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Bundy Family at Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) Treated as DOMESTIC TERRORIST

Agriculture, Bundy Battle - Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, Constitution, CORRUPTION, Federal gov & land grabs, Lawsuits, Politicians & agencies, Property rights, PROTESTS, Terrorism

Report from Ammon Bundy, Nevada

November 1, 2014

This morning my twelve year old daughter and I tried to fly to Salt Lake City from Phoenix for a special event of a loved one. We had to be there by 1:00 pm in order to be a part of the occasion. Everything was going as planned until we came to the Gate B check station and the first TSA agent looked at our boarding passes. He seem a bit alarmed and asked me if my name was Ammon, I told him yes, he then circled my name and sent me down the line. I could tell there was suspicion but thought it may be because my daughter was a minor, or because my name is unusual and sometimes taken as Arabic.

When we reached the actual check station the Second TSA agent saw my boarding pass and immediately called for a Commanding Officer on the radio. Over the coarse of several minutes he called multiple times for assistance, meanwhile the line behind me was stopped and backing up. When the Commanding Officer finally came the two agents conversed privately as they looked at my barding pass and drivers license. The Commanding Officer then directed me to an area and confiscated all of our possessions along with the normal clothing checked such as my boots, belt jacket and so on.

By this time, we were feeling a bit scrutinized and those around us were staring and talking among themselves of the matter. They then escorted us to a back area were they rummaged through our items, testing it with devices and inspecting each article. The agent then began to check me physically and boy was that uncomfortable, no cavity check was completed but everything else was.

I asked the agent why we were being treated so differently and why we were selected out. He told me it was because my boarding pass was tagged with the bold letters “SSSS”. He also told me that this will happen every time you fly because you are marked. Beyond that he did not disclose of anything else. My daughter then asked him if she could put her shoes back on. The agent said that she could, but that I was not to touch my possessions. He then called for his Commanding Officer.

After a few minutes, the Level Three Officer showed up and asked me several question and wrote the answers down on a yellow sticky note. This Commanding Officer then went to a computer and began typing and reading. The whole thing was very interesting to me. I thought to myself, “WOW, Harry Reid really does have me tagged in the federal database as a Domestic Terrorist”. I have never been charged and prosecuted with anything in my life, and yet Senator Reid, without due process, has declared me, for life, as a Domestic Terrorist. He unilaterally named me, Ammon Bundy, a terrorist against the people of this country, the people I love and would so willingly to give my life for.

After the Commanding Officer typed a few things in the computer, my boarding pass was written on and hole punched 5 times with stars mostly over the SSSS (see picture). Our possessions were then returned and we were free to go to the boarding gate. When we left the security area many people were looking at us in curiosity. The entire process took about an hour, and my daughter and I did not make our flight. We knew we would not make it to the event even if we got on another flight so we left the boarding gate area and went to ask for a refund from US Airlines.

U.S. Airlines resisted to give us a refund at first, they insisted that they could not be held accountable for what the government chose to do. I showed them the boarding pass and the SSSS, then told them why I believed I was marked and harassed. They immediately began to process the refund request, one lady said “that sends chills up my spine that they would do that to you”. I thanked them and we left the airport.

This incident reaffirmed to me the danger that the American people are in. When a very small group of elitist use the peoples power without authority, and are willing to destroy the lives of those who disagree or stand up to them, when this type of unlimited power is commonly exercised without checks and balances the people are in danger.

Ammon Bundy

Facebook: Bundy Ranch

Sen. Harry Reid’s baseless ‘domestic terror’ accusations

The Washington Post


April 21

Harry Reid did it again.

The Senate majority leader who called President Bush a “loser” and a “liar,” declared former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan a “political hack” and asserted that all Obamacare horror stories are “untrue” has now called Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters “domestic terrorists.”

The comparison is as noxious as it is absurd. Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was a domestic terrorist. The Unabomber was a domestic terrorist. Centennial Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph was a domestic terrorist. To equate Bundy and his supporters with these murderers is, quite simply, appalling.

It was the federal Bureau of Land Management that provoked the confrontation — descending with 200 armed men, including some with sniper rifles, to seize the Bundys’ cattle on land their family has grazed since 1877. Whatever one thinks of the Bundys’ legal case over unpaid grazing fees — and the federal government’s desire to protect the desert tortoise — defending your property against a paramilitary force of armed federal agents is not the equivalent of blowing up a federal building or sending letter bombs.

It would be easy to dismiss Reid as a buffoon with a chronic case of logorrhea. But this was not a slip of the tongue on Reid’s part. Video shows that when Reid first used the phrase “domestic terrorists” at a Las Vegas Review Journal event, he looked down at his notes just before he spoke the words. It was a carefully planned line of attack. Then, when he was asked during a Nevada TV interview a day later “What did you mean by that?” he replied, “Just what I said” — before engaging in an extended attack on the Bundy family and its supporters.

Why would Reid, the senior senator from Nevada, make such an outrageous accusation?

First, Reid is defending the Obama administration from the charge that it used excessive force to try to seize the land. Most Americans recoil at the sight of armed federal agents training sniper rifles on a group of Boy Scouts, veterans, parents and grandparents engaged in civil disobedience. But if Bundy’s supporters are not protesters but “domestic terrorists,” then sending a federal force to confront them is not excessive.

Second, Reid is defending his former staffer, Neil Kornze, who presided over this debacle as the newly installed head of the Bureau of Land Management. Kornze, who is just 35 years old, was Reid’s handpicked choice to run the BLM. “Neil is just perfect for this position,” Reid declared when Kornze was nominated, adding that he “really understands the role of public lands in rural America, and natural resources across the West.”

In his first days on the job, Kornze demonstrated that understanding by launching a paramilitary raid against a Nevada rancher. Kornze tried to silence Bundy’s supporters by setting up “First Amendment Zones” where protesters would be corralled and fenced in like a bunch of cattle. And he provoked an armed standoff that might well have resulted in the death of innocent men, women and children. The only way his actions could be even remotely defensible is if he was confronting “domestic terrorists.”

Third, Reid is trying to discredit the critics of the federal government’s actions as extremists — and by extension all those who complain about the excesses of federal power. He wants to paint supporters of limited government as radicals so out of the mainstream that they are now even defending “domestic terrorists.”

But instead of painting conservatives as extremists, Reid is only painting Democrats as enemies of the Western way of life. The Bundy family’s cattle have been grazing on these lands for nearly 140 years — only to see armed federal agents try to seize their cattle. Even before the Bundy standoff, there was a larger movement afoot in Western states to take back control of federal lands within their borders. Last week, more than 50 elected officials from nine Western states gathered in Utah for a Legislative Summit on the Transfer for Public Lands. “What’s happened in Nevada is really just a symptom of a much larger problem,” said Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart, who helped convene the meeting. “It’s time the states in the West come of age,” said Idaho House Speaker Scott Bedke. “We’re every bit as capable of managing the lands in our boundaries as the states east of Colorado.”

If Reid wants Democrats to be the party that responds to these growing calls for state control by sending armed federal forces to drive Western ranchers off of federal lands and seize their property, that is his choice. Calling his opponents “domestic terrorists” won’t solve his political problems — it will only make them worse.

Read more from Marc Thiessen’s archive, follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his updates on Facebook.

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Canada: Shots ring out at Canada’s Parliament – Herald and News: Breaking

Foreign countries, Terrorism


Shots ring out at Canada’s Parliament

By GERRY O’BRIEN H&N Editor – Herald and News, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Canada Shooting

Posted: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 9:28 am

Associated Press |
OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — A gunman shot and wounded a Canadian soldier standing guard at a war memorial in Ottawa on Wednesday, then entered Parliament, where numerous shots rang out, police and witnesses said.
People fled Parliament by scrambling down scaffolding erected for renovations, witnesses told the Canadian Press news agency. Others were in lockdown.
Ottawa police Constable Marc Soucy said it was unclear whether there was more than one shooter.
The attack came two days after a recent convert to Islam killed one Canadian soldier and injured another in a hit-and-run before being shot to death by police. The killer had been on the radar of federal investigators, who feared he had jihadist ambitions and seized his passport when he tried to travel to Turkey.
On Wednesday, video taken by a reporter for the Globe and Mail showed police officers walking slowly through Parliament toward the entrance with guns drawn. The sound of a gunshot ran out, followed by the sounds of multiple shots.
The top spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Harper was safe and had left Parliament Hill.
Soucy said shots were also fired at a shopping mall near Parliament. All three sites — the National War Memorial, Parliament and the mall — are within less than a mile from each other.
“Most of downtown Ottawa is in lockdown,” Soucy said.
Cabinet minister Tony Clement tweeted that at least 30 shots were heard inside Parliament, where Conservative and Liberal MPs were holding their weekly caucus meetings.
“I’m safe locked in a office awaiting security,” Kyle Seeback, another member of Parliament, tweeted.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police warned people in downtown Ottawa to stay away from windows and rooftops.
The wounded soldier was taken away in an ambulance. His condition was not immediately known.
Associated Press writer Rob Gillies in Toronto contributed to this story.
Gerry O’Brien is the editor for The Herald and News. Email him at gobrien@heraldandnews.com or follow him in Twitter at @gerry_obrien1
© 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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Bomb incident in Dunsmuir 8-16-14

Sheriff Jon Lopey, Siskiyou Sheriff's report, Terrorism




On Saturday August 16, 2014 at about 1:00 pm Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) Deputies responded to a report of an unexploded pipe bomb near the rail road tracks on Sacramento Avenue and Scherrer Ave. in Dunsmuir, CA. Upon arrival deputies located a suspicious device approximately 5 feet from the rail road tracks. The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office notified the Department’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and he responded to the scene of the incident. The bomb technician reasonably confirmed that the improvised explosive device (IED) was a homemade bomb constructed of one inch galvanized pipe commonly known as a “pipe bomb”. A perimeter was established, railroad traffic was stopped, and limited evacuations of the immediate area were conducted. The bomb technician safely removed the IED, transported it to a safe location and disposed of the device.

The suspect responsible for leaving the IED at the location has not been identified but an investigation into the incident has been initiated. Anyone with any information about who may have manufactured and/or left the IED at the location is urged to contact the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office 24-hour Dispatch phone number at (530) 841-2900.

Sheriff Lopey stated, “We would like to take this opportunity to remind the public that if a suspected explosive device or suspicious object is located, immediately contact the nearest law enforcement agency. Contact the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office if you encounter such an object in an unincorporated area by dialing 9-1-1. Do not touch the item, move yourself and others away from the device, take cover behind a solid object, and warn others to stay a safe distance away from the area until the arrival of law enforcement authorities. Be prepared to report suspect or vehicle descriptions if known, describe the object to the best of your ability including the exact location and packaging characteristics and, if possible, refrain from using cell phones in the immediate vicinity of the object. Always keep in mind that IEDs or any other explosive devices have the potential to seriously injure or kill from great distances and never remain in the immediate area of a suspected IED. IEDs or military ordnance can be disguised as harmless objects as well.”


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Nevada rancher and former Shoshone chief’s range war with BLM predates Bundy standoff

Bundy Battle - Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, CORRUPTION, CRIMINAL, Federal gov & land grabs, Terrorism, Threats to agriculture

PNP comment: In the 1990s, the USFS also wrestled and sold Nevada rancher Wayne Hage’s cattle. Thievery from federal thugs is not new. — Editor Liz Bowen

In 2002, the federal government seized Raymond Yowell’s 132 cattle and later sold them at auction before the U.S. Bureau of Labor Management sent him a bill for $180,000 in back grazing fees and penalties. Twelve years later, Yowell, seen here in 2011, told FoxNews.com he’s still looking for the ‘equality and justice’ he heard about as a schoolboy. (AP)

Long before Cliven Bundy faced down federal agents in his dispute with the Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights, fellow Nevada rancher Raymond Yowell, an 84-year-old former Shoshone chief, watched as the BLM seized his herd.

Adding to that, since 2008 they’ve taken his money as well — in the form of a piece of his Social Security checks.

Yowell’s 132 head of cattle had grazed for decades on the South Fork Western Shoshone Indian Reservation in northeastern Nevada until 2002, when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) — the same agency at odds with Bundy — seized them. The federal agency sold the cattle at auction and used the proceeds to pay off the portion of back grazing fees it claimed Yowell owed. Once the cattle was sold, the agency sent Yowell a bill for the outstanding balance, some $180,000. They’ve been garnishing his monthly Social Security checks since 2008 to satisfy the debt Yowell says he does not owe.

“There’s a definite pattern in the West, beginning in the 1990s, maybe in the late ’80s, of what I feel are illegal cattle seizures,” Yowell said. “[Bundy’s case] is the latest example of that pattern.”

While Bundy is defying the federal agency over fees for grazing cattle on government-owned land, Yowell’s cattle had roamed reservation land. But a 1979 Supreme Court decision held that even land designated for Indian reservations is held in trust for them, and thus subject to BLM regulation. Yowell says treaties that led to creation of the reservation granted him and other herdsmen the right to graze cattle on the land, which they did successfully for decades. The Western Shoshone say they have never relinquished their right to the territory.

Yowell represented himself in a successful effort to win a federal injunction to stop the BLM from impounding his cattle, as well as a subsequent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that reversed the lower court. He’s again representing himself in a petition to have the U.S. Supreme Court hear his case, in which he argues his cattle were taken without due process and in violation of multiple treaties.

“Certainly, due process of law has not been followed in my case,” Yowell told FoxNews.com. “When we were kids going to school, learning the white way, we said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and one of the things I remember saying is ‘equality and justice for all.’ Well that’s certainly not the case.”

“But there’s a definite pattern in the West right now, beginning in the 1990s, maybe in the late 80’s, of what I feel are illegal cattle seizures. [Bundy] is the latest example of that pattern.”

Celia Boddington, a BLM spokeswoman, said she had no comment on the pending case. But the BLM has previously said the tribe’s Te-Moak Livestock Association held a federal permit to graze cattle on the public land from 1940 to 1984, but had stopped paying required fees in 1984, when it asserted the tribe rightfully owned the land.

Last week, the U.S. Solicitor General’s Office, which represents the federal government in disputes before the Supreme Court, was granted an extension in Yowell’s case even as the Bundy situation was making national headlines. Federal attorneys are due to file a response to Yowell’s petition for a writ of certiorari on June 4.

While the Bundy case is not exactly the same as Yowell’s, the parallels are obvious in the The Silver State and beyond. Bundy’s dispute, like Yowell’s, dates back decades to when the government designated the scenic Gold Butte region, where Bundy’s cattle graze, as protected habitat for endangered desert tortoise and slashed his allotment of cows. He then quit paying grazing fees to BLM, which canceled his grazing permit and ordered him to remove his 380 cattle.

Yowell said he sees some “commonality” between his fight and Bundy’s, but stressed his claim to the land is further strengthened by the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863, which formally recognized Western Shoshone rights to some 60 million acres in Nevada, Idaho, Utah and California. In 1979, however, the Supreme Court ruled that the treaty gave the government trusteeship over tribal lands and could eventually claim them as “public” or federal land.

“His feeling is that he’s acquired certain rights and now his rights are being violated by the Bureau of Land Management,” Yowell said. “But I have Indian rights, treaty rights that he doesn’t have.”

Yowell, who has separately sued the BLM and the Treasury Department for $30 million, said the U.S Treasury Department began garnishing his Social Security in 2008 check at BLM’s behest.

“They’re entitled to take up to 15 percent of what I get,” said Yowell, who receives $962 of what should be an $1,150 check per month. “And that’s what they’re doing.”

Yowell, who retired in 2006 and turned what remained of his ranching business over to his 50-year-old son, said his legal fight is his “legacy,” even though it has already left him with a jaded view of the white man’s government.

“It’s diminished my feeling, my view of the government,” Yowell told FoxNews.com. “They don’t practice what they say.”


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Water complaints could be “act of terrorism”

Terrorism, Water, Resources & Quality

PNP comment: Maybe we should look in the TMDLs and the Water Quality Control Board’s ridiculous complaints about possible water quality problems in the Scott River.  It is running clean, clear and cool. — Editor Liz Bowen

Official: Water complaints could be ‘act of terrorism’

Mt. Pleasant residents say state is attempting to silence its critics

A Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation deputy director warned a group of Maury County residents that unfounded complaints about water quality could be considered an “act of terrorism.”

“We take water quality very seriously. Very, very seriously,” said Sherwin Smith, deputy director of TDEC’s Division of Water Resources, according to audio recorded by attendees. “But you need to make sure that when you make water quality complaints you have a basis, because federally, if there’s no water quality issues, that can be considered under Homeland Security an act of terrorism.”

“Can you say that again, please?” an audience member can be heard asking on the audio.

Smith went on in the recording to repeat the claim almost verbatim.

The audio was recorded May 29 by Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment, a Knoxville-based civic action group that had been working with Maury County residents to tackle water quality complaints in Mount Pleasant. Residents there have complained to the state for months, saying some children had become ill drinking the water. The meeting was organized by State Rep. Sheila Butt, R-Columbia, and attended by residents, TDEC and local officials.

TDEC said it was looking into what had been said at the meeting and that Smith would not be available for comment.

“In terms of the comments made by a member of the Water Resources Division at the meeting, we are just receiving the information and looking into this on our end,” spokeswoman Meg Lockhart said. “The department would like to fully assess what was said in the meeting. I am told that the meeting was far longer than the audio clip provided by SOCM and that Mr. Smith actually clarified his remarks. But again, we are looking into it.”

The comment shocked and outraged attendees, who saw it as an attempt to silence complaints, said Brad Wright, organizer for SOCM in Middle Tennessee.

“I think it’s just to quash us complicating life for them,” he said.

Joycelene Johns, 68, has lived in Mount Pleasant off and on for about 30 years and has put up with cloudy, odd-tasting water for years.

“I’ll drink it,” she said, “but I pray before the first sip.”

But she said Smith’s comments had been harder to stomach than her drinking water.

“I was sitting there with my mouth open,” she said. “I couldn’t believe he was saying that.” The message she took away was: “Leave us alone. Don’t come back anymore. We’re not going to continue on dealing with whatever problem you may have.”

Rep. Butt, who organized the meeting, also was shocked.

“I think that we need to be very careful with how we use the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism,’ ” she said. “I thought it was out of context. That did not apply to anything that we were discussing at the meeting.”

Butt said the water issue had been marred by “communication breakdowns” by both sides, which wouldn’t be made easier with such inflammatory comments being made.


Here’s the link to the Associated Press story on the Channel 2 News page:

Water official equates complaints with terrorism

Posted: Jun 21, 2013 12:32 PM CDT Updated: Jun 21, 2013 12:44 PM CDT

Associated Press


And, here’s the article on Info Wars – Alex Jones website:

Bureaucrat: Water Complaints Could be “Act of Terrorism”

Tennessee official threatens Homeland Security investigation of unfounded claims

Paul Joseph Watson
June 21, 2013

A bureaucrat caused outrage amongst an audience in Maury County, Tennessee when he warned that unfounded complaints about water quality could be considered an “act of terrorism” under federal laws enforced by the Department of Homeland Security.

The meeting, which was organized in response to claims that children had become ill after drinking the odd-tasting water, was attended by residents, local officials and directors from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).

Sherwin Smith, deputy director of TDEC’s Division of Water Resources, stunned the audience when he stated, “You need to make sure that when you make water quality complaints you have a basis, because federally, if there’s no water quality issues, that can be considered under Homeland Security an act of terrorism.”

Asked by shocked residents to repeat his statement, Smith reiterated, “Under federal regulations if you make allegations about the public water supply that are unfounded then that can be considered under Homeland Security an act of terrorism because you’re trying to allege things.”

After the story was reported by the Tennessean, TDEC announced it was investigating the issue but that Sherwin Smith would not be available for comment.

Attendees saw Smith’s comments as a crude way of silencing residents.

“I think it’s just to quash us complicating life for them,” said Brad Wright, organizer for the SOCM civic action group.

“I was sitting there with my mouth open,” said long time resident Joycelene Johns, who had previously raised the issue of cloudy, foul-tasting water. “I couldn’t believe he was saying that.”The message she took away was: “Leave us alone. Don’t come back anymore. We’re not going to continue on dealing with whatever problem you may have.”

“I think that we need to be very careful with how we use the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism,’ ” said meeting organizer State Rep. Sheila Butt. “I thought it was out of context. That did not apply to anything that we were discussing at the meeting.”

Americans who make complaints about their government or utility providers are increasingly being accused of engaging in “paper terrorism,” a demonization tactic that primarily serves to intimidate other citizens against engaging in dissent or redress of grievances.

The FBI, Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League have also accused so-called “anti-government groups” of engaging in paper terrorism by filing frivolous lawsuits and misusing legal documents.

Smith’s veiled threat that complaints about water quality – set amidst growing national awareness about the dangers posed by fluoride, pharmaceuticals and other contaminants in the water supply – could be considered an act of terrorism – is a shocking indictment of how Americans who use the proper channels to raise important issues in their local community are being treated as extremists.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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