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Press Release from Sierra County Jefferson Declaration Committee


Sierra County Press Release
Sierra County State of Jefferson Press Release:

Today during the public forum of the regular Sierra County Board of Supervisors meeting, the Sierra County State of Jefferson Committee announced that we have collected enough citizen signatures to present a Declaration of Separation to the California State Legislature without the Board of Supervisors. “This is an historic day for Sierra County,” stated Thomas Dotta, Chairman of the Sierra County State of Jefferson Committee.

A Declaration of Separation provides a “seat at the table” for further discussions on forming the 51st state. Our committee worked hard to educate and obtain hundreds of Sierra County citizen signatures from constituents who want our county included in the State of Jefferson. Although the signatures are enough to move forward without the Supervisors, the constituents of Sierra County would like to see the Supervisors’ support of the State of Jefferson.

Sierra County is the 11th northern California county to affirm a Declaration of Separation to form the State of Jefferson due to the lack of representation and dilution of vote.

We have a long road ahead of us and continued support is needed for the futures of our children and grandchildren. The time has come for 51.

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Two more counties approve Jefferson Declaration


Trinity Gazette

Feb. 28, 2015

By Liz Bowen, Jefferson Declaration Committee

The New Year has been busy for leaders of the Jefferson Declaration project with Town Halls and county supervisor meetings up and down Northern California. February was especially good as two more county supervisor boards approved the need to split from California.
On Feb. 17, 2015, the Lake County Supervisors voted 4-1 in favor of the Declaration, but the wording on the Declaration will be revisited at the board’s March 3rd meeting and voted upon.
Then on Feb. 24, 2015, Lassen County Supervisors approved the Declaration with a 3-1 vote and will add unique wording to the Declaration for another vote on March 17.
Jefferson Spokesman Mark Baird said that both meetings received a great turn-out from Jefferson supporters, but the Lake County meeting found Jefferson’s first organized opposition of several dozen women that sat in a block group. Many of those in opposition said they liked California’s present governing style and felt California was sufficient as it is.
“But we did prevail,” said Baird of the Lake County meeting and was proud of the supervisors for recognizing the importance of equal representation, which is something Northern California no longer enjoys, because only six officials are elected to the legislature compared with 114 elected assembly and senators in the rest of the state. Baird was also quick to “thank God” for the positive outcome at the Lake County meeting as the opposition did beat a drum.
Baird then praised Truman and Sheryl Bernal and Randy Sutton for their tireless efforts and leadership as the heart of the Jefferson Lake County Committee. With the opposition that spoke, Baird said it seemed like a miracle when the supervisors voted 4-1 in favor.
Then more than 100 Jefferson supporters showed up and spoke to the Lassen County Supervisors with no opposition – only one man asking how Jefferson will survive without the welfare monies from California. The answer is easy. California is in debt to the tune of $423 billion. With this kind of debt, how much longer will California survive?
With the addition of Lake and Lassen Counties, there are now eight counties supporting the Declaration to withdraw from the State of California. Siskiyou County was the first on Sept. 3, 2013 and neighboring Modoc County Supervisors came on board just three weeks later on Sept. 24, 2014. In January of 2014, Glenn County Supervisors voted 5-0 in favor of the split; Yuba, Tehama and Sutter then joined in 2014.
On Aug. 28, 2014, the Declarations from Siskiyou and Modoc were officially presented to the California State Legislature and the Secretary of State. On Jan. 15, 2015, Glenn, Yuba and Tehama Declarations were presented to the State. State of Jefferson Rallies were held on the West steps of the California Capitol with several 100 supporters waving flags on both Declaration Days.
Baird said March will also be busy with meetings in Colusa, Mendocino, Lake and Lassen Counties. On March 20th, Baird will be on the Lars Larson radio show.
Check out website Jefferson Declaration.net for updates on meetings and youtube videos.
El Dorado Jefferson Committee is holding a Town Hall on Sat. Feb. 28, 2015 at 2 p.m. at the American Legion Hall Post 119, 4561 Greenstone Road in Placerville.
A Town Hall in Arbuckle will be held on March 8th and Mendocino Jefferson Committee has a Town Hall planned for March 21 at the fairgrounds.
A new website, which includes detailed financial viability for counties joining the potential State of Jefferson can be found at: SOJ51.net
# # #

Comment: Lake Co. Supervisors approved new wording for the Lake resolution voting  3-2 on March 3, 2015.

Jefferson Declaration.net website now links to a new website:  soj51.net

You can still find Jefferson Declaration website at its new name:

Jefferson Declaration Blog.net


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Cowboy (horseback) Express is headed to WA D.C. to demand “redress of grievances”

Agriculture, cattle, Constitution, CORRUPTION, Declarations, Federal gov & land grabs, Freedoms - Individual, Liberty, Property rights, PROTESTS, Threats to agriculture

The Grass March Cowboy Express is a coast-to-coast cowboy express relay ride, beginning at the Pacific Ocean at Bodega Bay, Calif., on September 26. Riders will travel a distance of over 2,800 miles to Washington, D.C., and ultimately to the Atlantic Ocean. They will deliver county resolutions and petitions calling for relief from federal agencies which operate outside the laws of Congress and support for transfer of federal lands to the states.

The Grass March calls attention to the plight of ranchers, miners, hunters and property owners everywhere carrying the slogan, “Government regulation without representation is tyranny.”

Petitions seek relief from unlawful application of laws by federal agencies regarding endangered species, water, wildfires, wetlands, wilderness, livestock grazing and private property rights. Widespread mismanagement of lands by the federal government has not only destroyed the lands they purport to protect, but also families and the economy dependent upon those lands.

Award-winning country-and-western music artist Michael Martin Murphey is expected to join the ride in Wyoming. Cowboy poet favorite, Waddie Mitchell, will be holding a benefit concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 2, 2014, at 7 p.m., at the Salt Lake City State Fairgrounds.

Those interested in meeting the crew can join the Cowboy Express at designated stops along the route. Riders are encouraged and welcome. Please contact Jess Jones at the number below if interested. Donations are being accepted to support this monumental undertaking to shed light on federal abuse of power and its impact the land and people.

Like us on Face book: https://www.facebook.com/CowboyExpress/
Find more information on our website at: http://www.grassmarchcowboyexpress.com

Contact: Ramona Hage Morrison

EVENT COORDINATOR: KATE JONES (925) 640-1102; email: ktklotzbach@yahoo.com

TRAIL BOSS: JESS JONES (775) 340-1836


Grass March Cowboy Express
491 4th Street
Elko, NV 89801
(775) 738-2009

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51st State? Two counties in California seek to form new Jefferson State

Brandon Criss, Declarations, JEFFERSON DECLARATION, Mark Baird, State gov, State of Jefferson

Jefferson Declaration is in the Russia Today.com news

Comment: We will manage our resources creating a positive economy filling our coffers instead of burning-up hundreds of thousands of trees. Under representation and tyrannical over-regulations have destroyed the economies of rural America. We can and will utilize our sustainable resources and be free to govern ourselves. Read what our Siskiyou County Supervisor Brandon Criss says about the potential economy in Jefferson! — Editor Liz Bowen

Published time: August 29, 2014 13:01

Russia Today.com or rt.com

51st State? Two counties in California seek to form new Jefferson State — RT USA

View image on Twitter

Photo by –Darren McQuade         @BreakinNewsBoy

rally at the . The group feels under represented & wants to become it’s own state.

Two counties in northern California have submitted a petition for the right to form a 51st State of America, which they want to name Jefferson. They claim a lack of representation and that their grievances aren’t heard at state level.
The largely rural counties of Modoc and Siskiyou signed the petition. They are located on the border with Oregon and have a combined population of just over 50,000. The request was made to the secretaries of the state Assembly and Senate in Sacramento, the state capital of California.
“People from four more counties — Yuba, Sutter, Glenn and Tehama — will present declarations soon. Once the number reaches at least 10, Jefferson will be ready to rule,” Mark Baird, one of the movement’s organizers, told the Sacramento Bee. However, voters from the county of Del Norte decided against joining the proposed new State.
“We don’t need government from a state telling people in a county what to do with their resources and their children’s education. You are better equipped to educate your children than the state or federal government,” Baird said to round of applause from his supporters.
The citizens of Modoc and Siskiyou have become disillusioned with the state legislature as they believe they are underrepresented in Sacramento. The two communities are traditionally staunchly Republican and feel alienated by the state’s policies, which tend to cater for a large percentage of the population, which is traditionally liberal and votes Democrat.
However, critics of the move cite the inability of the two counties to fend for themselves, given a small population and a relatively low tax base. By being part of California at present, they are entitled to money from much richer parts of the state, such as the Bay Area, the Hollywood Hills and the boulevards of Santa Monica. However, if they were to secede, they would no longer be entitled to this source of income, leading to questions about how they would be able to pay for basic services such as roads and healthcare.
Nevertheless, this has not seemed to deter the locals from the two counties, which have traditionally relied on the sale of timber for income, from seeking to move away from California’s orbit.
“It would reawaken the rural economy if it were unleashed from urban control,” said Brandon Criss, a Siskiyou County supervisor who voted for secession. “California has over 500 government agencies micromanaging the people.”
The proposed state even has its own flag, with two Xs, which represent their belief that they have been ignored by Sacramento and Salem, the state capitals of California and Oregon respectively, as well as a coiled snake with the slogan “State of Jefferson. Don’t tread on me.”
The movement towards an independent state for parts of northern California and southern Oregon was first mooted in the 1850s, while the decision to call it Jefferson came via the result of a naming contest in 1941.
However, the bid to cede from California was a short-lived one, lasting just a week. Residents decided to abandon the idea following the Pearl Harbor disaster and instead get behind the United States and support their country.
In February, venture capitalist Tim Draper got the go-ahead to start collecting signatures to carve up California into six separate states, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.
Draper, who has made a fortune investing in internet startups, including Skype and Hotmail, believes that California is simply too populous and diverse to adequately address the demands of its residents, which echoes the sentiment of those wanting to form Jefferson State.
“Vast parts of our state are poorly served by a representative government dominated by a large number of elected representatives from a small part of our state, both geographically and economically,” the plan reads.
With the current structure, California is “ungovernable,” Draper told USA Today.
“Six California’s’ allows a refresh,” he added.
His plan could appear on state ballots in 2016, after Draper managed to obtain the 808,000 necessary signatures. If successful, it would split the world’s eighth-largest economy geographically into Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California and South California.

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L.A. Times article on Glenn County Declaration to withdraw from the State of California


Here is the link to the L.A. Times article posted on Jefferson Declaration.net


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Glenn County: Board of Supervisors approve Declaration and Petition to withdraw from the State of California 1-2-14 with 5-0 vote










WHEREAS, there are times in our history when it is apparent that the political separation of one people from another has become necessary, both for the survival of the one, as well as the continued wellbeing of the other; and


WHEREAS, the Glenn County Board of Supervisors recognizes the lack of representation for rural and frontier counties in the California Legislature, and the Board recognizes an increasing tendency by the State of California to exercise legislative and fiscal malfeasance in the form of an illegal fire tax, the State of California’s disregard of payment in lieu of taxes owed to many rural counties, in the excesses of the California EPA with CARB regulations more suited for Urban standards, in property rights violations, and in assaults upon Second Amendment rights, as well as disregard for other inalienable rights of the Citizens of Glenn; and


WHEREAS, State and Federal Agencies, through aggressive regulation and by reinterpretation of long-established laws, have denied the County of Glenn, its businesses, and its citizens, access to our most abundant natural resources, and fishing grounds, causing untold harm to our economy, as well as to our health and public safety; and


WHEREAS, State and Federal Agencies have, through a process commonly known as “sue and settle”, compromised longstanding principles and priorities of beneficial use and stewardship of our natural resources while sacrificing public processes and open government; and


WHEREAS, Counties played an integral part of California history as we note that each original county had a representative in the original Constitutional Convention in 1849; that each county had a representative in 1878/1879 Convention; that each County originally had a representative in both Chambers of the legislature; and that Property Taxes for State Bonds as well as other taxes are assessed in each County; and


WHEREAS, this current State Legislature’s system of leaving the number of representatives in both chambers static at 40 Senators and 80 Assembly members and most rural counties without representation, is arbitrary, and has the undesirable result that,  as the population grows, it dilutes the share of each County in its governing role, whereby forcing Counties to share its Senators and Assembly members with more Counties as the decades go by, diluting and abridging the votes of the citizens and of the Counties themselves in this process; and


Glenn County Declaration and Petition

Page 2



WHEREAS, dilution of the individual voter‘s representation in California, to a ratio of almost 450,000 citizens to one representative in the Assembly and almost 950,000 to one in the Senate, has denied voters of Glenn County adequate representation; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Glenn has come to the realization that the State of California is ungovernable in its present form, and the People of Glenn have asked the Board to support this resolution for the Health, Welfare, and Public Safety of the people; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors recognizes that soon after California statehood, credible efforts were made to split the state, with 45 proposals by 1998, including the strong Jefferson State movement of 1941 and the election results of June 2, 1992, when citizens of 27 Counties by county advisory votes, voted in favor of splitting the State of California.


NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY DECLARED that the Glenn County Board of Supervisors desire, with the involvement of our citizens, and hopefully with the involvement of other California Counties within rural California, to withdraw Glenn County from the State of California and start over by forming a new state which represents the needs, provides opportunity, and protects the rights, liberties, public health, and safety of the people of a new State of Jefferson; and


BE IT FURTHER DECLARED that, pursuant to the requirements of Section 3 of Article IV of the United States Constitution, the Glenn County Board of Supervisors requests that the California Legislature redress the above grievances and or approve the withdrawal from the State of California of the lands described below, to be incorporated in a new state along with the lands of other Counties, within or without the current boundaries of the State of California, which Counties declare similar intentions:


The boundaries of Glenn County are as follows:

Beginning at a point on the eastern boundary line of Lake, at the northwest corner of the SW. 1/4 of Sec. 26, T. 18 N., R. 8 W., M. D. B. & M.; running thence east along the half section line, and one and one-half miles north of the line dividing T. 17 and 18 N., M. D. B. &. M., to the range line separating T. 18 N., R. 2 W., from T. 18 N., R. 3 W.; thence running north two miles to the northeast corner of the SE. 1/4 of Sec. 13, T. 18 N., R. 3 W.; running thence east along the half section line to the center of the Sacramento River; thence down the center of the said Sacramento River, in a southeasterly course, to the point of intersection with the half section line, one and one-half miles north of the line dividing T. 17 and 18 N., M. D. B. & M.; thence east on said half section line to its

Glenn County Declaration and Petition

Page 3



intersection with Butte Creek, said point of intersection lying on the western boundary of Butte and being the southeastern corner of Glenn and the northeastern corner of Colusa; thence northerly along the middle of the channel of said Butte Creek to the point of intersection with the line between Secs. 3 and 4 of the Aguas Frias Rancho as surveyed by La Croze; thence north along the said line between the said Secs. 3 and 4 to its point of intersection with the line between T. 19 N., R. 1 E., and T. 20 N., R. 1 E.; thence west along said line to its intersection with the southern boundary of the Llano Seco grant, on the north line of Sec. 2 in T. 19 N., R. 1 W.; thence southwest along said grant line to the southwest corner of said grant in the center of the Sacramento River; thence northerly, and following the meanderings thereof, along the center of said Sacramento River, to a point where the north line of T. 22 intersects the center of the Sacramento River, being the initial point of Tehama; thence west along the north line of T. 22 N., to the southwest corner of Tehama; thence southerly on the established line between Mendocino and Lake to the place of beginning.  (Added by Stats. 1947, Ch. 424.)


PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Glenn County Board of Supervisors at a regular meeting of said Board held on the 21st day of January, 2014, by the following vote.


AYES: 5     

NOES: 0     





Board of Supervisors

Glenn County, California




Jamie Cannon, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

Glenn County, California


Approved as to form:





Huston T. Carlyle, County Counsel

Glenn County, California

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Victory in Tehama County for Declaration to withdraw from the State of California


For fresh info on the momentum for the State of Jefferson, go to:


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Report on Tehama Co. Declaration Discussion

51st State proposals, Declarations

Go to



 for report and Redding Record Searchlight news article on the Nov. 13, 2013 meeting in Red Bluff with Tehama Co. Supervisors, and council members from City of Red Bluff, City of Corning and City of Tehama.


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Discussion on Declarationto withdraw from the State of California in Tehama Co 11-13-13


The Tehama County Board of Supervisors would like to invite the public to attend a Special Joint Meeting with the Red Bluff City Council, Corning City Council and Tehama City Council for to discuss the issues related  withdrawal from the State of California. Presentations will include Tom Knorr  and  other spokespersons from the Withdrawal movement.

This Public Hearing will be an informational presentation and discussion only.

There will be no action taken.

The public is invited to comment on the issue.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 6 p.m. in the Tehama Co. Board of Supervisors’ Chambers located at 727 Oak Street in Red Bluff.

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Fort Jones Town Council supports Siskiyou Co. Declaration to withdraw from State of CA.

Declarations, State of Jefferson

By Liz Bowen

Last night, Nov. 4, 2013, all five members of the Fort Jones Town Council, pop. 650, voted in favor of supporting Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors Sept. 3, 2013 approval of the Declaration to withdraw from the State of California.

Mark Baird, spokesman for the Jefferson Declaration Committee, explained the grievances of over-regulation and under-representation in the State of California. Each Assemblyman or woman represents over 455,000 citizens and each Senator represents over 900,000 citizens. Baird explained that a return to representation by county would provide the needed common sense for governance in rural counties.

Baird said he is receiving comments from a few people that say working for a 51st State is just “too hard.” And Baird responded that he hopes this is not the NEW standard for Americans, because Americans have always been able to do the “hard” things.

The earlier part of the Town Council meeting set the perfect scenario for leaving the sinking ship of California and its devastating over-layering of regulations. The town can’t even hire a dog catcher, because of the extensive training and certificates this individual must have; and there are three “vicious” dogs that have threatened children, the Halloween Parade participants, pedestrians and bitten a bicyclist. Red-tape in contracting with the county for animal nuisance problems is even over-whelming.

Potential problems with Obamacare may destroy the volunteer fire department and Emergency Safety crew; and the well-functioning sewer pond must now undergo expensive studies to prove it is working correctly.

Fort Jones Town Council includes: Mayor Tom McCulley and council men and women: Kate Tasem, Loren Berck, Annie Smith and Don Berry.

The room was full with over 30 individuals there to support the Declaration to withdraw from the State of California.

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