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It’s Getting Harder to Bring Home the Bacon – WSJ.com


C. Larry Pope, CEO of the world’s largest pork producer, explains why food prices are rising and why they are likely to stay high for a long time.


New York

Bobbie Jean Pope, the 81-year-old mother of C. Larry Pope of Newport News, Va., can’t afford her bacon.

“I said, ‘Mom, I’ll get you some bacon.’ And she goes, ‘I can’t afford y’all’s meat anymore! Why is y’all’s meat so expensive?’ And I said, ‘Mom, you ought to understand why it’s expensive—it’s ’cause our costs are so expensive.'”

Mr. Pope is the chief executive officer of Smithfield Foods Inc., the world’s largest pork processor and hog producer by volume. He doesn’t mince words when it comes to rapidly rising food prices. The 56-year-old accountant by training has been in the business for more than three decades, and he warns that the higher costs may be here to stay.

Courtesy of? “I’m not going to say, ‘a political policy,'” he tells me. (His senior vice president, a lawyer by training, sits close by, ready to “kick his leg” if his garrulous boss speaks too plainly.) But politics indeed plays a large role, as Congress subsidizes favorite industries and the Federal Reserve pursues an expansive monetary policy.

Ours is a timely chat, given the burst of food inflation the world is living through. Mr. Pope is running a multibillion-dollar business in the midst of economic turmoil, and he has strong views about why prices are rising and what can be done about it.



READ MORE http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704330404576291772245610028.html

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Utah sues over federal government’s new wild lands policy



The Salt Lake Tribune

First published Apr 29 2011 09:50AM

Updated 1 minute ago

Utah sued the Obama administration Friday over its new “wild lands” policy, becoming the first among several like-minded Western states to attempt to block “virtual wilderness” designations.

Gov. Gary Herbert announced the lawsuit Friday at the Utah Capitol, saying that he expects Alaska to do the same, while Idaho and Wyoming could join the Beehive State’s case.

Herbert warned that the wild lands policy creates a category of lands akin to wilderness without going through the proper congressional process. That puts a drag on resource development, he said, and “is not good for Utah. It’s not good for America.”

“Some would like [lands] to be a single use: all wilderness, all just backpackers,” the governor said. “That’s wrong.”


READ MORE http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/politics/51720408-90/utah-lands-officials-wild.html.csp

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Pie N Politics » What Has Farm Bureau Done For You Lately?


Feinstein earns Farm Bureau endorsement for

Senate re-election

Once again, the Farm Bureau is selling you out. This endorsement  is the final nail in the coffin.  If you could put your finger on just how our California government is so corrupted, liberal, immoral, unethical, look no further than Feinstein and Boxer.

So what do you think Farm Bureau has en-store for you now???

If you sleep with Dogs…………..

How many times have I heard from our local Siskiyou County

Farm Bureau Board members say,

We are following Farm Bureau policy”.

Feinstein and Boxer are the representatives of the communist party. They do not endorse the Constitution of the the United States of America.

I truly hope our Siskiyou County Farm Bureau

will stand up and tell California Farm Bureau,


READ AND WEEP http://www.cfbf.info/news/showPR.cfm?PRID=358&rec=AA942AB2BFA6EBDA4840E7360CE6E7EF

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Federal agencies await budget news

California water, Klamath River & Dams, Salmon and fish

Cuts expected by many offices


H&N Staff Reporters

April 27, 2011


Federal agencies in the Klamath Basin are getting ready to tighten their belts on the heels of President Barack Obama’s proposed 2012 budget.

The budget, which would take effect Oct. 1 if implemented, proposes cuts to numerous federal departments, including the U.S. Forest Service and Department of the Interior agencies, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation. And departments such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, slated for a modest budget increase, are rethinking the way they provide services.

While it’s likely the House of Representatives and Senate will modify the president’s proposal in coming months, some local managers of federal offices expect to have less money to work with in the coming years.

“This is a budget scenario that’s going to play out for probably many (budget) cycles,” said Ron Cole, refuge manager at the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges Complex, a Fish and Wildlife service.


U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will face a $108 million cut to its budget as its parent agency, the Department of the Interior, absorbs a $72 million cut in the president’s proposed fiscal year 2012 budget. Several agencies in the Department of Interior will see their budgets increase.

The Interior’s nearly $12.1 billion budget is divided among nine agencies and other costs, including land settlement payments. Interior agencies that operate locally include the Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey, National Parks Service, and Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Reclamation overall will work with a proposed $805.2 million budget, allotting a proposed $192 million to the Mid-Pacific Region, which includes the Klamath Reclamation Project, the Central Valley Project in California, and the Newlands Project in Nevada. That allocation is down $27 million from this year.

Under that plan, the Klamath Project would experience a $3.9 million cut from this year’s budget level.

However, Don Glaser, regional director of the Mid-Pacific Region, said the Bureau considers the region a high priority.

Last month, when the federal government was still operating on continuing budget resolutions, which cut Department of the Interior funding with each continuance, Glaser told Klamath Project growers the Bureau was aware of their needs.

“Every other region in Reclamation took cuts in 2011 so that high priority projects in the Mid-Pacific Region were funded,” he said, adding, “Secretary Salazar is committed to finding solutions to water-related conflicts in the Central Valley and the Klamath Basin.”

U.S. Forest Service

The U.S. Forest Service would receive $5.1 billion for 2012 under the president’s proposed budget. That is down $178 million from what was proposed for 2011, and it means forest service agencies around the country could operate with fewer resources in the coming year.

It’s still uncertain what impact the proposed budget would have on local forest service agencies. Spokeswoman Erica Hupp with the Fremont-Winema National Forest said the department hasn’t yet received any budget or the budget paperwork that will allow it to target certain reductions in this budget year.

“We don’t have any budget numbers,” Hupp said. “We’re still waiting to hear from our regional office” in Portland.

Bureau of Land Management

The president’s 2012 budget contains $1.13 billion for Bureau of Land Management operations nationwide. It’s a $12 million decrease from the 2011 budget.

Assuming those figures don’t change dramatically, local agencies like the Lakeview BLM office will work in the next year with a flat budget, if not a slight decrease.

Scott Stoffel, spokesman with the Lakeview BLM office, said the Bureau is “currently in the process of analyzing” what the proposed budget would mean for the agency on a local level. There’s still a fair deal of uncertainty in the budget, he said, but added the Bureau would accept whatever budget figure was reached.

“We support the president’s budget,” Stoffel said. “And we’re ready to work within the (allotted) funding levels.”

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

T he U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is slated for $1.7 billion in 2012 under the president’s proposed budget. The figure represents a $47.9 million increase over the service’s current budget.

But local fish and wildlife agencies aren’t likely to see any increases any time soon.

“We’ll probably have some diminished budgets” in the coming years, said Ron Cole, refuge manager at the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges Complex, a Fish and Wildlife   service. “We’ll have to focus on what our core principals are, what the public really needs the most, and focus on delivering those core products.”

Cole said specifics haven’t yet been targeted to narrow down the service’s budget. But, he said, he wouldn’t be surprised to see fewer employees budgeted for the wildlife refuge and other Fish and Wildlife agencies.

“I can see maybe that we’re going to be going back to having a workforce that’s smaller, and has hopefully a broader foundation of expertise,” he said.


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KHSA premise unfounded – Yreka, CA – Siskiyou Daily News


Klamath River —

In 2002 there was a serious fish kill of 33,000 salmon on the lower Klamath River. Environmentalists sounded the alarm that the toxic algae above the hydroelectric dams was responsible for the kill. Indian tribes raised the cry that warm water and lower flows were the primary cause of the kill. Fish & Game did not sample the waters until a week after the kill was complete.

READ MORE  http://www.siskiyoudaily.com/opinions/letters_to_the_editor/x328918655/KHSA-premise-unfounded

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VIDEO: Ron Paul Speaks to Bloomberg about the Fed – 4/27/11


April 27 (Bloomberg) — U.S. Representative Ron Paul, a Texas Republican, discusses the outlook for Federal Reserve policy and Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s news conference today following a two-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. Paul, head of the House Financial Services subcommittee that oversees the Fed, speaks with Betty Liu, Michael McKee and Al Hunt on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.”

VIEW HERE  http://www.dailypaul.com/162960/video-ron-paul-on-bloomberg-4-27-11

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Is Removing dams good for us ?????












 < Is Removing dams good for us ?????

  Marzulla Law, LLC newsletter, Casitas water takings case


Judge issues final ruling on Scott, Shasta river valleys, Capital Press, posted to KBC 4/26/11

Help support requests to extend comment deadline for US Forest Service planning rule, posted to KBC 4/26/11

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USDA Raises Beef, Vegetable Price Forecasts – WSJ.com



The U.S. government raised its forecasts for retail prices of beef, pork and fresh vegetables but left its overall food-inflation forecast for 2011 unchanged.

The forecast for overall food-price inflation held steady at 3% to 4%, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said in its monthly analysis of the federal government’s consumer-price index for food, which tracks retail prices of everything from milk to cooking oil and steak. But within the report there are signs inflationary pressures are approaching the high end of that range, the result of higher energy costs and a 10-month rally in grain prices.

Retail beef prices are forecast to jump 7% to 8% in 2011, up from a March forecast of 4.5% to 5.5%. The USDA also projects retail pork prices to climb 6.5% to 7.5%, an increase of half a percentage point from the prior month.

While several categories within the CPI showed higher inflation, those categories are weighted and weren’t enough to push the overall food-inflation forecast beyond the 3% to 4% range.

Still, some private forecasters say retail food prices are climbing more sharply than the USDA is willing to forecast. Michael Swanson, an economist at Wells Fargo & Co. bank, said he expects the CPI for food to climb 4.5% to 5.5% in 2011.

“There just isn’t a single major food category where prices aren’t climbing,” he said.


READ MORE http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704132204576285062724830784.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

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What the World Sees in America – Opinion – PatriotPost.US


By Peggy Noonan (Archive) · Saturday, April 23, 2011

I want to talk a little more this holiday week about what I suppose is a growing theme in this column, and that is an increased skepticism toward U.S. military intervention, including nation building. Our republic is not now in a historical adventure period — that is not what is needed. We are or should be in a self-strengthening one. Our focus should not be on outward involvement but inner repair. Bad people are gunning for us, it is true. We should find them, dispatch them, and harden the target. (That would be, still and first, New York, though Washington too.) We should not occupy their lands, run their governments, or try to bribe them into bonhomie. We think in Afghanistan we’re buying their love, but I have been there. We’re not even renting it.

Our long wars have cost much in blood and treasure, and our military is overstretched. We’re asking soldiers to be social workers, as Bing West notes in his book on Afghanistan, “The Wrong War.”


READ MORE http://patriotpost.us/opinion/peggy-noonan/2011/04/23/what-the-world-sees-in-america/

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California Farms Revive – WSJ.com



California’s farm economy is on the rebound after several years of sharp decline, with farmers gearing up to plant thousands of acres of idled fields, rehire laid-off workers and resume buying tractors, trucks and other equipment.

Behind the resurgence: The region’s wettest winter since 2006 is allowing water officials to open crucial irrigation spigots after three years of sharply curtailed supplies. Plus, a global uptick in crop prices means the products of California’s vast farm region are seeing growing demand.


READ MORE http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703838004576275390858236826.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

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