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Horses/CA DFW wardens team up

Dept. Fish & Game, My Outdoor Buddy.com

My Outdoor Buddy.com


12/12/14 — Wildlife officers at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) are turning to an age-old enforcement tool – the horse – to help protect California’s natural resources. While there is no formal mounted patrol unit, some wildlife officers are using their own personal horses for routine patrol in the back country. Much like canine partners, horses can see, hear and go places faster and quieter than modern technology. Covering up to 20 miles a day, equine patrols can show up where you least expect them, even in the most adverse conditions.

Wardens/horses team up to protect resources

Horses can hear, see and sense activity at a longer distance well before a human ear or eye can detect it, making them solid enforcement partners. CA DFW photo

“As a 25-year law enforcement professional, I have used a variety of tools in my career and my six-year old mustang is by far, one of the most practical resources at my disposal,” said CDFW Wildlife Officer Jerry Karnow. “I can cover many miles a day in locations not accessible by any vehicle, which includes a huge portion of California’s outback. As a mounted unit, I have confiscated illegal firearms, helped hikers find their way, put out illegal campfires and made arrests in crimes that would otherwise go unnoticed.”

Karnow’s equine partner, Modoc, is a former wild mustang from Lassen County who was rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management. At two years of age, Modoc entered the wild horse program at a correctional facility in Carson City. Mustangs in the program are tamed, socialized and ridden for the first time by inmates. Wild horses have a keen sense of awareness from living as a prey species, which is needed for their survival from day one. They can hear, see and sense activity at a longer distance well before a human ear or eye can detect it, making them solid enforcement partners.

“Protecting California’s precious natural resources all comes down to boots on the ground, which includes covering large areas of rough terrain,” said CDFW Wildlife Officer Gary Densford. “Utilizing horses makes perfect sense for the duties and work of a wildlife officer in the back country.”

All horses used for patrol must be sound, reliable and in good working condition. Each horse and rider is observed yearly to ensure the equine under saddle is sound and trail ready. All horse units are maintained in a healthy, groomed condition and shall not be ridden on patrol without appropriate hoof care.

CDFW is currently utilizing a handful of units with more interest on the rise.

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Great salmon and steelhead fishing – My Outdoor Buddy.com

My Outdoor Buddy.com

Check out website for Northern California and Southern Oregon hunting and fishing:

My Outdoor Buddy.cm


In-River Fishing News by Dave Jacobs

This 31-pound Sacramento River Late Fall king salmon was landed with guide Dave Jacobs before these weekend rains. Photo courtesy of Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service
12/01/14 — Rain has returned to Northern California and salmon and steelhead fishing has come to a screeching halt. There was some very good salmon and steelhead fishing happening until these rains and from the looks of… Full Story

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Frank’s letter to U.S. Dept. of Interior

Federal gov & land grabs, Frank Galusha, Klamath River & Dams, My Outdoor Buddy.com

Ms. Vasquez:

I urge you not to destroy the Klamath River Dams. It has not been proven it will help our fall run Chinook salmon; that cannot be proven but dam removal could destroy the run – you do not know…you cannot know…because there are too many unknowns. You have no science to back up this move: NONE! In fact, there are many scientists who said exactly that (see attached example as well as concerns of the National Research Council within the past decade).

If you do this it will be tantamount to a taking, an unlawful taking, an unconstitutional taking! You will destroy green hydropower, parts of entire communities and regions, the livelihood of countless citizens — the very people our own government urged to settle in the Klamath Basin and Siskiyou County.

The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) (upon which dam destruction is based) was and still is bogus – it was never open, never transparent and was arrived at behind closed doors by a cabal of special interests who had literally black-mailed the emotionally and financially exhausted agricultural units that signed on to it. They signed on only to gain respite from the lawsuits and lead normal lives in exchange for a “certainty of water” – three other promises you cannot possibly keep.

If you try this, you will be stopped in Congress, the Courts, by your own pocketbook or an outraged public. The Federal Government is already broke. So are the states. You cannot claim dam destruction will cost less than estimated? You cannot know this. When did a government estimate ever come in low? I’ll tell you when: NEVER! The jobs you say will be created will be temporary and in their wake you will live a wave of destruction including essential agriculture and ranching that is needed to feed people and maintain already fragile economies that have been brought to their knees by the also bogus spotted owl controversy that killed the regions primary industries: logging, lumber and forest products.

In this case we must put people before fish and get focused on positive steps that will help the salmon runs. Look at the runs up the river now in California. They are on the rebound because we got a wet year and good ocean conditions. These runs are cyclic.  The salmon will return, perhaps not to pre-1900 levels but if that’s what you want stop commercial fishing, stop recreational fishing, stop tribal gill-netting, stop river pollution and start improving the habitat we’ve got. The salmon spend 83% of their lives in the ocean – that’s the nursery and Mother Nature is in charge of it, not the USBR or the Department of the Interior.

I repeat: Do not try to destroy the dams, the power they generate, the flow control they provide and the thousands of hours of recreation provided by the lakes behind the dams and the Klamath River itself below Iron Gate Dam. You will waste more of our time and money – and ultimately we will all lose.

Frank Galusha



Producer: MyOutdoorBuddy Radio

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