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Pacific Legal Foundation : When Science Isn’t Science, but Politics 7/29/10,

When Science Isn’t Science, but Politics, far too often, the public is willing to accept the conclusions of “science” on the assumption that scientists are impartial researchers, searching only for truth and knowledge. Of course, the recent exposure of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “scientists” who rejected unwelcome findings that militated against their pet “global warming” models and theories has sort of blown that perception out of the water. And speaking of water . . .Did you know that the Committee on Sustainable Water and Environmental Management in the California Bay-Delta may be guilty of similar malfeasance? The resignation letter of one of the Committee’s 12 members blows the lid off of the inner workings of government “science”—that is, science with an agenda attached to it. In this case, it is part of the “science” that contributed to shutting off water to farmers in California’s Central Valley, ostensibly to save the “endangered” Delta Smelt.

In May, Dr. Michael J. McGuire voluntarily resigned over the forced resignation of one of his Committee colleagues, Dr. Patricia Glibert. In his resignation letter, McGuire states:

In our first report, Dr. Glibert and I recommended the inclusion of statements regarding the importance of ammonium and other stressors, but other members of the Committee did not agree at that time. We were under a terribly short deadline, and we did not have time to make the case that other stressors were critically important and were predominant factors in fish population declines. I agreed to modify the “other stressors” language because we were promised by the Committee that a full airing of these views and opportunities to discuss the role of other stressors would occur in the next 18 months of the Committee’s efforts.

But instead of getting a full airing, Dr. Glibert was asked to resign when she published her report on the effect of ammonium discharges from the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, even though the Committee had been fully aware of her study, and had even told her that they could not consider her findings “until they were published in a peer-reviewed journal.”

Dr. McGuire further pointed out that, if having a strong point of view was a basis for being exempted from the committee, then many of its members should similarly be disqualified from serving. How’s that for an indictment?

Maybe we were wrong. This case isn’t about Fish versus People. It’s about Politicians versus The People.

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Patrick H. Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen: Our Divisive President – WSJ.com


Barack Obama promised a new era of post-partisanship. In office, he’s played racial politics and further split the country along class and party lines.


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Year of the Tea Party Voter – WSJ.com


Republicans are winning over voters who are disgruntled with both parties.


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Sunset after second day of thunderstorms


Jess Bigham took this shot at his home on Crystal Creek about two miles from Etna.  He was shooting towards Big Meadows below the Marble Mt. Wilderness.

Love the American flag. Thanks Jess for sharing.

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Jim Nielsen, California Assemblyman will be speaking to the local Siskiyou Tea Party Patriots


Jim Nielsen, California Assemblyman for the 2nd District, will be speaking to the local Siskiyou Tea Party Patriots about the California State Budget Crisis Thursday, July 29th, 6pm at the Nazarene Church located at 934 N. Old Stage Road, Mt. Shasta. All are welcome. Call Chris @530-859-1032 with questions

Lets all try to make this Tea Party!!


To the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors Regarding Ground Water Ordinance

1602 Permit for stream bed, Dept. Fish & Game, POW, Salmon and fish, Scott River & Valley, Uncategorized, Water rights

This was read to the supervisors on July 13 2010

From the Scott Valley POW – Protect Our Water

I would like to share some information to help the Board of Supervisors make an informed decision as to the wisdom of continuing with the Ground Water Management Ordinance.

Please, allow me to give you some background information which may influence your decision regarding the burdens and conflicts which this Ordinance will bring to Siskiyou County citizens.

This Ordinance would create a Ground Water Committee to be made up of, SOSS, Farm Bureau board members, and ground water users.

I would like to remind you that the RCD Board, (some of whom are Farm Bureau board members), with the full cooperation of the SOSS, are currently involved in a criminal activity. Under the guidance of the CDFG, the RCD board is administering the Section 1600/CEQA/ITP “Permit Process”. “Any diverter not in compliance face fines of up to 25,000 dollars and prosecution”. This threat was conveyed by letter, RCD/CDFG workshop, and site/ranch visits by armed CDFG personnel. These threats and attempts at extortion are crimes.

The RCD/CDFG Board, which includes some Farm Bureau Board members, along with SOSS, will very likely face serious civil and/or criminal action because of the methods employed and the substance of the “permit process”. Some of this liability will most certainly be assigned to Siskiyou County Government for allowing this to continue.

The RCD/CDFG is aware that Section 1600 has been narrowly defined by the Office of Administrative Law in Decision #4, 1998. Section 1600 is defined as: physical disturbance of bed, bank or channel including the removal of gravel or other material from the river or streambed. This refers specifically to gravel mining, bridge building, construction of streambed crossings and other types of construction. Section 1600 does not refer to diverting water or the use of the streambed crossing after it is built, nor does 1600 refer to a host of other activities that the RCD and CDFG pretends are “covered activities”. In the AOL decision, CDFG was warned not to “Embellish” the regulations to accomplish goals which are not stated in the regulations.

The RCD/CDFG warns of $25,000 dollar fines for failure to obtain an ITP when Fish and Game Code Section 2087a provides a specific exemption from the ITP during routine ongoing agricultural activities.

CEQA section 15261 b grants exemption to private parties in ongoing activities.

The RCD/CDFG and possibly the SOSS has exposed itself and Siskiyou County to what amounts to serious liability by persisting in a process that is clearly illegal. This liability is compounded by the written and verbal threats and attempts to coerce or extort money, signatures, information and permits that are not required.

Is this the Committee the County wishes to place in charge of our Groundwater?

The RCD and its Farm Bureau Board members have demonstrated poor tactics and ethics. Any decisions reached by this Ground Water Committee would immediately be challenged.

This County is battling the CDFG to gain justice for the Citizens of Siskiyou County during the proposed Dam Removal. Is Siskiyou County willing to look the other way while a County sponsored RCD Board is in collusion with the CDFG to extort money and property from those very same Citizens? The reward for this behavior is yet more power over our liberty and property in the form of Groundwater management?

We The People of Siskiyou County do not want or need a committee of appointed officials, with known ethical conflicts of interest, placing themselves in charge of “managing our groundwater”. This is certainly not justice for the Citizens of Siskiyou County. Does the Board of Supervisors wish to invite further legal action or voter action in what is already a very litigious year?

Would the County presume to tell us when we could water our gardens, our stock or our crops? Does the Board of Supervisors presume that THE PEOPLE will allow them to place our water or our property under the Boards expert management? Aren’t you listening to the publicity surrounding KBRA and the ITP? We do not want, nor do we need a Ground Water management Ordinance. We say NO! We will stand upon the Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the State of California. We will not submit. We will fight to protect our Liberty and our property. You as our government are pledged to defend the rights of the Citizens of this County. If the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors fails in that responsibility, We the People, will replace YOU!

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‘A Commandeering of the People’ – WSJ.com


One of America’s leading libertarian legal scholars handicaps whether the Supreme Court will find ObamaCare’s insurance mandate constitutional.


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City of Etna stands for its Water Rights

Federal gov & land grabs, Salmon and fish, Scott River & Valley, Water rights

By Liz Bowen

ETNA, California – After jostling over a Permit for a fish ladder, the Etna City Council learned this week that a federal agency is no longer demanding up to half of its Water Right from Etna Creek.

But the problem is not over as the federal agency is still “recommending” the city provide up to half of its legal adjudicated Water Right in low flows, which could mean reduced water usage during August through October.

This is a win for this small city in what is becoming a constant intrusion by federal and state governments into legal bonafide Water Rights.

After receiving a letter from the federal agency that it would not issue the Permit, unless the city agreed to the reduction of its allotted Water Right, the Etna City Council voted 5-0 to oppose the situation. A letter was written to the federal agency explaining this is not acceptable.

Over a decade ago, the National Marine Fisheries Service listed the coho salmon in the Northern California region to the Endangered Species Act. As such, the federal agency became part of a “permitting” process, when a fish ladder was proposed in 2003 at the city’s diversion up on Salmon Mt.

Under its adjudication, the city can divert up to 2.4 cubic feet per second of water for its 750 residents. This flows by natural gravity through a pipe down to the city’s huge storage tanks, where the water is treated for residential use. Extra water is stored for emergencies, such a fire.

The “low flow” season is also the time of year, when fire hazard is the greatest, so obtaining its legal water is of utmost concern, according to City Councilman Christopher Liles.

“We don’t want to give any of our Water Right away,” said Liles.

Several councilmen also questioned the legality of withholding the issuance of the Permit by using the “mandatory” reduction of water from the Water Right; especially, when coho are not in the Etna Creek system.

It was 50 years ago, when the present cement dam structure and diversion was built, which stopped the passage of fish up the steep mountain creek. So, there is little science to show that coho salmon are present and as such are in danger.

Etna creek has gone underground about a mile before it reaches the Scott River, which it does annually in July. This means the creek is not connected to the Scott River until the cooler weather hits and rain brings the flow back above ground in late fall. But the cold water still flows in the upper reaches of the creek and on Salmon Mt.

Several council members said they will be vigilant in protecting the City of Etna’s legal Water Right allotment.

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Restore Honor Water Rally – Aug. 28th

1602 Permit for stream bed, Dept. Fish & Game, Federal gov & land grabs, Klamath River & Dams, POW, Scott River & Valley, Threats to agriculture, Water rights

POW, the Protect Our Water in Scott Valley, group is hosting a Restore Honor Water Rally on Saturday evening, Aug. 28, 2010 at the Siskiyou Golden Fair grounds in Yreka, CA.  Time is 5 p.m

There are a variety of threats regarding water and government intrusion on private property and water usage throughout our large county.

We are inviting all groups and communities with proposed government regulations on your water to attend the Restore Honor Water Rally and share information.

We are helping to create a coalition.

A BBQ will be held at 5:30 p.m. Cost is $10 adult and $5 for 12 and under.

Speaker Holly Swanson will be at 7 p.m. with speakers from each concerned water group given a few minutes to share.

An Auction will be held as a fundraiser.

Two of the first donations are a whole barbecue roast pig; and a buffalo robe made from a real buffalo that was raised in Scott Valley. (The pig was probably raised here too.  Didn’t mean to slight the pig.)

Nick Jenner and his band will play music. It will be a good time.

To coordinate with POW – Scott Valley, please email us at: pienpolitics@gmail.com

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POW – Scott Valley meeting July 21st

POW, Scott River & Valley

A reminder to all who are interested in Protecting Our Water here in Scott Valley that POW will hold a meeting Wed. July 21, 2010 at the Masonic Hall on Main Street in Etna.  Time is 7 p.m.

New information regarding California Department of Fish and Game and their illegal activities.

POW stands on the U.S. and California Constitutions as protection for our Property Rights.  It has been proved in court that Water Rights are Property Rights.  As such, do NOT sign away your Water Rights by agreeing to illegal Permits that the Fish and Game are demanding.

Do NOT let fear of the unknown or an out-of-control government agency coerce you into signing the “Notice of Intent” for the Incidental Take Permit or the 1602 streambed alteration permit.

Attend the POW meeting to learn more.

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