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Klamath Bull & Horse Sale is Feb. 2 to Feb. 5

Agriculture, Agriculture - California, cattle, Ranch life

53rd Bull Sale sponsored by Klamath Cattlemen’s Association

Held at Klamath County Fairgrounds in Klamath Falls.

Ranch Horse Sale


Stock dog Trials

Bulls sell on Sat. Feb. 4, 2012


Trade Show is open Feb. 1 to Feb. 5


Click here for schedule of events and sales:


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California — SB 810 is dead

State gov

SB 810 was not brought up on the senate floor so the bill is dead.

 This was a health care reform bill for the State of California, which touted the demise of private health care insurance — no choices, just State mandated health care! The bill was authored by Senator Mark Leno 3rd Senate District of the San Francisco area.

Today was the last day for a vote and even the Democrats were backing off!

Congratulations to us and everyone who called State Senators and demanded a NO vote on this bill.

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Yreka Tea Party Patriots will meet tonight

TEA Party

Meeting on Tuesday, January 31, 6:30 PM

Decision Life Church

1301 South Main St.



Program:  4 Tea Party Participants will present the “The Good, Bad and Ugly” of the 4 Republican Candidates for the Presidency.  Discussion and straw poll to follow.

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POW supports Freedom 21

Freedoms - Individual, Property rights

From Freedom 21 website:

 The Freedom Movement | Organization Members | The Freedom21 Logo | Freedom21 Responsibilities

Freedom21 is the manifestation of the belief that American society operates best when it is founded upon these principles:

  1. People have inherent, natural, unalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness – the foundations of sovereignty.

  2. Governments exist expressly to protect these rights.

  3. Governments derive power from the consent of the governed, to protect these rights.

  4. Public policies which constrain people’s rights must be enacted only by representatives elected by the people.

  5. Constitutionally limited government is the best form of government.

  6. That government is best which governs least.

  7. No foreign government shall supersede the authority of the government of the United States of America.

These principles were identified, debated, and adopted by the people who attended the first annual National Freedom21 Conference, July 9-12, 2000, in St. Louis, Missouri. Freedom21’s mission is to advance these principles in public policy at every level of government.

Freedom21 began in 1999 when its predecessor, the Environmental Conservation Organization, asked the leaders of about a dozen other organizations to assemble in Washington, DC. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a new strategy to counter the explosion of new laws and regulations that ignored private property rights and individual freedom. The meeting was hosted by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow. The group quickly agreed that the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, working to implement the recommendations set forth in Agenda 21, was a major source of the freedom-eroding policies being implemented by the government.

The group recognized, and agreed, that the efforts of our various organizations were mostly defensive, working to defeat the proposals and policies advanced by the PCSD, and its proponents. What was needed, the group decided, was to develop a strong offense, to develop a positive strategy to advance the principles of freedom, in addition to defeating the proposals produced by the PCSD.

The first step was the first annual Freedom21 National Conference held in St. Louis, Missouri in 2000. More than a hundred leaders of grassroots organizations from around the country attended the conference. Speakers outlined the new strategy. Attendees divided into committees to develop the principles that would guide the group and to develop priorities and suggest tactics. After considerable discussion and revision, the “Principles of Freedom” were unanimously adopted.

Organization Members

Organizations that are members of Freedom21 are organizations that have a proven track record of effective, determined work that advances the principles of freedom. These organizations work in a variety of different issue areas. Some concentrate on education issues. Some work primarily on property rights issues. Some focus on the negative aspects of sustainable development policies. Freedom is being attacked on every front, and grassroots organizations that work to defend, and advance the principles of freedom are rising to meet the challenge. These are the organizations that are, or should be members of Freedom21.

Working together, these organizations draw strength and support from each other. As one organization confronts a serious challenge, it can call on other Freedom21 organizations to join in a coordinated campaign to overcome it. This is the power of the freedom movement. Freedom21 is a voluntary, cooperative effort in which no hierarchy issues decisions. Instead, any member organization can ask for, and receive support from other Freedom21 members on any issue. The more individuals and organizations that participate in Freedom21, the more powerful the freedom movement becomes.

The Freedom21 Logo

Freedom21 works to promote, publicize, and advance the work of all its member organizations through its publications, websites, press releases, news articles, videos, and other educational materials. Individuals and organizations that use the Freedom21 logo help to build recognition of Freedom21 as the growing freedom movement that it has become. The Freedom21 logo is a positive symbol of the principles of freedom with which no American can disagree.

Freedom21 Responsibilities

America is facing another period in its history when freedom is threatened anew. The enemy is the same: collectivism, but it is dressed in a new uniform. This time, it’s not Hitler-styled socialism, or Soviet-styled communism, it is international collectivism wearing a “sustainable development” uniform. And it has beguiled a great many Americans who fail to see its dangers.

It is our responsibility as individuals, as organizations – as Freedom21 – to not only expose the dangers, but to offer positive, pro-active policy proposals to city councils, to county commissions, to state legislatures, and to Congress to uphold and advance the principles of freedom. This is our task. This is our challenge. This is our mission. Our success, or failure, will shape the future for generations to come. What we, each of us, do from this day forward will determine our success or failure. We need to become and stay informed about the issues we care about. This is achieved by staying involved with the organizations that are working to advance the principles of freedom within those issues. We need to develop a missionary zeal to help our friends and neighbors learn about those issues through our conversations, our correspondence, community meetings, church, and every other opportunity. We need to respond to our organization’s call for activism, whether it is attendance at a city council meeting or contacting a Congressman. We need to do whatever we can as individuals.

We need to support our organizations – Freedom21 organizations. The people who lead these organizations often work with little or no salary for their organizational work, and actually help finance their work from their own paycheck earned from other jobs. They need financial support and they need our encouragement.

Freedom21 is a new idea in the market place of grassroots activism. It consists of organizations working in an array of issue areas populated with individuals from all walks of life. The common denominator for individuals and organizations alike is belief in the principles of freedom on which Freedom21 is constructed. Let’s determine together to build this movement into a tidal wave of influence that will wash away the last remnant of collectivism that contaminates public policy. This is a long term goal that must be achieved incrementally. Every victory, no matter how small, by every individual and every organization, is an incremental step toward this goal. Together, we can multiply these victories. Together, we can celebrate, and publicize these victories. And in the doing of it, we can attract new members to our organizations, and double and redouble our effectiveness.

The structure has been built and the strategy is before us. Now, we go to work anew!

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Stand up for family farms

Agriculture, Agriculture - California, Ranch life, Threats to agriculture

From Food Democracy Now.

Support America’s farmers in their pursuit of justice and their right to grow food without fear and intimidation. It’s time for family farmers to have their day in court and put an end to this unjust harassment.

On January 31, family farmers will take part in the first phase of a court case filed to protect farmers from genetic trespass by Monsanto’s GMO seed, which contaminates organic and non-GMO farmer’s crops and opens them up to abusive lawsuits. In the past two decades, Monsanto’s seed monopoly has grown so powerful that they control the genetics of nearly 90% of five major commodity crops including corn, soybeans, cotton, canola and sugar beets.

In many cases farmers are forced to stop growing certain crops to avoid genetic contamination and potential lawsuits. Between 1997 and 2010, Monsanto admits to filing 144 lawsuits against America’s family farmers, while settling another 700 out of court for undisclosed amounts. Due to these aggressive lawsuits, Monsanto has created an atmosphere of fear in rural America and driven dozens of farmers into bankruptcy. Please join us in standing up for family farmers everywhere against Monsanto’s abusive seed monopoly.

To comment, go to:


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Fred Kelly Grant spoke at Redding Tea Party on Jan. 23, 2012

Coordination process OR -- Fred K. Grant

(Go to the youtube link below.)

Fred Kelly Grant is a leading expert on all aspects of the formal coordination process. Based in large part upon his work, nearly 200 local jurisdictions have engaged in coordination. Born in Hartsville, South Carolina, Mr. Grant enjoyed a successful career as a criminal law attorney in Baltimore, Maryland prior to moving to Idaho.

Twenty years ago, he became involved as the Chair of an Owyhee County, Idaho workgroup that used coordination as the vehicle for developing the Owyhee Initiative. The resulting Owyhee Initiative Act was signed into law by President Obama in 2009, protecting the interests of Owyhee County ranchers and resolving long-standing grazing and other land use management policies. Fred will discuss coordination, what it is and how to implement it for engagement with state and federal agencies on wolf management issues.

http://youtu.be/THyaINTQuqU      www.TrademarkAmerica.org


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DUI Notice from Sheriff Jon Lopey

Sheriff Jon Lopey, Siskiyou Sheriff's report

Don’t Let Alcohol Force You Out of the Game

Be sure to include a designated driver in your starting lineup this weekend

Siskiyou County, CA – The Avoid the 8 Siskiyou County DUI Campaign is reminding football fans watching this year’s Super Bowl game with friends and family to make the right decision before kickoff and game plan in a designated sober driver. Law Enforcement joins with the national “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk” message from the National Football League (NFL), the California office of Traffic Safety (OTS), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) Coalition.

The Avoid the 8 DUI Task Force will be deploying special roving DUI patrols on Sunday, February 5th in several communities throughout the area looking to stop and arrest drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs.  These DUI patrols are, in addition to regularly scheduled patrol officers, all looking for the tale-tell signs of an intoxicated driver behind the wheel.

In 2010, over 10,000 people were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes that involved at least one driver or motorcycle rider with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. In Californian, this deadly crime led to 791 deaths because someone failed to designate a sober driver.

“We’re reminding everyone that real Super Bowl Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk,” stated Sheriff Jon Lopey.  “We are asking all party hosts and bar owners to take extra good care of designated sober drivers this year. Drafting a designated driver this weekend will be the correct play call for a sure win.”

The Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk message supports the league-wide designated-driver campaign called Responsibility Has Its Rewards.  Celebrating its ninth season in 2011, the campaign encourages fans to participate in designated-driver programs supported by beer and concessionaire companies at every NFL stadium nationwide. The Responsibility Has Its Rewards Super Bowl XLVI winners were randomly selected Designated Drivers for the Season from the AFC Champion and NFC Champion teams. They attend the 2012 Pro Bowl in Honolulu, HI. Rewarding responsible behavior is just as important to the Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk safety message as reminding fans about the risks of drinking and driving.

“We want everyone to make the right decision on Super Bowl Sunday,” said Chris Murphy, Director of the Californian Office of Traffic Safety.  “Having a designated sober driver should be an obvious call in everyone’s play book. Making sure designated sober drivers know how much we appreciate their responsible decision is what will make this year’s celebration extra special – and extra safe.”

The Avoid DUI Patrols are funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety who reminds everyone to please; Report Drunk Drivers – Call 9-1-1!  More information can be found on NHTSA’s Super Bowl XLVI page; Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk; and  OTS’s California Avoid DUI

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Support Rural America

Sheriffs, Support Rural America


Sheriff’s Events

will be held throughout 2012 in various counties

Each will feature a panel of Sheriffs standing tall speaking on the Constitution and local issues.

Additional speakers or activities may be held, according to the sheriff and organizers of each event.

1st event:

Siskiyou County – February 25, 2012

Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds

Inside Main Entrance in the Flower building

Yreka, CA.

Time:  2 p.m.

Admission is FREE

(We will pass the donation bucket to pay for rental of the building.)

Hosted by Sheriff Jon Lopey

Sponsored by

Scott Valley Protect Our Water,

Yreka Tea Party,

Redding Tea Party Patriots

Panel of Constitutional Sheriffs will speak

For $20, organizations may participate by setting up a table, sharing info and selling items. Space is limited and you must FIRST be approved.

We reserve the right to refuse groups not in accordance with Support Rural America Sheriffs Events.

For more info email Liz Bowen at lizbowen@sisqtel.net or phone at 530-467-3515


Erin Ryan at erin@reddingteaparty.com

Also check out:

Support Rural America.com



for videos of Defend Rural America Sheriffs’ Standing Tall videos on youtube

2nd event:


event is not yet solidified


3rd event:

Modoc County – April 21, 2012

Casino Events Center

Alturas, CA.

Time:  2 p.m.

Admission is FREE

(We will pass the donation bucket to pay for rental of the building.)

Hosted by Sheriff Mike Poindexter

Sponsored by

Modoc Independent Tea Party

Panel of Constitutional Sheriffs will speak

Special Guest –  Wyoming attorney Karen Budd-Falen

4th event:


Trinity County  –  May 19, 2012

 Weaverville High School Gym

Weaverville, CA.

Time:  2 p.m.

Admission is FREE

(We will pass the donation bucket to pay for rental of the building.)

Hosted by Sheriff Bruce Haney

Sponsored by

Trinity Tea Party Patriots

Panel of Constitutional Sheriffs will speak

Help us stand up for America!

Support your local sheriff!

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RED BLUFF BULL & GELDING SALE: Champion horses selected

Agriculture - California, Ranch life

Special to Red Bluff Daily News

Seven champions were named among the 118 horses at the Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale.

The highest honor, the Craig Owens Ideal Ranch Horse, was given to Lot 104 Playboys Hickaroo. The 4-year-old gelding is consigned by Benita Venable of Fernley, Nev.

Nicknamed Fred, the bay gelding is used to all aspects of ranch work from roping and sorting to branding competition.

He changes leads, turns good and packs the bridle well.

Other champions were named in six categories for which the best horse was picked after a competition Friday morning.

The champions include:

Champion Stock Horse
Lot 52 DMAC Agent Spoon
Consigned by Tom Buckingham of Bruneau, Idaho

Champion Cutter Horse
Lot 58 Royal Dually
Consigned by Todd and Erin Bimat of Orland

Champion Snaffle Bit Horse
Lot 80 Smart Little Yeller
Consigned by Randy Ford of Valley Springs

Champion Conformation Horse
Lot 19 Baileys Chex
Consigned by Martin Murphy of Paisley, Ore.

Champion Head Horse
Lot 85 Willie Nic
Consigned by Tom Thornburgh of Chiloquin, Ore.

Champion Heel Horse
Lot 52 DMAC Agent Spoon
Consigned by Tom Buckingham of Bruneau, Idaho

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RED BLUFF BULL & GELDING SALE: Stock Dog Sale packs grandstands

Agriculture - California, Ranch life

Special to Red Bluff Daily News

Updated: 01/28/2012 08:30:33 AM PST

Of the 19 dogs brought to the Stock Dog Sale, 17 were sold at an average price of $4,455 on Friday afternoon.

Flip, a tricolor border collie, sold for the highest price of $11,500,

twice the amount of the next highest grossing dog.

The dog was consigned by Jim and Tanya Williams of Redding and sold to Pam Schwenkfelder of Cambridge, Idaho.

Lazy D Floyd, the Water for Life dog, was bought by Mike Ralph of Grants Pass, Ore. for $3,000.

The dog was first purchased by Tom Atwood for $4,750 and donated back.
The proceeds will go to the nonprofit Water for Life, Inc., which advocates for the protection of agricultural water rights.

In all, the sale resulted in a

net price of $75,758.

Other top-grossing dogs included:

— Blue, consigned by Brian Jacobs of Herald and sold to Boot and Michelle Lanham at $6,500

— Lazy D Moby consigned by Robin Nuffer of Mesa, Idaho and sold to Peggy Thompson of San Jose at $5,750

— Zizi consigned by Jaime Gonzalez of Klamath Falls, Ore and sold to Bo Bo Cattle Co. of Othello, Wash. at $5,600

— Jack consigned by Katie Martin of LaGrande, Ore and sold to Speelman Land & L/S of Nyssa, Ore. at $5,600.


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