivation from the beginning was to do everything possible to proclaim     Sierra’s innocence and help get the charges dropped.”

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