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BLM and Forest Service announce 2015 grazing fee

Agriculture - California, cattle, Modoc County

Modoc County Record

Feb. 5, 2015

BLM and Forest Service announce 2015 grazing fee

The Federal grazing fee for 2015 will be $1.69 per animal unit month
(AUM) for public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management and $1.69 per head month (HM) for lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service. The 2014 fee was $1.35.

An AUM or HM – treated as equivalent measures for fee purposes – is the use of public lands by one cow and her calf, one horse, or five sheep or goats for a month. The newly calculated grazing fee, determined by a congressional formula and effective on March 1, applies to nearly 18,000 grazing permits and leases administered by the BLM and more than 8,000 permits administered by the Forest Service.


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Desert Rose Casino closed, still part of Tribal conflict

Modoc County, Tribes

Modoc County record

Oct. 16, 2014

The Desert Rose Casino was re-opened and running, but the tribal conflict that resulted in its partial closure is still unresolved and both sides are claiming they are legally in the right.
On Friday, Modoc Superior Court Judge Fritz Barclay issued a temporary restraining order in favor of Alturas Rancheria Tribal Administrator Wayne Smith against Alturas Rancheria Tribal Co-Chair Darren Rose. That TRO orders Rose to stay away from the Desert Rose Casino and Tribal Offices. Those are Smith’s place of work. The TRO is in effect until a hearing in Modoc Superior Court Oct. 27, 10 a.m. when more evidence will be presented.
That TRO meant that Wendy Del Rosa resumed management of the Casino Tuesday, as the other co-chair of the Alturas Rancheria. Law enforcement here is using the April 2014 election results as its guide to who is empowered by the tribe, which recognizes Rose and Wendy Del Rosa as the business committee.
Tuesday night employees of the casino apparently staged an organized boycott and failed to show up for work. The Casino was closed early. They were expected and welcome to come to work, Wendy Del Rosa said. However, the Casino remained closed Wednesday and it was unclear whether it would be open today because of the work stoppage.


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More info on the Modoc – Alturas Rancheria Casino split

Modoc County, Tribes


On Tuesday September 16, Darren Rose, the Co-Chair of the Tribe, along with his non-member daughter and Tribal member Phillip Del Rosa, took over the Desert Rose Casino by force. Mr. Rose is upset over the Tribe’s failure to engage in illegal internet gaming and he believes by controlling the Casino he can get the illegal internet gaming operational. Although the Sheriff recognizes the duly elected government and membership of the Tribe as acknowledged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, due to the legal nature of Indian tribes, the Sheriff does not feel like he can intervene as it may appear that he was assisting one side or another.
These same individuals, along with their lawyer, John Peebles, who is well known in Indian Country for his involvement creating tribal disputes, attempted to withdraw all the Tribal funds from the Tribe’s bank accounts at Plumas Bank. They were unsuccessful. They also attempted to obtain the Tribe’s accounting and payroll records from the Tribe’s accounting and payroll company. They were denied there as well.
The acknowledged General Council of the Tribe is diligently working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Indian Gaming Commission and the State of California, Department of Justice, to resolve this illegal coup. However, governmental agencies do not work quickly.
While we are working very hard to restore order and end this dispute, the Casino may well see service interruptions for the near future. On behalf of the Tribe, I apologize for the disruption to our valued patrons, but most especially to the employees who will lose income as a result of this selfish act by a few disgruntled members of the Tribe. I hope common sense and decency will prevail and we will be able to resume normal operations soon.

Wendy Del Rosa                          Joe Burrell
Co-Chair & Secretary/Treasurer Tribal Member
September 29th, 2014

Contact Les Marston for inquiries: (707) 462-6846

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Modoc County: Water storage issue opposed by County

Modoc County, State gov, Water rights, Water, Resources & Quality

August 14, 2014

Modoc County Record News

The state’s idea curtailing the storing of water in reservoirs and water holes did not sit well with Modoc County Board of Supervisors. On Tuesday, the Board agreed to send a letter to the state opposing the plan.
“With the current drought curtailment regulations, the Board of Supervisors realizes and understands that they are needed to help deal with the unprecedented drought conditions that California is facing,” the letter states. “This county is at the beginning of the water source and has health and safety, agriculture, wildfire prevention, recreational, fisheries and wildlife demands on these water sources. Our high desert climate and area is very different than that of other valley, mountain and coastal areas of California and receives less annual rain/snow fall then most areas in the state.”
Supervisors basically agreed with a letter sent to the agency by Dan Lowry of S/X Ranch that was dated June 23, 2014. Lowry said that most, if not all of the reservoirs located in Modoc County are the final source for rain and snow runoff and the few reservoirs that do have the ability to provide water downstream are far below the normal levels to allow water to continue downstream.
Modoc County Record News

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Mill in Alturas nearing operation

Forestry & USFS, Modoc County

Modoc Record

Alturas mill nearing operation

It appears the small log mill at the Alturas Mill site is going to be up and running in the next couple of months. The Council held its first Tuesday afternoon meeting since 1984 this week.
John Lance, of Warner Mountain Lumber Company, told the Alturas City Council Tuesday that four to five employees arenow working at the site and he expects the mill to start producing in May or early June. Once it goes on line, Lance told the Council it should provide about 20 jobs.

The mill will use small logs up to about 12 inches in diameter to start. The finished products would be four-by-fours, two-by-fours and possibly some one-inch lumber. In some cases, the products could be more landscape oriented.

Lance believes there is good potential for the mill’s success in Alturas and likes the idea of putting local people back to work in the logging and lumber business.

The Council is supportive of the new mill and agreed to a rent offset until August. That rent is $1,500 per month. The regular rent agreement will come back into place after August.
Lance told the Council that there were logs decked at the mill site and work is ongoing to get the mill set up and operable. One big thing will be the installation of the electric power. The City granted an easement to Pacific Power on Tuesday to bring the power lines underground to the control panel.

He also said he appreciated working with the City and Public Works Director Joe Picotte in a very cooperative manner.
The Council also agreed, under protest, to continue to pay the Sheriff’s Office $375 per month for dispatch services.

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Modoc County: Supervisors ask BLM to open Litchfield corrals

Agriculture - California, Modoc County

PNP comment: Just like too many wolves, too many horses are unhealthy for the horse herd, forage lands and wildlife. They must be managed for their own good. Also, because of the poor economy, people are turning horses loose in the BLM and USFS areas. What a sad situation to see non-wild horses turned loose to learn to forage for themselves and deal with predators. The drought won’t help horses in the range lands either. Starvation is not a pretty or easy death. — Editor Liz Bowen


Supervisors ask BLM to open Litchfield corrals

The Modoc County Board of Supervisors, well aware of the wild horse issue on the Devil’s Garden, approved a letter to the Bureau of Land Management Tuesday requesting use of the Litchfield corrals.
Chairman of the Board Jim Wills said the corrals have room to house some of the Devil’s Garden horses and approval of the County’s request would allow for a gather program. The issue is extremely important to livestock grazers, wildlife and the overall health of the environment.

Modoc Land Use Committee member June Roberts said Modoc is the only forest with a large population of wild horses. It’s estimated that 2,000 wild horses are on the Garden and the Forest Service’s preferred level is around 400 horses. Roberts said the federal responsibility for the wild horse and burro program is under the BLM.
“The Modoc County Board of Supervisors (County) encourages you to grant the management of the Litchfield Wild Horse Corrals of the Eagle Lake Field Office the flexibility to enter into discussions with the Modoc National Forest regarding the use of the corrals as part of the Forest’s Wild Horse management program,” Modoc’s letter states.

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Modoc County: Concern over State Water Board’s Groundwater Plan

Agriculture - California, Modoc County, State gov, Water, Resources & Quality


Supervisors concerns about state groundwater plan

Nov. 14, 2013

Modoc County Supervisors expressed serious concern about a new State Water Boards groundwater plan, which seems to be on a fast track.

County Chief Administrative Officer Chester Robertson presented the concept Tuesday, stating that the draft concept paper was released last month and stakeholder input would be through this month with comments due by Dec. 6. Discussion on stakeholder input is scheduled in January.

Robertson said it was important that the county be represented at meeting on the issue and provide input and comments on the draft plan.

“Groundwater is a huge issue for us,” said Chairperson Geri Byrne. “It’s better to do monitoring locally.”

Supervisor Jim Wills said the County needs to be directly involved in this issue and that there needs to “be more local control.”

Byrne volunteered to attend a meeting in Sacramento Friday to get a better understanding of the plan as well as express Modoc County’s views.

“Population growth and more intensive land use will place increased demands on the State’s water supply,” the opening of the groundwater concept states. “At the same time, surface water runoff is projected to decline due to the effects on climate change. These and other factors point to increased reliance on groundwater, however, many of California’s aquifers are already experiencing contamination and/or overdraft. These challenges do not lend themselves to a ‘one size fits all’ solution, given the varying physical and institutional characteristics of California’s groundwater basins.”

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Sorry, had some problems with the site today


Will keep trying to get things posted.

Please check out the Jefferson Declaration.net site for national articles on Modoc County’s Declaration to withdraw from the State of California.


— Editor Liz Bowen

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Modoc County Supervisors vote 4-0 to approve Declaration to withdraw from the State of California

JEFFERSON DECLARATION, Modoc County, State of Jefferson

In yet another historic vote, the Modoc Board of Supervisors approved the Modoc Declaration to withdraw from the State of California on Sept. 24, 2013.

The small board room was packed with over 40 individuals, many of whom spoke in favor of the Declaration. One man highly complained against the Declaration, often interrupting the meeting when others spoke in favor. And one other man said he was against it and then quietly said the words “Red Neck” to Mark Baird.

Baird, spokesman for the Siskiyou Jefferson Declaration Committee, spoke first explaining why and then how to make a new state. Yes, he said it will be hard, but Americans have never been afraid of hard work — unless that is the new norm?

Local citizen, Gary Monchamp, is a local rancher, timber man and businessman and said the State agencies are over-whelming in their demands, especially Workman’s Comp. He asked the board to approve the Declaration.

Mike Hudson, another small businessman, later said he likes the idea of making each county “the hub” of responsibiltiy and is as — American as can be.

All four Supervisors in attendance, Chairman Geri Byrne, David Allen, Kathie Alves and John Pedersen voted “yes”. Supervisor Jim Willis was not in attendance.

Photos and more tomorrow on this courageous decision by Modoc County.

– Editor  Liz Bowen

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Modoc Co. Supervisors will vote on withdrawal from California

Modoc County, State of Jefferson

By Liz Bowen, Jefferson Declaration Committee

ALTURAS, CA — Will Modoc County approve a “Declaration” to withdraw from the State of California? That is the question?

On Sept. 24, 2013, the unusual agenda item will be up for a vote by the five member board of supervisors for Modoc County. Time is 9 a.m.

On Sept. 3, 2013, neighboring County of Siskiyou Board of Supervisors approved the Siskiyou “Declaration” to withdraw from the State of California with a vote of 4-1. It was an historic decision and gained national media attention for the grievances facing many rural areas. Lack of equal representation, the burden of over-regulations and downward-spiraling economies have devastated America’s rural communities.

Come to the meeting held at the Supervisors’ board chambers, in Alturas, and voice your support of creating a State of Jefferson with less destructive regulations, more local representation and a budding free-market economy.

All Modoc citizens are invited to attend the meeting and fill the room with support of the Modoc Declaration, which follows.






          WHEREAS, there are times in our history when it is apparent that the political separation of one people from another becomes necessary, both for the survival of the one, as well as, the continued well being of the other; and

          WHEREAS, the Modoc County Board of Supervisors recognizes the lack of representation for rural and frontier counties in the California Legislature and the Board is aware of an increasing tendency by the State of California to exercise legislative and fiscal malfeasance in the form of an illegal fire tax, property rights violations, and assaults upon Second Amendment rights, as well as, disregard for other inalienable rights of the Citizens of Modoc County; and

          WHEREAS, State and Federal Agencies have, through aggressive regulation and reinterpretation of long-established laws have denied the County of Modoc, its businesses, and its citizens access to our most abundant natural resources, causing untold harm to our economy, as well as to our health and public safety; and

          WHEREAS, State and Federal Agencies have, through a process commonly known as “sue and settle”, compromised longstanding principles and priorities of beneficial use and stewardship of our natural resources while sacrificing public processes and open government; and

          WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Modoc, has come to the realization that the State of California is ungovernable in its present form and the People of Modoc have asked the Board to support this resolution for the Health, Welfare, and Public Safety of the people; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors recognizes that soon after statehood, credible efforts were made to split the state, with 45 proposals by 1998, including the strong Jefferson State movement of 1941 and the election results of

June 2, 1992, when citizens of 27 counties by county advisory votes, voted in favor of splitting the State of California.

          NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY DECLARED that the Modoc County Board of Supervisors desires, with the involvement of our citizens, and hopefully with the involvement of other California Counties within rural California, to withdraw Modoc County from the State of California and Start Over by helping to form a new state which represents the needs, provides opportunity, and protects the rights, liberties, public health, and safety of the people of a new

State of Jefferson; and

          BE IT FURTHER DECLARED that, pursuant to the requirements of Section 3 of Article IV of the United States Constitution, the Modoc County Board of Supervisors requests that the California Legislature approve the withdrawal from the State of California of the lands described below, to be incorporated in a new state along with the lands of other Counties, within or without the current boundaries of the State of California, which Counties declare similar intentions:

The boundaries of Modoc County are as follows:

Commencing at the northeast corner of the State of California; thence west, along the northern boundary line of said State, to the range line between R. 4 and 5 E., M. D. B. & M.; thence due south, on said range line, to the southern boundary line of Siskiyou; thence east along an extension of said southern boundary line, to the state line; and thence north to the place of beginning.

(Added by Stats. 1947, Ch. 424.)


PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Modoc County Board of Supervisors at a regular meeting of said Board held on the 24th day of  September, 2013, by the following vote.





ABSTAIN:                                            ________________________________


                                                             Modoc County Board of Supervisors









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