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Browsing the blog archives for June, 2011.

Newest redistricting map now includes all of Siskiyou, Lassen, Shasta and Modoc Counties in the coastal districts !!!

Politicians & agencies, Scott River & Valley, Threats to agriculture

Dear Sirs:

I just became aware of your proposed boundary change that would exclude not only Etna, Fort Jones, and Callahan but would now excludes the rest of Siskiyou County, Modoc County, and Lassen County.  Where are you people from?

Even someone living in Southern California should be able to recognize how foolish this proposal would be.

My family go back three generations of ranchers from Scott Valley.  There is nothing to tie this proposal to the coast region.  In fact, if you want to change the boundaries, just draw a line from the Oregon border 60 miles inland along the coast to Mexico and call it a district. Then you would have 75 percent of the senile liberals all in one district.  Now that would make sense. Then the rest of the state would have some sane people as politicians,  would then be able to join the rest of the USA in some common sense actions.

I adamantly oppose this proposed district boundary change.


Robert J. Bigham

Etna, California 96027

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KSYC interview of Redistricting Commission member


Please listen to the interview that was done this week on KSYC radio of one of the Redistricting Commissioner just in case you missed it on the radio.  Erin Ryan’s husband Bill condensed the file so all could hear it.  Click here

Here is the Bio of the Commissioner:

Stanley Forbes

County: Yolo

City: Esparto

Stanley Forbes is a co-owner of Avid Reader, an independent retail bookstore. There he selects merchandise, sells and markets books, provides customer service and attends to financial matters. Mr. Forbes also has spent the last 32 years operating a family ranch, managing crop selection, market research, financial planning, equipment operation, irrigation, chemical and air quality regulation compliance, pruning and raking almonds. Mr. Forbes received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California, a Master’s degree from UCLA, and a Law Degree from Vanderbilt University. Mr. Forbes is registered as Decline-To-State and lives in Esparto in Yolo County.

“I applied to serve on the Citizens Redistricting Commission out of a deep concern that unless reformed, California may be unable to effectively address the problems it faces as well as maximize the opportunities that will enable the people of California to pursue and fulfill their potential.”

Listen to his words carefully as this will supply you with ammunition for your letters to the commission. In case you missed it, he called us Eureka instead of Yreka!   Even if you had already written once, please consider writing again to address what he  had to say about their decision on where to draw the lines.

I did a little research which I will share with you to dispute their decision to split Siskiyou County from the US Census:

The ethnic make up of  Etna 88.48% White 6.02% Native American,

The ethnic make up of Fort Jones The racial makeup of the city was 88.64% White, 3.18% Native American,

Seiad ...no population numbers were listed but look at their local economy…no fishing was mentioned.The local economy includes river miners, forest service workers, farmers, health service workers, utilities managers, construction workers, Caltrans workers, pack mule trainers, elementary/high school teachers, social workers, secretaries, cooks, and self-employed business workers. Part of the population is either unemployed or living, in part, off of Social Security benefits.

Happy Camp Population (2007 City estimate/2005 ZCTA)  – Total 1,143  The Karuk Tribe is headquartered in Happy Camp.  Could not find stats on how many Native Americans   2010  Persons below poverty level,   16.1%

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POW meeting tonight ! 7 p.m. at Fort Jones Community Center


DFG has sent out a new extortion letter demanding 1602 Permit and coho Incidental Take Permit from legal water right irrigators.

Learn more.

Attend the next

Scott Valley Protect Our Water


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Fort Jones Community Center

7 p.m.

Also find out what is happening with


Water Master Service fee HUGE increase



Election Redistricting boundaries for

State Assembly, Senate and

Congressional Districts


We post letters sent to the Commission and to POW.

Send us your letter by June 28, 2011 !!!!

*  Coordination projects with local governments

working with

attorney Fred Kelly Grant.

* Klamath dams removal situation up-date

Please attend.

Will try to keep it as short as possible.

See you there!

Liz Bowen, president

Mark Barid, vice president

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Liz Bowen writes 3rd letter to Redistricting Commission

Politicians & agencies, POW, Redistricting, Scott River & Valley, Threats to agriculture

June 27, 2011

Dear Citizens’ Redistricting Commission:

There is a huge difference between

Yreka, California,

in Siskiyou County, and

Eureka, California

in far-off Humboldt County.

From where I live in Scott Valley, in the western portion of Siskiyou County, Yreka is a half-hour drive.

If I want to drive to Eureka, it is a 5-hour drive over this 6,000 foot tall Salmon Mountain summit and down through rugged, high mountain roads, which are often only one-car wide.

It is dangerous and the drive is difficult.

The roads are closed in winter storms due to snow.

I rarely drive to Eureka on the coast — maybe once every 20 years.

I am a native of Siskiyou County.

I never shop in Eureka.

I never fish in Eureka.

I live 5-hours in-land in an agricultural valley.

Our culture is the same as Shasta Valley and the rest of Siskiyou County.

We attend concerts, together, at the fair and other events, which are based in Yreka – the county seat.

We compete in rodeos together AND all school sports events together.

Scott Valley and Happy Camp should be in the assembly, senate and congressional districts with the rest of Siskiyou County.  We are not a part of the coastal culture.

Please move the boundary for the assembly, senate and congressional districts to the western boundary of Siskiyou County.

Thank you for fixing this problem.

Liz Bowen, president

Scott Valley Protect Our Water

P.O. Box 1527

Callahan, CA. 96014


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Groups battle over water diversions in Scott, Shasta

Dept. Fish & Game, Salmon and fish, Scott River & Valley, Threats to agriculture, Water rights

Siskiyou Daily News

Posted Jun 27, 2011 @ 09:04 AM

Yreka, Calif. —

On Wednesday, the Karuk Tribe, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, Institute for Fisheries Resources and Klamath Riverkeeper filed a motion to intervene in a Siskiyou County court case challenging the authority of the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) to regulate water diversions for farmland irrigation.
Public interest law firm Earthjustice is representing the tribal, fishing and environmental groups in the Siskiyou County case.
“The outcome of this lawsuit could impact the recovery of depleted salmon populations across the state,” the groups stated in a press release issued Thursday.
At issue is the authority of DFG to regulate irrigation diversions from all California streams, including the Shasta and Scott rivers in Siskiyou County, the release stated.
The Siskiyou County Farm Bureau filed its lawsuit on March 25, alleging that water diverters are not legally obligated to inform DFG of their water diversions and that DFG has no authority to regulate these diversions.
“These guys think we’re still living in the old West,” Leaf Hillman, director of natural resources for the Karuk Tribe, stated in the release. “In today’s world we have laws designed to balance the needs of agriculture with the needs of fishing communities. Like it or not, they have to share the water, air and Earth with other people.”
The press release from the groups filing the motion stated that the farmers’ and ranchers’ key argument is that the word “divert” in Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code refers not to water diverted for irrigation, but to the physical diversion of the natural flow to a new watercourse.
“The law is written in plain English,” Hillman said, “and it should be enforced just as it’s written.”
Siskiyou County Farm Bureau First Vice President Jeff Fowle responded to the release in a statement issued on Friday.
“This lawsuit is about a new interpretation of a very old law,” he said. “This new interpretation, by the Department of Fish and Game, is going to be very expensive and pose a significant regulatory burden for our members. Our question is not what ‘divert’ means, but why you need a ‘streambed alteration agreement’ if you do not alter the streambed – plain English.
“Siskiyou County has some of the most progressive and engaged farmers in the state, used often as an example by many agencies as a positive model,” he continued. “We do not believe that Earth Justice has any interest in this case. We are asking the court to decide what obligations our members have under section 1602. This is just a question between the Department of Fish and Game, as the entity charged with enforcing section 1602, and those who are questioning the department’s new interpretation. Earth Justice really does not have any legal interest in whether a farmer needs to start notifying the department before he, or in many instances the watermaster, opens his measured headgate.”

Copyright 2011 Siskiyou Daily News. Some rights reserved


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Andrea Carson writes from Etna, CA to Redistricting Commission

Politicians & agencies, Redistricting, Threats to agriculture

From: Andrea Carson

Date: 6/27/2011 2:35:24 PM

To: votersfirstact@crc.ca.gov

Subject: Siskiyou County Redistricting

To Whom it May Concern:

We live in Etna Calif., about 25 miles south west of Yreka. Yreka is on I-5 just south of the Oregon boarder, not near the coast

Our area of the beautiful state of California is rural, with farming and ranching as our economic base. The timber and mining economies have been destroyed by the Agenda 21 supporters using the ESA.

We strongly oppose the redistricting lines as drawn on your first map. There would be no reason to divide Siskiyou County other then political. Our legal, medical, educational, and political institutions are in Yreka, a 30 min drive away. On a good day, the coast is a 4 to 5 hr drive over a winding two lane high mountain road.

We are happy with the boundaries now in place. We have good representation at the present time,  and feel that the cultural and historical values of the coast area, do not represent Siskiyou County.

Thank you for your consideration. Please understand that fair and effective representation is the reason your commission exists, and dividing Siskiyou county  would destroy that for us.

John and Andrea Carson

Etna, CA. 96027

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Yreka resident sends letter to Redistricting Commission

Politicians & agencies, Redistricting, Threats to agriculture

June 27, 2011

Citizens Redistricting Commission

901 P Street, #154-A

Sacramento, CA 95814

Re:  Siskiyou County Redistricting Proposal

Dear Commission Members:

As a fourth generation native of Siskiyou County — the fifth largest geographical county in the State — I am appalled at the proposed remap you have presented for our County.

It may make sense to you from a remote, unattached and uninformed point of view to split our County down the I-5 freeway.  However, by doing so, you’ve incorporated the Western part of our County with the North Coastal region with which we have very little common economic interests.  Only a de minimus portion of far Western Siskiyou County shares commercial fishing interests with the coastal area.  The vast majority of our County’s economic interests, including the Western portion, lie with ranching, farming and outdoor recreational activities.

When interviewed by our local radio station, your member, Mr. Stanley Forbes, opined that the main reason for the odd division of the County is a “significant Native American population.”  The reality is that the Native American population of the County is somewhere between two and three percent, depending on the source.  If Mr. Forbes’ statement is true for the thinking of the Commission as a whole, then the majority of  citizens of Siskiyou County are being subjected to discrimination at its most abhorrent level.  It certainly goes against the grain of your charter to have members who have “the ability to be impartial.”

I also note from your website that you have not held public meetings north of Sacramento, ignoring a vast, rich heritage of rural California.  In his radio interview, Mr. Forbes stated that “cost and time” are the reasons for not going to “Eureka.”  Does he not know that Eureka is on the North Coast, and Yreka is inland along I-5 just 20 miles south of the Oregon border?  In this wonderful technological era, couldn’t you consider holding a few video conference meetings throughout the far north part of the State?

I implore you to reconsider the remap of our county and to give thoughtful, impartial consideration to the suggested maps submitted to you by our County Clerk, Colleen Setzer.  Thank you for your attention.


Daralyn E. Reed

Yreka, CA.

(sent by email to:  votersfirstact@crc.ca.gov)

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Check out the bears in Alaska


Let’s start the day off with some fun for a change.

The Anchorage newspaper announced that the bears are out of hibernation in Alaska and local residents are taking photos of them in front yards, back yards, porches, downtown, highways and cubs in trees.

The link below goes to a little boy trying to fish with a bear in the background.  Click on the arrow on the left to see a bunch of great shots and oh, so cute, cuddly bears.  But, of course, they are not!

Oh, and I’ve heard there are lots of bears and mountain lions going onto locals’ porches here in Siskiyou County of California, but unfortunately, I don’t have the photos to prove it. –Editor Liz Bowen



Scott Valley Protect Our Water

meeting on

Wed. June 29th

at 7 p.m.

at the Fort Jones Community Center.


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Rosemans send letter to Redistricting Commission !!!

Politicians & agencies, Redistricting, Scott River & Valley, Threats to agriculture

Honorable Members

California Citizen’s Redistricting Commission

My wife and I were taught as children the difference between right and wrong.  These principles were reinforced during our careers in law enforcement.  Your first draft flies in the face of justice.  Your first draft is precisely why people voted to take this task out of the hands of politicians.  The only logical explanation we can come up with is that you have mistaken the coastal city of Eureka for our middle of the state city of Yreka.

If the mix-up is not the justification, we can only conclude that “politics as usual” is at play.  Siskiyou County is conservative in nature (witness almost 80% of voters opposing removing the dams on the Klamath River).  The coastal cities on the other hand typically lean to the left.  In other words, your draft would take what little voice we currently have and reduce it to zero.  This is unfair, unjust, and unacceptable.

We urge the Commission to correct this wrong prior to the final draft.


James and Janell Roseman

300 Eastside Road

Etna, CA96027


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Klamath dams: No sustainable venture without dams – Yreka, CA – Siskiyou Daily News


I am James Burney and I live here on the beautiful Klamath River near Iron Gate Dam. I have a planned development for the Klamath Ranch Resort, currently consisting of The Fish Hook Restaurant and the Blue Heron RV Park and planned lodge and 14 cottages. My home is located on the same parcel.

It has taken nine years to get to this point, working with county, state and federal entities. I proudly fly the stars and stripes representing our country, which I love very much.

With this said, I am sad because to this date I have tried to be a driving force to our county and state economy. I have hired many employees and will hire an estimated 40 to 50 when the project is complete. We want to be at the forefront of recreation and family destination vacations to view and use our beautiful river, mountains, clean air and bright stars.

Without the Klamath River and dams, we do not have a sustainable venture. Our recreation and entertainment will be greatly reduced without these key components.

My wife, employees and I have many hours, days, months, and, yes, years to bring a resort to the public that we are proud of. We are asking the citizens and politicians of all government levels to come together to help us on the cleaner-than-ever Klamath River.

Many of you have seen our TV spots asking you for your help to “save the dams.” Thank you for your support and vote on Measure G. Most have seen it and say, “Jim, they won’t take the dams out. It’s not common sense.” My answer is and has been that I am 80 percent sure at this time and willing to bet 100 percent if we have the state and federal funds (which, at this time, neither has), but someday, sooner or later, we will have the money. In the meantime:

• Property values will continue to decline;

• Jobs will be lost;

• County government won’t collect taxes for sustained government;

• Power will cost much more;

• Recreation, fishing and hiking will be lost; and

• Population will continue to decline.
Our children and grandchildren deserve a better America!

– Jim Burney

READ MORE  http://www.siskiyoudaily.com/opinions/letters_to_the_editor/x2069926406/Klamath-dams-No-sustainable-venture-without-dams

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