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Trinity Patriots meet today in Hayfork at 6 p.m.

TEA Party

Casa de Castellanos

7130 California – HWY 3 Hayfork, CA 96041
Restaurant # 628-5309


6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information call

Diane Richards (650) 296-2169 or

Bob Davis 628-1032

Everyone Young & Old Welcome!
Bring a Friend!

Recall Begins on 3 Supervisors


Liberty & Freedom
Trinity County
is visible on the horizon!


BOS OCT 22 public comment

BOS OCT 22 part 2

BOS OCT 22 part 3

BOS OCT 22 part 4


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Yreka Tea Party Patriots meets July 15, 2014

TEA Party


Yreka Tea Party Patriots

Meeting for Tuesday,
July 15th
6:30 PM
Decision Life Church

Corner of Main and Oberlin
1301 South Main St. Yreka

“Nullification — The Rightful Remedy”

It is an explosive information packed documentary from “The Foundation for a Free Society” and “The Tenth Amendment Center”.
It will give you the tools you will need to stand up for the Constitution and Liberty whether the Federal government gives you permission to or not.

The rightful remedy to Federal tyranny rests in the hands of the people and the States that created the federal government in the first place.
It’s called nullification.
And it’s an idea whose time has come.

- Free to the Public.

Everyone Welcome.
Contact Louise for more information at 530-842-5443

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MURRIETA: No more flights of migrants arriving this week, police say

Federal gov & land grabs, PROTESTS, TEA Party

Comment from APatriot: When citizens stand up and stand together, the government is forced to listen. The Mureitta Citizens forced the flights of Illegal immigrants to stop.

MURRIETA: No more flights of migrants arriving this week, police say

Murrieta police say Border Patrol officials notified them late Wednesday afternoon that there will be no flights of immigrants from Texas arriving in San Diego on Thursday or for the rest of the week.

More than a week after protesters thwarted federal officials’ efforts to send three busloads of migrants flown in from Texas to the Murrieta U.S. Border Patrol station, anti-illegal immigration activists were vowing to continue their efforts to keep the migrants away.

Much more at:


United We Stand . Divided We Fall

We need you.
America needs you.

We hope to see you at the next meeting.

Dan Catania
Tea Party United

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Info on Cliven Bundy, Nevada cattle rancher, at next Yreka Tea Party Patriots meeting 7-8-14

Bundy Battle - Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, Federal gov & land grabs, TEA Party


Yreka Tea Party Patriots

Meeting for Tuesday, July 8th

6:30 PM

Decision Life Church

Corner of Main and Oberlin…

1301 South Main St. Yreka

“The Bundy Ranch Stand Off, Up Close and Personal”

Speaker: Wayne Willet, Yreka residents shares his firsthand experience and videos of what almost became a bloody battle and slaughter in Nevada. Find out what really caused the Feds to back off. Wayne will also give us an update on the possible next battle involving the Feds vs the Miners in Idaho

- Free to the Public. Everyone Welcome.
Contact Louise for more information at 530-842-5443

If you were not able to attend last  meeting, here is the youtube of “Tax Invasion” It is only 53 minutes long and well worth the watch.


53 minute great film on the IRS scandal by the ACLJ

Enjoy your 4th of July. Remember we still have a Marine locked away in a Mexican prison. The Commander in Chief does not give a dam so it is up to us to put the pressure on to bring him home. Please send emails/call our representatives and send emails to the President and to John Kerry. I am going to boycott any products (including Mexican beer) from Mexico and will make a point to let my grocery stores know about the boycott.

See you on the 8th.


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TEA Party

Yreka Tea Party Patriots

Meeting for Tuesday, June 24th

6:30 PM

Decision Life Church

 Corner of Main and Oberlin…

1301 South Main St. Yreka


  Betty Hall

Program:  History of all the aboriginal peoples of Siskiyou County.  Also learn about the myths and truths of tribal treaties.


- Free to the Public.  Everyone Welcome.  

  Contact Louise for more information at 530-842-5443


NO on SB 53!

The Senate Democrats are still trying to shove gun control down our throats! SB 53 (DeLeon, D) would require Californians to purchase permits before buying ammunition for their firearms. This is a huge infringement on our Second Amendment rights. The Democrats are trying to chip away at our rights to own firearms, one bill at a time. We must come together a put a stop to this! SB 53 is being heard for its third reading in the Senate. If passed, it will go to Governor Brown. Call your Senators NOW (Monday) and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 53!

Senator Ted Gaines: Tel: 916.651.4001 Fax: 916.324.2680
Senator Kevin DeLeon: Tel: (916) 651-4022 Fax: (916) 327-8817
Senator Mark De Saulnier Tel: (916) 651-4007 Fax: (916) 651-4907 (Contra Costa)

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How did Virginia underdog David Brat beat DC political player Eric Cantor?

Elections, Federal gov & land grabs, TEA Party

PNP comment: Yes, the demise of the Tea Party is greatly exaggerated! — Editor Liz Bowen


brat picture.jpg

David Brat defeated Rep. Eric Cantor in the Virginia Republican primary June 10, 2014. AP

In the aftermath of economic professor and political novice David Brat’s stunning victory over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia Republican primary Tuesday, political observers and Republican insiders alike are scrambling to figure out how he did it and what it means for the GOP.

Brat, who overcame a 25-1 spending deficit to take down one of the nation’s most powerful lawmakers, attributed Tuesday night’s victory to God, who he said “acted through people on my behalf.” Cantor, who many saw as a future successor to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, became the first House Majority Leader to lose a primary since the position was created in 1899

“It’s an unbelievable miracle,” Brat told Fox News.

But divine intervention aside, there were issues and personalities at play in the bruising race to represent much of Richmond and parts of the Shenandoah Valley. Brat campaigned as a fierce opponent to the immigration reforms being championed in Congress. Within minutes of Cantor’s concession speech, anti-immigration protesters were seen at his victory party, local media reported.

Brat was also able to successfully link Cantor, who some saw as a Washington insider, as being out of touch with average Americans.

“Every race is a local race. Cantor was working very hard on national things,” Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, told Fox News Wednesday. “He became disconnected to his district.”

Another thorn in Cantor’s side that Brat capitalized on was last year’s government shutdown and a link to Obama policies.

“The Obama administration continues to crush the individual and every sector of the economy through bad policy, higher and higher taxes and an ever increasing regulatory burden on industry,” former Virginia Republican Gov. Jim Gilmore said in a statement. “Tonight, the residents of Virginia’s 7th district expressed their outrage with President Obama by nominating David Brat to be the Republican Party’s nominee for Congress in my home district.”

Higher than normal voter turnout also played a part in the Virginia Republican primary. More than 63,000 votes were cast, up from 47,037 in 2012.

Brat, who teaches economics at Randolph Macon College just north of Richmond, will square off Nov. 4 against his co-worker and Democratic challenger in November’s general election.

Brat’s campaign was funded by Tea Party supporters but figured show Cantor clearly outraised Brat $5.7 million to $231,000.

“Dollars do not vote, you do,” Brat said during his victory speech Tuesday night.


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Yreka Tea Party Patriots meet 6-10-14

TEA Party

Yreka Tea Party Patriots

Meeting for Tuesday, June 10th

6:30 PM

Decision Life Church

Corner of Main and Oberlin

1301 South Main St. Yreka


Erin Ryan

Field Representative for

Congressman Doug La Malfa

Oakland Veteran’s Administration Scandal Growing


Report on Wolf Listing Meeting


- Free to the Public.  Everyone Welcome.

Contact Louise for more information at 530-842-5443

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FEMA / EPA re-sets flood maps to get Feds more $$$$$

Federal gov & land grabs, TEA Party


A SFV Patriots Town Crier Action Alert!

Re: FEMA/EPA re-sets flood maps to get Feds more $$$$!


Dear Friends of the San Fernando Valley Patriots,


The Feds latest “hidden tax” is to redraw FEMA flood plain lines to require homeowners to purchase mandatory flood insurance from the only “agent” offering it: The federal government.


This latest Big Government fine/fee/tax income scheme is nationwide. The story broke last week when property owners in FL got notices that their properties were now included in flood plains and they must buy the expensive, mandatory insurance.


Below is the “locator” link with a schedule of when designated zip codes are set to be re-mapped. Type in your zip code, then click on the cities to find out the timeline of when the redraws are set for your area. I checked just one of the Agoura Hills coordinates: it’s set for a redraw of flood plain areas in September 2014.


Click on the link and be relieved or surprised.

Blessings in Liberty!


Karen Kenney, coordinator SFV Patriots




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CA Voter guide hammered out by Tea Party groups

Elections, TEA Party

CA Tea Party Groups Coalition Voter Guide June 2014

Candidates for the June 3 Primary- State Races


Tim Donnelly

Lt Governor

George Yang

Secretary of State

Pete Peterson

Attorney General

Phil Wyman


John Chaing- yes he’s a democrat but has been very good at his job.


Ashley Swearengin

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Lydia Gutierrez  – she is against Common Core

Insurance Commissioner

Ted Gaines

Board of Equalization District 1

George Runner

District 2

No challenger

District 3

No challenger

District 4

Diane Harkey

Propositions statewide

(Keep in mind the Democrats in Sacramento puts these 2 measures on the ballot)

NO: While Prop 41 says it is aimed at helping our veterans, it also raises taxes, as the repayment to investors is made through the general tax revenue paid by taxpayers . This proposition to sell bonds is really for $1.3 billion over the life of bond. A $600 million dollars in bonds with an additional $50 million dollars annually for 15 years!

There are already many programs including housing allowances for veterans in our state, http://www.military.com/benefits/veteran-state-benefits/california-state-veterans-benefits.html

The resources from these have not been exhausted yet so we should not get ourselves in debt more and put a higher tax burden on our veterans as they try to regroup here in California.

FYI Top 500 delinquent taxpayers in CA.


Top 500 Sales & Use Tax Delinquencies in California



NO: Prop 42 seems to be implying that if local agencies do not take over paying for the administration to comply with the Brown Act (Government Code 54950) and Public Records Act (Government Code 6250-6270)  that people will not be able to access records via those agencies locally. People already have a hard time in some counties accessing records because they don’t have a full time staff at the agencies, this will not make that better especially in our rural communities. As both Acts are state law and policy the state should keep its obligation to pay for citizens having the ability to access records via the agencies serving them.

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Yreka Tea Party meets 5-13-14

Elections, TEA Party

Yreka Tea Party Patriots

Meeting for Tuesday, May 13th

6:30 PM

Decision Life Church

 Corner of Main and Oberlin…1301 South Main St. Yreka


  Michael Kobseff

 Incumbent, Dist.3  Supervisor

Michael was first elected District 3 Supervisor in 2006. He was reelected in June 2010. He is currently running for another term.   His district includes the City of Weed, Lake Shastina, Grenada, Big Springs, Gazelle and a portion of Mount Shasta northwest of Abrams Lake Road.  He is opposed by Ken Palfini who has declined our invitation to participate.

Don’t Vote –

Yet….come prepared to discuss the ballot

measures 41 and 42 as well as all the

contested seats.

- Free to the Public.  Everyone Welcome.  

  Contact Louise for more information at 530-842-5443


Very Important Election Information

Lydia Gutierrez is running for CA Superintendent of schools.

She is a conservative Republican running against 2 very liberal Dems.   She only has $12,000 for her campaign.  Tom Torklason has over $500,0000 and Marshall Tuck has over $400,000…they both support Common Core and she does not.  Here is our chance to get Common Core out of our schools. 

Would you help get the  word out by putting it on your facebook pages and send it out to your email list.    She sure could use some contributions. You can contribute to her campaign by going to her website.  Most importantly, get the word out and vote for her. 

Go to her website:  http://www.lydia4schools.com/  I have attached a bio on her which I copied off her website.

If you have already voted, no problem.  You can go to the clerk’s office and tell them you want to change your ballot and they will let you do that.

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