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Frank Galusha writes about wolves and water

Frank Galusha, Op-ed

North State Outdoor News
November 04, 2011
By Frank Galusha, EasyWriter©

Wolf travels gives us pause.

The wolf pack of northeast Oregon has apparently lost one of its members to southwestern Oregon. You didn’t know there were wolves in northeast Oregon? Well there are and they’re heading our way! This item from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife may give you pause.

 “A collared wolf (OR-7) from the Imnaha Pack of Wallowa County has wandered about 250 miles southwest to become the first confirmed wolf in Douglas County since 1946.”

News doesn’t travel much faster than this! GPS collar data shows OR-7 left the Imnaha pack territory on Sept. 10. Since then he has visited seven Oregon counties: Baker, Grant, Harney, Crook, Deschutes, Lake and now Douglas County. He crossed Highway 97 and the Cascade Crest and entered the Umpqua River drainage about two weeks ago. This guy is obviously following a “skirt!”

Not so, according to Russ Morgan ODFW wolf program coordinator. Morgan says it is common for wolves to set out alone but it is also possible that other non-collared wolves have made the same journey. Oregon already has four separate wolf packs. I’d say the seeds for a new litter are being planted as I write.

At MyOutdoorBuddy.com I have received at least one unconfirmed report of wolves being sighted as far south as Modoc County, and from folks I consider to be pretty darned good at identifying wildlife.

Ranchers and hunters fear these predators will re-establish themselves in these regions. If that happens they believe livestock, elk and deer herds, which are already facing a healthy population of mountain lions, bears, bobcats and coyotes, will be further threatened.

Wolves are protected in Oregon and animal rights activists think they should be allowed back in to take their rightful place between Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma’s house. Not to worry! If ODFW has to issue an Amber Alert for OR-7 he won’t be hard to find. His collar transmits his exact location every six hours.

Maybe we could use these collars to keep track of the thousands of sex offenders and child molesters who have migrated or been deported to “Jefferson.”

What I don’t like about wolves is they are so unfriendly. I’ve never seen one wag its tail, have you? Therefore, I will allow myself to jump to the conclusion that since I didn’t evolve from an ape, my Black Lab’s ancestors weren’t wolves! Let the animal rights activists and evolutionists chew on that bone for a week. Maybe we can get a little contention going again.

Don’t let the innocuous look fool you! The wolf’s powerful jaws are capable of generating 1,500 psi pressure! “My what big jaws you have Grandma!” Photo courtesy of ODFW

OR-3, another collared wolf, was also last located in central Oregon. OR-3 was born in northeast Oregon and radio collared on Feb. 12, 2010. He was discovered in Wheeler County in July and was later located in the Ochoco Mountains on Sept. 29. Since that time he has not been found. The USFWS and ODFW will continue to attempt to locate this wolf. I can help! There’s been a wolf at my door since Obama took office.

Wolves throughout Oregon are protected by the state Endangered Species Act (ESA). West of Highways 395, 78 and 95, they are also protected by the federal ESA. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is the lead management agency for wolves west of this boundary.

I don’t think wolves know when they are east or west of a highway but when you have a lead management agency looking out for you on both sides, who cares?

I wish there was a provision for humans in the ESA. I wish our hunting license monies would spent in wiser ways as well. I wish, oh well, just forget it. It’s almost time to put a wild turkey on the Thanksgiving platter and wolf it down.

DFG wasting dollars in Siskiyou

My pal from Callahan, Liz Bowen who is president of Scott Valley Protect Our Water, reports our CA DFG is setting itself up to do yet another redundant water-flow study on the Scott and Shasta Rivers.

Locals believe it’s a set up to ensure that flow rates are set so high, the farmers and ranchers up that way won’t be able to take any water from these rivers. Yet, more water and habitat wouldn’t be available consistently if the people took none of it. At a public meeting with the DFG on November 1, Siskiyou supervisor Grace Bennett reported 312 studies have been performed on the Shasta and 116 on the Scott by the Resource Conservation Districts. I’d say that issue has been studied to death but since the DFG has been infiltrated by animal rights activists, marine life protectionists and other eco-nuts, they can’t stop studying or they’d lose their last remaining funding sources.

Worse yet, the DFG has placed a video weir (trap) on the Scott with an 8-inch passage, an opening so small several renowned fish biologists have expressed the view it is designed to obstruct and discourage passage by the very salmon the DFG says the new water flow study is needed to protect.

Just as at meetings held here in Shasta County to “Save Kilarc,” public outrage is being ignored by our single-species ESA-driven resource agencies. There’s a new war being waged for water in the west. Our government is intent on stealing all the rights to it as a means of controlling the people. That’s the really big bad wolf at our door!

EasyWriter’s columns are copyright protected and published exclusively on the Internet by the author. Unauthorized use will be prosecuted.


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We the People Radio.us – 8 to 10 AM at KCNR 1460 AM Shasta/Redding


Check this out Sunday a.m. for great info.


This Week’s Program

November 6, 2011

8:00 – 10:00 AM

Steven Greenhut from Cal Watchdog


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Thomas Mallams announces run for Klamath County Commissioner

Klamath County, Politicians & agencies

November 4, 2011

Klamath County, Oregon –  Having been a very active and concerned citizen in Klamath County for over four decades, I have decided to once again, lengthen my stride in leading our great County to a better future. To this end, today, I filed as a candidate for Klamath County Commissioner, Position 1.

Klamath County needs leaders who will focus efforts towards our local issues that have the support of the community as a whole.

For decades, I have and continue to serve on numerous Boards and Committees within Klamath County, both elected and appointed which work towards making Klamath County thrive, not just survive.


Courage to ask questions and find solutions to benefit the entire Klamath Basin Community.

Steadfast to unite the future of Klamath County through economic development, fiscal conservation and education preservation.

Integrity to stay true to the long term goals and vision of a prosperous Klamath County while incorporating the Communities many voices.

 Accountability for private property and resources at the local level.

To quote Ronald Reagan, “There are no simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”

Tom Mallams towed the big Klamath Bucket over for the Dept. of Interior’s and CA. Dept. of  Fish and Game’s public comment meeting on the draft (ha, ha) environmental documents called EIR/EIS held at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds on Oct. 20, 2011. About 300 people attended with 75 percent of the 70 speakers giving statements why the four hydro-electric dams should remain in the Klamath River.

The bucket then stayed for Defend Rural America event on Oct. 22, 2011 with 1,000 attending at the fairgrounds in Yreka, CA.

Thank you Tom for bringing over a symbol of freedom, when the Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shut off the irrigation water to 1,400 farmers in the Klamath Basin.  Thousands of additional home owners, and small land owners also had their water shut-off throughout the entire Klamath Basin from Klamath Falls to Tulelake.

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Let’s pray our veterans are successful!


Will Veterans Bring End to Socialist March on USA?

By JB Williams


Veterans and service members across the country have issued a national Call-to-Action for all patriotic Americans under a document titled A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic, an ongoing strategy to be launched in Washington D.C. on Veterans Day, November 11, 2011.

Men and women who have risked life and limb to fight for freedom and liberty around the globe, now turn their attention to fighting for freedom and liberty at home. They are calling for peaceful actions, both nationally and locally, beginning on 11.11.11 in their assembly at the Washington Memorial at 0600.

The Declaration to Restore is extensive, and very clear. They are calling upon all who have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, to act now, upon those oaths. They are calling upon oath takers, both active and inactive, as well as all patriotic American citizens prepared to stand with them in pursuit of justice, a return to constitutional government and the rule of law.

Led by Col. James Harding, USAF Ret., the twentieth most decorated military officer alive today, and Col. Harry Riley, USA Ret. – via Veteran Defenders of America – the organization has had enough and will not sit idly by and watch the current destruction of their country and the daily assault on everything they hold dear.

Working against a strong head wind to get their word out, the word is getting out and many are answering the call. A partial list of supporters is posted at the organizations web site, demonstrating a clear grassroots rebellion swelling from the bottom up.

Great effort went into the Veterans Declaration, but what is the end game? A call for Obama and others to resign is not likely to result in any resignations. Even the call for impeachment is unlikely to cause members of congress to begin impeachment proceedings, after congress has ignored their honor-bound duty to have stopped Obama & Co. long before now.

Another rally in D.C. is likely to end with the same results as all previous rallies in D.C., no change in the anti-American national direction, if there is no clear strategy for carrying out the demands. So, what is the real strategy?

When asked what the Veterans and Patriots hope to achieve, U.S. Patriots Union Co-Founder Tim Harrington said it right – “We have to start somewhere…” – Patriots Union is the parent organization for Veteran Defenders. The two organizations joined forces back in May 2011, with Veteran Defenders becoming the “oath takers” division of Patriots Union.

Explaining further – “The 11.11.11 Event in D.C. is not intended to be the end-all be-all solution for our nation’s woes, in one afternoon. It marks the beginning, a launching pad for an ongoing strategy to confront anti-American and unconstitutional activities in our government from the ground up, fighting local corruption as well as national corruption, one day at a time, one incident at a time.” – said Harrington, a former Marine Sergeant. “The idea is to no longer be silent or complacent…”

11.11.11 will not mark the end of the march to socialism in the U.S., but it will mark the beginning of the end, according to Harrington and Harding.

“We don’t expect criminals in the federal government to give up easily, after working so hard for so long to entrench themselves in positions of power,” said Col. Harding, explaining further, “We anticipate serious resistance from those who mean harm to America, but we are up to the task.”

“It is apparent, based on many indisputable facts, that individual liberty, possession of property, national sovereignty, national security, and freedom will not survive if the present political power base prevails. Therefore a course change is now required as determined by millions of Americans, and spelled out in A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic. – Said retired USAF Brigadier General Charles Jones III.

Veteran Defender Major General Paul Vallely (USA Ret.) was even more succinct in his statement – “President Obama, his appointees and czars must be replaced immediately.”

An increasing number of veterans and patriots are joining the veterans Call-to-Action, and it marks the first time in recent history when veterans stepped up to take a firm stand against a runaway government, calling upon all patriotic citizens to stand with them.

For the veterans, they seem to understand the long road ahead, the challenges involved, and the need for a sustained strategy which relies not on politicians, but rather on the people, who will not allow the destruction of the American Dream to continue.

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin lost his honorable military career and went to prison for simply doing the right thing, what his oath required him to do, made a political prisoner by his illegitimate Commander-in-Chief and a corrupt UCMJ… Lt. Commander Walter F. Fitzpatrick, III sits in a Monroe County jail today for attempting repeatedly to keep his oath to protect and defend.

Meanwhile, our federal government continues to drive the nation deeper into chaos and calamity.

Sitting in military prison today, are numerous honorable soldiers who kept their promise, only to be charged, tried and incarcerated for doing so, by an anti-military administration that continues to place soldiers in harm’s way without the consent of congress, the support of the people, and under insane rules of engagement, making them political prisoners upon their return from combat, the truth that would exonerate these soldiers, withheld from the public. This insanity must end and these political prisoners must be set free.

The time for real American change has arrived, and the veterans are the right people to lead that initiative. I will being standing with those veterans in D.C. on 11.11.11 and invite YOU to stand with us too, on Veterans Day and every day after, until true justice is achieved and freedom rings once again in America.

JB Williams

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