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Newest State of Jefferson movement will be 2 years old on Sept. 3.

State of Jefferson

The State of Jefferson Declaration movement is almost 2 years old! On Sept. 3 2013, Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors were the first to vote and approve a Declaration to withdraw from California.

The Jefferson Siskiyou Committee had collected over 700 “support signatures” in the previous month, which were made into 7 copies — one for each supervisor, the county clerk and county administrator. More than 100 people overflowed from the meeting chambers of the Siskiyou County Supervisors on Sept. 3, 2013 and a large amount were new to the movement, but attended due to publicity and social media. They were like-minded. No one spoke in opposition to the simple Declaration.



and click on the Siskiyou page for the info and the first Declaration for withdrawal document.

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The California Democratic Party opposes the formation of the State of Jefferson

State of Jefferson

PNP comment: Pretty amazing that the CA State Democrat Party think creating the State of Jefferson is a viable threat to California. California is destroying itself and the Democrats are leading the way to its downfall.  Check out the California State Debt Clock at


with a debt on Aub. 24, 2015 of over  $428,000,000,000 !!!

— Editor Liz Bowen



eTerritorial Dispatch


By: Christina Billed, Chair Yuba County Democratic Central Committee

On August 16th in Burlingame, California, the California Democratic Party officially adopted a Resolution opposing the formation of the State of Jefferson. A copy of the Resolution will be forwarded to the Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly, and the President Pro Tempore of the State Senate.

Sponsored by the Sierra County Democratic Central Committee and supported by the Rural Caucus, Northern rural counties stressed the lack of financial viability, the lack of clarity over water rights, future endangerment to the environment, the loss of jobs, weak infrastructure, a threat to at risk populations, especially children and the elderly, and a decrease in school funding, as all cause to oppose the State of Jefferson’s formation.

With a 21.6% poverty rate and a high unemployment rate, the State of Jefferson is a direct threat to the well-being of the residents of Yuba County.

The caseload numbers for state programs administered by Yuba County are high for a county of its size. They include: 4,127 under Cal Works; 9,197 on Medi-Cal; 698 elderly and disabled receiving In-Home Support Services, and 147 children in Foster Care. These figures do not include those being served by Yuba-Sutter Mental Health, or First Five Yuba which assists families with children 0-5 thru State of California tobacco taxes. Proponents of the State of Jefferson have not answered how they will provide services to these at risk children, elderly, disabled or mentally ill. There is also a state share to SSI payments. That share is higher in the State of California, but would be much lower or nonexistent in the proposed State of Jefferson.

There are 3,801 blind/disabled residents who are at risk of having their benefits cut under this financially poor state. Yuba County residents who receive health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act would risk losing or will have a lapse in coverage. Individuals and families who currently receive expanded Medicaid funding would no longer be covered. Yuba County schools receive $69,480,534 or 66.9% of their funding from the State of California. The education of Yuba County children is at risk. How much will our schools receive. from the State of Jefferson?

The State of Jefferson puts the people of Yuba County at risk, and when people are at risk, the economy is at risk. Under the State of Jefferson Yuba County would lose millions of dollars in funding for roads, education, and social services for youth, families, and seniors. The financial risks and uncertainties outweigh the possible benefits of moving any further down the path to form a new state that has no financial viability.

The California Democratic Party recognized the importance of protecting our most vulnerable populations, our water, economy, infrastructure, and environment, and took action. Yuba County must reject the failed State of Jefferson, and start working with the State legislature to address the issues facing the North state before it is too late.

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Fix California Challenge Poll narrows it down to 16 finalists — Jefferson State is 7th

51st State proposals, State of Jefferson

Friend —

We are excited to announce the Fix California Challenge Finalists! We were inspired by all of the ideas submitted and thankful for your participation in the process. The “Stately Sixteen” have been chosen to advance to the next round based on their reflection of the Challenge Principles.

We appreciate the time and thinking behind each idea and encourage you to continue to share, comment and vote on the Stately Sixteen:

• Unicameral Legislature – Replace California’s two house Legislature (80 Assembly – 40 Senate) with one 120 Member Unicameral Legislature.

• Sunset All Laws – Require all future laws enacted by the Legislature to expire within a certain number of years and require bi-annual review and renewal of all previously enacted laws.

• Open Data – Incentivizing the release of valuable government information for public use.

• Six Super Counties – Reconfigure California’s 58 counties into fewer (6) super counties.

• Digital Direct Democracy – Allow electronic signatures on initiative and referendum petitions.

• e-Signatures (DocuSign) – Allow all government documents to be signed by electronic signature.

• Jefferson – Propose creation of a 51st state of “Jefferson” severed from Northern California.

• Neighborhood Legislature – Create thousands of new “neighborhood legislative districts” to promote more voter accountability in the Legislature

• Add a Law, Delete a Law – Require a legislator proposing adoption of a new law to also repeal an old, unnecessary law.

• The Public’s Right to Know Act – Require the Legislature to make all its written records public and to comply with public meeting requirements.

• Voting with Dollars – Provide for public financing of campaigns by giving voters ability to direct a certain amount of public funds to candidates/parties of their choice.

• Online Voter Guide – Require Secretary of State to develop an ”online voter guide” where voters can get information about ballot measures and certain candidates.

• PlaceAVote – Provide a platform for elected representatives to directly poll voters on specific legislative proposals and agree to be bound by such guidance.

• Local Governments Should Also Get to Place Ballot Initiatives – Allows a majority of local governments (probably counties) to place one initiative on the ballot every two years without obtaining petition signatures.

• Parliamentary System for CA – Replace the current legislative/executive branch system in California with a parliamentary system, as used throughout most of the world.

• Income Tax as Oversight – Prohibit employer withholding of income tax for individuals and require all individuals to pay income tax annually.

Thank you again for all of your innovative energy to improve California and please use #FixCal on Facebook and Twitter to share your favorite ideas.

Innovate Your State

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Jefferson supporters are asked to jump into action

Mark Baird, State of Jefferson

By Liz Bowen
Published in Trinity Gazette

May 21, 2015

Mark Baird, spokesman for the State of Jefferson committee, is asking for Jefferson supporters to call their county supervisors and respectfully ask for a “yes” vote on the declaration to withdraw from the State of California.
“In Trinity and Colusa Counties, we are waiting for the boards to schedule an action item. Please, call your county supervisor and ask for support of the State of Jefferson,” said Baird, who has been traveling throughout 19 counties of Northern California during the past year on the quest of splitting from California.
So far, eight counties have joined the new statehood movement. They are: Siskiyou, Modoc, Glenn, Yuba, Tehama, Sutter, Lake and Lassen.
On May 12th, Jefferson supporters filled the Nevada County Supervisors’ room as Baird explained the State of Jefferson proposal, which utilizes the U.S. Constitution’s Article 4, Sec. 3 for its legal stand. Baird also gave the Jefferson presentation to the Plumas County Supervisors on April 14th, which included a room full of supporters.
During the past two months, Baird and other Jefferson leaders have spoken at community town halls in Shasta, Sierra, El Dorado, Colusa and Mendocino Counties. A special meeting with business leaders was held in Butte County.
Now, Baird is asking for additional support from “the people.” In going forward, leaders of the Jefferson movement need help getting county supervisors to understand how broad-based the Jefferson movement really is. “It’s important that we put aside differences and restore representation and liberty to Northern California,” said Baird.
The idea of more representation by creating a new state is growing and Baird has found himself speaking on numerous radio and internet shows. Baird said the interviews last from 15 minutes to two hours and are broadcast by local, regional and national stations. George Noory was quite interested in the Jefferson movement during Baird’s interview; and his show covers the U.S. and Canada with an estimated 2.7 million listeners on 570 stations.
Baird said that many interviewers on the radio shows admit they used to live in California, but moved out because of over-taxation and the growing regulations that hinder business. Baird said “lack of representation” reverberates with everyone. “That’s what has excited everybody, the fact that we must have more representation.”
Those supporting the declaration to withdraw from the State of California readily point to the fact that out of 40 state senators, there are a total of 3 elected in the North State. Even more lack of representation is found in the Assembly, where only 3 out of 80 are allowed to be elected in Northern California, which represents over one-third of the state’s land base.
“Without representation, our economies will continue to crash,” said Baird, who adds that each county deserves to elect a state senator for true representation.
California continues a downward spiral of debt. A check on the official California Debt Clock shows a negative $426 billion. Despite the nay-sayers, Jefferson supporters want out before California crashes.
For more information on the State of Jefferson movement, go to the Jefferson Declaration Committee’s updated website — www.SOJ51.net — and the Jefferson Declaration.net site is now called Jefferson Declaration Blog.net.
Also check out activities in each county on facebook. Just type in the county name and add “for State of Jefferson.”
# # #

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Vote for the State of Jefferson

State of Jefferson

Silicon Valley’s Tim Draper has a new site asking Californians how to FIX California.


PLEASE VOTE! Mark Baird submitted this “idea” to fix the state.

You can only vote once, if you try to vote twice it takes a vote away!
If you get an error notice, try again…this morning we swamped the system!

PLEASE SHARE! Overwhelm the YES side of the scale!

We moved up from the 2nd page to the top of the first page yesterday!


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Newest info from State of Jefferson Spokesman Mark Baird

Mark Baird, State of Jefferson

This is one you need to SHARE! If you want to help make Jefferson happen, please send this out to the people on your e-mail list and post it on Facebook.

This is the newest Mark Baird video and it is AWESOME!



This is the Q and A afterward


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Mark Baird responds to wolf issue

Federal gov & land grabs, JEFFERSON DECLARATION, Mark Baird, State of Jefferson, Wolves

Article 1, Section 1, of the California Constitution outlines our inalienable rights. Those which supersede government regulation, legislation and subjugation. We have the inalienable rights to protect our property. Fish and Game code 2087a exempts accidental take of a listed species during routine and ongoing agricultural activities.

Predator and varmint control is routine on my ranch. One dog looks like another at five hundred yards. Fish and Game code 2118 expressly prohibits and states it is a crime to import any non native carnivore except domestic cats and dogs into California. Since Fish and Game in its own reports, admits that wolves have been extinct for nearly seventy five years, it would seem that we have them at a disadvantage. It is not ok for you nor I to be criminals. Why is it ok for the agencies of the lower California government to engage in criminal activity? We just need a bit of backbone here.

Six counties for Jefferson, two more vote very soon. We have a legislator willing to introduce our bill. We have a caucus willing to support us in the legislature. We have congressional assurances that the math looks good for us on a federal level. Liberty for Northern California is looking better every day. It is obvious that California is broken. Jefferson is the obvious answer. Hopefully Southern Oregon will see the wisdom in joining us.

The Time Has Come For 51

Mark Baird
Jefferson Declaration Committee
530-227-6729 cell
Call or write if you have questions.

Lots of up-to-date info on the State of Jefferson at these Websites:

Jefferson Declaration.net




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Wild Bill For America supports State of Jefferson

51st State proposals, State of Jefferson, youtube videos

Here’s a new one from Wild Bill for America, he spoke along with Mark Baird this last week end at Paul Preston’s Liberty Tour in Yuba City


Correct web address is:  Jefferson Declaration.net


May God Bless Us All

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California to Stay in One Piece Following Failed ‘Six Californias’ Initiative

State of Jefferson



California will remain in tact and will not be split into six pieces following the failure of Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper’s “Six Californias” initiative to secure a spot on the November 2016 ballot due to insufficient signatures.

The Secretary of State’s Office made the announcement on Friday and reported that a random check conducted by the county registrars on about 54,000 of the more than 1.1 million petition signatures collected by Draper’s campaign revealed that there were a number of invalid signatures, according to the San Jose Mercury News

Based on that sampling, officials reportedly estimated that only 752,685 of the million-plus signatures would be considered valid; that figure falls short of the 807,615 signatures needed for the initiative to qualify for the 2016 ballot and vote.

Draper’s personal investment of $5.2 million into the initiative to break California up into six parts was not enough to secure a spot for a statewide vote, notes the Mercury News. Draper’s plan would break California down as follows: 

  1. Silicon Valley: Alameda, Contra Costa, San Benito, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey

  2. Jefferson: Butte, Colusa, Del Norte, Glenn, Humboldt, Lake, Lassen, Mendocino, Modoc, Plumas, Siskiyou, Shasta, Tehama, and Trinity

  3. North California: Amador, El Dorado, Marin, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sierra, Solano, Sonoma, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba counties

  4. Central California: Alpine, Bakersfield, Calaveras, Fresno, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Mono, San Joaquin, Stockton, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Tuolumne

  5. West California: Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and Ventura

  6. South California: Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego

The above breakup of California would create both the nation’s richest state (Silicon Valley) and also its poorest (Central California), according to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, states the Mercury News.

The news reportedly came as an utter disappointment to some political experts such as Thad Kousser of UC San Diego. Although Kousser believes the initiative would not have passed, he said: 

It would’ve been a fun thing to kick around for a couple of years. It could’ve been an important social debate, because it gave voice to a sense of alienation in California… This wasn’t a cure that Californians were going to swallow, but it would’ve been good for the state to have a conversation about the illness.

Draper blasted Friday’s findings. Although he did not specify whether he would be filing a lawsuit to contest the disqualifying claims, he insisted that his paid surveyors collected more than enough signatures to qualify for the measure, stating, “We are confident that a full check of the signatures would confirm that fact… It is yet another example of the dysfunction of the current system and reinforces the need for six fresh, modern governments.”


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51st State? Two counties in California seek to form new Jefferson State

Brandon Criss, Declarations, JEFFERSON DECLARATION, Mark Baird, State gov, State of Jefferson

Jefferson Declaration is in the Russia Today.com news

Comment: We will manage our resources creating a positive economy filling our coffers instead of burning-up hundreds of thousands of trees. Under representation and tyrannical over-regulations have destroyed the economies of rural America. We can and will utilize our sustainable resources and be free to govern ourselves. Read what our Siskiyou County Supervisor Brandon Criss says about the potential economy in Jefferson! — Editor Liz Bowen

Published time: August 29, 2014 13:01

Russia Today.com or rt.com

51st State? Two counties in California seek to form new Jefferson State — RT USA

View image on Twitter

Photo by –Darren McQuade         @BreakinNewsBoy

rally at the . The group feels under represented & wants to become it’s own state.

Two counties in northern California have submitted a petition for the right to form a 51st State of America, which they want to name Jefferson. They claim a lack of representation and that their grievances aren’t heard at state level.
The largely rural counties of Modoc and Siskiyou signed the petition. They are located on the border with Oregon and have a combined population of just over 50,000. The request was made to the secretaries of the state Assembly and Senate in Sacramento, the state capital of California.
“People from four more counties — Yuba, Sutter, Glenn and Tehama — will present declarations soon. Once the number reaches at least 10, Jefferson will be ready to rule,” Mark Baird, one of the movement’s organizers, told the Sacramento Bee. However, voters from the county of Del Norte decided against joining the proposed new State.
“We don’t need government from a state telling people in a county what to do with their resources and their children’s education. You are better equipped to educate your children than the state or federal government,” Baird said to round of applause from his supporters.
The citizens of Modoc and Siskiyou have become disillusioned with the state legislature as they believe they are underrepresented in Sacramento. The two communities are traditionally staunchly Republican and feel alienated by the state’s policies, which tend to cater for a large percentage of the population, which is traditionally liberal and votes Democrat.
However, critics of the move cite the inability of the two counties to fend for themselves, given a small population and a relatively low tax base. By being part of California at present, they are entitled to money from much richer parts of the state, such as the Bay Area, the Hollywood Hills and the boulevards of Santa Monica. However, if they were to secede, they would no longer be entitled to this source of income, leading to questions about how they would be able to pay for basic services such as roads and healthcare.
Nevertheless, this has not seemed to deter the locals from the two counties, which have traditionally relied on the sale of timber for income, from seeking to move away from California’s orbit.
“It would reawaken the rural economy if it were unleashed from urban control,” said Brandon Criss, a Siskiyou County supervisor who voted for secession. “California has over 500 government agencies micromanaging the people.”
The proposed state even has its own flag, with two Xs, which represent their belief that they have been ignored by Sacramento and Salem, the state capitals of California and Oregon respectively, as well as a coiled snake with the slogan “State of Jefferson. Don’t tread on me.”
The movement towards an independent state for parts of northern California and southern Oregon was first mooted in the 1850s, while the decision to call it Jefferson came via the result of a naming contest in 1941.
However, the bid to cede from California was a short-lived one, lasting just a week. Residents decided to abandon the idea following the Pearl Harbor disaster and instead get behind the United States and support their country.
In February, venture capitalist Tim Draper got the go-ahead to start collecting signatures to carve up California into six separate states, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.
Draper, who has made a fortune investing in internet startups, including Skype and Hotmail, believes that California is simply too populous and diverse to adequately address the demands of its residents, which echoes the sentiment of those wanting to form Jefferson State.
“Vast parts of our state are poorly served by a representative government dominated by a large number of elected representatives from a small part of our state, both geographically and economically,” the plan reads.
With the current structure, California is “ungovernable,” Draper told USA Today.
“Six California’s’ allows a refresh,” he added.
His plan could appear on state ballots in 2016, after Draper managed to obtain the 808,000 necessary signatures. If successful, it would split the world’s eighth-largest economy geographically into Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California and South California.

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