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Update: California Anti-Hound Bill Falters

Greenies & grant $, Gun rights & hunting

Outdoor Life.com

June 28, 2012

by Brian Lynn

California Senate Bill 1221 failed to garner enough support to make it out of the state’s Assembly committee on June 26. It’s a victory for sportsmen, common sense, and scientific-based management of game animals in the Golden State — a place where whacked-out politics are the norm and the touchy-feeling, yet unsound, animal-rights public relations machine has set up camp.

The victory is most likely a short-lived reprieve. Like a recurring case of some non-descript STD, the well-funded AR crowd just keeps assaulting the hunting heritage. In fact, the bill could be brought back up for what’s essentially a revote within the week.

Upon learning of the loss, Humane Society of the United States president and CEO Wayne Pacelle spewed the typical emotion-filled rhetoric of the AR PR machine and called upon the immense number of California lunatics to flood the voicemail and email of L.A. County Assemblymen Roger Hernandez (626-960-4457 or 916-319-2057) and Mike Gatto (818-558-3043, 916-319-2043, Assemblymember.Gatto@assembly.ca.gov), who abstained from voting, which left the lunatics one vote short of the required seven votes to move the bill forward (feel free to call and thank them, even if you don’t live in the state of Left Coast Lunacy).

As Evan Heusinkveld from the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance put it, “[future voting] will all come down to which side is able to generate the most contacts to their Assembly members.”

The disheartening part is that Assemblyman Ricardo Lara, who was absent during the vote, is a democrat and is likely to side with the anti-hunting crowd. It’s sad that today’s politics are so divisive, but that’s the state of affairs. If you look at how the assemblymen voted, it was strictly down party lines: democrats sided with the bunny huggers, republicans with hound huggers.

Adding to the uphill battle is the fact that the bill has been “amended,” most likely cosmetically in order to garner greater support. U-T San Diego columnist Ed Zieralski, a pro-sportsman outdoorsman with whom I’ve turkey hunted the deep backwoods of Alabama, reports: “the bill is expected to move forward in amended form after a motion by Assemblyman Jared Huffman, D-Marin, the committee chair.”

The good news is that barring any revote within the week, there are no hearings set for the summer so the next time that animal-rights activists can pressure politicians by threatening negative PR in a gigantic bunny-hugging state will be the fall. Additionally, there are some on the council that are vehement supporters of hunting.Assemblyman Brian Jones told Zieralski: “I believe that U.S. citizens should have the right to enjoy the outdoors as long as they’re good stewards of the land.”

Wow, common sense in California. There is hope. And, hopefully there are enough assemblymen that understand the situation; if not how ecosystems work, how predator-prey-habitat balances interact, then at least, hopefully, they’ll understand the economics of the situation (considering California is so far in the red budget-wise that their ledgers are scribble in taxpayer blood, it’s a 50-50 proposition).

As Zieralski wrote: “It was pointed out that if hunting bears and bobcats with hounds is outlawed, only paid government hunters, at taxpayer expense, will be able to use hounds to trap or kill problem bears or bobcats. That’s the case presently with the protected mountain lions in California. Only paid hunters or those who file for a depredation permit may kill them. It came down to whether it made more sense to pay for the management of bears and bobcats or allow hunters to continue to pay fees and pay to hunt them with their hounds.”


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From Klamath Basin Crisis.org 6-30-12

Klamath Basin Crisis.org

* California Farm Bureau Federation governmental and legislative update 6/29/12. Status of bills: demanding farmers to provide cool water every 10′ and shade every 200′, demanding overtime for farm workers after 8 hours, ending hunting certain predators with dogs, acquiring prime farmland for green energy production, giving Cal Dept. Fish and Game authority to fine people $20,000 if CDFG “believes” someone violated a code or regulation, limiting use of certain traps, …..


California Coyote Tale, International Liberty, posted to KBC 6/29/12. “The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks the Governor’s dog, then bites the Governor….” “And that, my friends, is why California is broke and Texas is not.”


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Support My Outdoor Buddy.com today!

Frank Galusha

From: Frank Galusha

We still need lots of votes so if you can think of anything more to do, please jump on it. We may get a last minute surge that pushes us over the top. There may be others who can help and we are not being bashful. Getting the news of this opportunity only reached us a week ago yesterday so we’ve done well to get the application in and do a good business plan. Here is the message we are asking people to forward to their contacts. We only have until midnight east coast time to get the 250 votes we need.  Frank

MyOutdoorBuddy.com is asking for your support in our effort to qualify for a MissionSmallBusiness.com grant. To qualify MyOutdoorBuddy needs to garner 250 votes by midnight tonight, June 30 via MSB’s Facebook page.  To help, simply go to www.myoutdoorbuddy.com (check our HOME page or Outdoor News page) and look for the request for votes via a Facebook article about this nationwide competition.  The process is simple. Once at www.missionsmallbusiness.com look for “Log-in & Support” and then please type myoutdoorbuddy.com into the search box that appears then vote for MyOutdoorBuddy when the VOTE icon pops up. You do have to be a Facebook user to vote (or you may put up a page on Facebook and then vote) but those of you who are already Facebook users it’s very easy.  Thanks for your help but please act now as the deadline is at midnight.  Please tell all your friends who might like to help us to do the same.  Do it now!!!!

Thanks, Frank

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All God’s creatures got a place in the choir – youtube video


PNP comment:  This is so good by Celtic Thunder!  Worth the listen. So fun! The young man is the bass. — Editor Liz Bowen


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Decision-makers must understand Klamath uncertainties

Federal gov & land grabs, KBRA or KHSA, Klamath River & Dams, Op-ed, Paul R. Houser Ph.D. scientist

Decision-makers must understand Klamath uncertainties | capitalpress.com



For the Capital Press

June 29, 2012

After I questioned the accuracy of science reporting and summary documents related to the Klamath Secretarial Decision, I faced systematic reprisal and my job as the Bureau of Reclamation’s science adviser was terminated.

Subsequently, I filed a scientific integrity allegation, and was invited to speak publicly about it in May. I was confronted with a wide range of questions, where I carefully offered my opinion or relevant information.

Last week Dennis Lynch of the U.S. Geological Survey questioned some of this information. Below I summarize the rationale for my comments, and offer some additional perspective.

* He states that “our team summarized these findings in an Overview Report that received a second layer peer review from six independent experts.” He fails to mention the peer review comment 3-5: “The Summary and Findings section does not sufficiently express the uncertainties in the responses to restoration options,” which is generally consistent with my allegation. These concerns should be addressed by writing a new summary that accurately portrays the dam removal uncertainties and risks, and the additional actions needed to meet the environmental and societal goals.

* He disagrees with my comment that a more in-depth engineering analysis is needed to assure that Iron Gate Dam is removed safely. My comment was based on an environmental impact statement and report comment submitted by Stephen Koshy, who warned that notching the earth-filled Iron Gate Dam may cause it to fail. This concern can be addressed by providing a public response to Koshy along with the relevant engineering analyses.

* Lynch disagrees with my comment that the sediment coming out of the dams would be the equivalent volume of 1 to 3 feet covering 190 miles of a 150-foot-wide channel. The sediment volume studies have discrepancies, but my volume equivalency calculations are correct.

Further, the draft environmental impact statement and report states: “Short-term (2 years) aggradation of sediment from the dams could be substantial below Iron Gate Dam downstream to Willow Creek, with up to 5 feet of deposition within 0.5 miles downstream of the dam, to 1.5 feet of deposition near Willow Creek.” Downstream impacts of sediment are a significant concern, so alternate options such as dredging may also need to be more seriously considered.

* He disagrees with my concerns that the released sediments may be harmful to fish, and may have a significant impact for 1-2 years. The draft environmental impact statement and report states, “…the short-term (up to 2 years following dam removal) increases in (suspended sediment) in the lower Klamath River and the Klamath estuary would be a significant impact.”

Water quality and reservoir sedimentation in the Klamath Basin are very complex issues. While a 2011 Department of the Interior report did show that the reservoir sediments have toxic elements below most guidelines, the upper basin is well known to have water and sediment quality issues, and these sediments are being deposited in the reservoirs.

A 2006 PacifiCorp study concludes that the absence of the project reservoirs would exacerbate water quality impairment by reducing dissolved oxygen and promoting growth of algae. Water quality issues above the dams may be among the most significant risks to successful river restoration; these water quality issues should be mitigated prior to dam removal.

* Finally, Lynch objects to my statement that non-native Coho salmon were introduced in the Klamath starting in 1895. A 2002 California Department of Fish and Game report confirms my statement and further indicates that “historically, the practice of importing non-native fish was common….”

The draft environmental impact statement and report also states that “the vast majority of Coho salmon that spawn in the Klamath Basin are believed to be of hatchery origin, although the percentage varies among years.” Based on the century-long history of non-native salmon transfers and hatchery origin fish, it would be tough to identify a truly native wild Klamath Coho. Nonetheless, it is the law to protect them.

The outcomes of dam removal on this scale and in this unique environment have significant risks and uncertainties. A positive outcome is not guaranteed and a tragic outcome is possible.

There are several innovative and economical solutions to meet the Klamath Basin goals that are not being actively considered because they fall outside the politics of the Klamath agreements. It is in the public trust, and a duty of scientific integrity to seriously consider these alternatives.

My goal is to make sure that decision-makers are aware of these risks and uncertainties, and account for them in their decision-making process. By only reporting the positive aspects of dam removal without the uncertainties and additional needed mitigation, the meaning of the science is perturbed, which may lead to poor decisions.

Paul R. Houser is an internationally recognized hydrologist with over 25 years of experience. More information can be found at www.prhouser.com .

NOTE: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted
material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have
expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit
research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

This information and much more that you need to know about the ESA,
the Klamath River Basin, and private property rights can be found at The
Klamath Bucket Brigade’s web site – http://klamathbucketbrigade.org/index.html
please visit today.

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Scott Valley POW meeting was held 6-27-12



Sheriffs Events – Liz Bowen

Sisk Farm Bureau vs DFG Trial status –  Tom Pease, John Menke

AB 2179  status – Erin Ryan, aid to Senator Doug LaMalfa

Butte Valley DFG problems, elk and wolves – Erin Ryan

Karuks Ground Water Report released – Mark Baird

Booth at fair, need volunteers – Louise Gliatto

CPUC update from Rich Marshall – Liz Bowen

Bi-State Alliance – Liz Bowen

County Board of Supervisors – Tom Pease




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Liz Writes Life 6-26-12

Liz Writes Life

June 26, 2012

Published in Siskiyou Daily News

Scott Valley Protect Our Water will hold its next meeting this Wed. June 27th – a different day – at the Fort Jones Community Center at 7 p.m. We will have Pie n Politics first, so bring your favorite dessert to share.

Water is still very much a topic in Scott Valley and keeping control of our wells and water rights is of utmost concern. Recently, the Karuk leadership released its bogus six-month study of ground water, done between September 2011 to March 2012, in the Scott River area and it blames wells for a reduction in Scott River flows, which they then claim is a threat to coho salmon.

Now the Tribe has contracted with the same enviro company to study the surface water flows in Scott Valley this summer. Guess what they will likely claim? That the flows diminish. Shock! And guess who will be blamed? Yes, users of wells, or pumpers, as they are called, and agricultural irrigators. Nothing from the Greenies and Karuk leadership seems to be practical or natural. Just lots of blame blasted on those who own property.

Learn more and attend the next Scott Valley POW meeting and learn the specifics of these threats, so we can decide how to move forward – as a community. For more info, contact President Tom Pease at 468-2414.

Sheriffs’ Event

Tehama County Sheriff Dave Hencratt hosted a fabulous Support Rural America Event last Saturday in Red Bluff. Eight other sheriffs participated, including our Siskiyou Sheriff Jon Lopey. The crowd numbered more than 600, including Assemblyman Jim Nielsen and Senator Doug LaMalfa.

Several sheriffs shared public safety concerns because of AB 109 that is making it mandatory for sheriffs to release jail inmates sooner. Shasta Sheriff Tom Bosenko said, “AB 109 isn’t working,” adding “we have to be safe in our homes and communities.”

For more on the Sheriffs’ Event, check out Pie N Politics.com.

Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson is hosting the next panel of sheriffs on July 14 in Crescent City.

Paul R. Houser Ph.D.

Federal whistleblower Paul R. Houser, Ph.D. responded to an opinion article from U.S. Geological Service employee Dennis Lynch. What is interesting is that Lynch did not refute the points of Dr. Houser’s integrity allegations, but focused on unrelated information.

Dr. Houser has stated that he is not for or against dam removal, but is an advocate for the best science-informed decision that meets the multi-objective of obeying the law and protecting the environment. Yet, he is being attacked because he questioned flawed science, statements by Dept. of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and the fraudulent process being used to destroy the dams.

To read Dr. Houser’s rebuttal go to Pie N Politics.com and click on the Dr. Houser tab at the top or on the Paul R. Houser category on the right side. I stand with Dr. Houser and am proud that he chose the path of “integrity” over political science.


Was sorta surprised this batch of rain lasted so long over the weekend. Sprouts from the beans, cantaloupe, watermelon, replanted cucumbers and squash are pushing up through the damp soil and looking great. That is the hardest part for me – waiting for the seeds to germinate and grow. I usually spend every morning for several weeks hand irrigating everything with a fan sprayer. Oh, I also planted some annual phlox that were already blooming near the pine tree and they have transplanted beautifully in this cool, drizzly weather.

The tomatoes are finally looking good. Began eating peas, pods and all, last week. Nope, didn’t wait until the peas were fully developed.

Sure do hope to harvest several herbs later this week. The oregano is being over-run by the wild mint and is now a much smaller batch. I want to harvest the leaves soon and then find a different place to plant some starts. Also the several plants thyme in the garden are blooming and I want to harvest it before full bloom as the leaves are better tasting. Then the volunteer horehound is huge from growing in the raspberry patch and getting plenty of water. It is about to bloom. Horehouse is touted for colds and coughs, so I’ve decided to dry some for next winter. The basil seeds I planted in six-packs are up, but the parsley is not. Some herb seeds take a long time to germinate. Patience, patience.

The deep red rose is blooming and boy it needs a major trimming of the dead wood. Perennial snapdragons are blooming by the house foundation, but the pretty spot is the blue delphinium, dark pink sweet William and perky daisies. Enjoying the colorful spot makes the hard work worth it.

Liz Bowen writes biographies, free lances and writes blogs: Pie N Politics.com and Liz Bowen.com



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News from Klamath Basin Crisis.org 6-28-12

Klamath Basin Crisis.org

Pacific Legal Foundation statement on Supreme Court’s Health Care ruling, PLF 6/28/12

AB 2179 Fish and Game, Enforcement and Penalties, posted to KBC 6/28/12
HERE for Call to Action: http://pienpolitics.com/?p=10749

Hastings Holds Hearing on Federal Regulations and Costs Impacting Hydropower Development, PRESS RELEASE 6/27/12

USDA Ordered to Justify Claim that it Satisfied the Injunction Awarded to R-CALF USA, Consumer Groups, Other Cattle Groups and Individual Ranchers, R-CALF 6/27/12. “It’s a sad state of affairs when food producers and food consumers have to fight their own government to protect the safety of our nation’s food supply, but that’s exactly where we find ourselves with the Obama Administration today,” concluded Bullard.”


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Hand Over Your Money and No One Gets Hurt

CA Sen Doug LaMalfa, Op-ed

Opinion-Editorial: From CA Senator Doug LaMalfa

As unbelievable as it seems, in the midst of our never-ending budget crisis, the plan from Governor Brown and the legislature’s Democrat majority comes down to this: “Give us what we want, or somebody’s going to get hurt.”  If you’re starting to feel like our state government is holding a gun to our head, there’s probably a pretty good reason for that.  Because that’s sure what it looks like to me.

Just a few days ago we got to see the legislature’s leaders here in Sacramento smiling and patting themselves on the backs having sent their budget bill to the Governor’s desk.  There’s just one catch: the law requires our legislature to pass a “balanced” budget each year.  They haven’t, and this budget isn’t. The “balanced” part of the budget, the hard part, has been left on our doorstep – with a ransom note firmly attached.

It is utterly irresponsible for our legislature to approve a budget plan that relies on the assumption that tax revenues will balance with spending if – but only if – voters agree to increase taxes on themselves.  That’s just not right.  Drafting and passing a balanced budget by June 15th each year is the sole responsibility of the legislature. It’s our job, and our responsibility, to pass a spending plan that relies on living within our means. The voters made that quite clear only a year and a half ago, when Proposition 25 was passed.  Prop 25 was approved on the promise that a simple-majority budget would bring accountability to the state Capitol.  But in that same election, voters also passed Proposition 26, adding even more budget accountability by strengthening our two-thirds protections for tax increases.  What I don’t recall is voters giving lawmakers any powers to extort more tax dollars in return for keeping our schools open.

We probably shouldn’t be too surprised to see the majority party has found itself with new fiscal problems this year. After all, their spending plan last year was held together with four billion dollars of phantom tax revenues we were assured would arrive just in time to keep the state solvent. Should we really have been surprised when most of that four billion in phantom money failed to materialize? Should we be surprised that, even though the legislature’s own analyst urged the legislature’s leaders to cut spending months ago, they rejected that call? Should we be surprised that, now faced with a $15.7 billion deficit, the majority party lawmakers are demanding even more tax dollars, and are coupling those demands with threats to our children’s futures? Should we be surprised that their demands are coupled with a ransom note that reads “Don’t make us hurt you” on our way to the ballot box?

Here’s what would be a real surprise: Having the governor and legislative Democrats cut the size of government, streamline the bureaucracy, pass real pension reform, repeal the Dream Act, and stop the High-Speed Rail boondoggle in its tracks.  Those are things the voters have made it clear we want.  To complete the analogy, the majority party isn’t holding hostage the scraggly old alley cat of government bureaucracy.  Instead, it’s threatening our cute little puppy dog of government services:  our schools, our public safety, and other vital programs.

Even with all the talk of cuts, do you know the majority party is also planning to add about 1,000 new state employees during the coming fiscal year, along with a $25 billion increase in government spending over the next four years?  Look at the 57 new positions created for the collection of the rural fire tax. While claiming cuts, the legislature is actually growing government spending, from $194 billion for all funds in 2007-08 to $225 billion for 2012-13.  Again, that’s not surprising, considering that the majority party plans to increase spending starting in just a few days, even though we won’t have a chance to vote on the tax increase until November.

The legislators with majority power are making it clear they have no intention of taking on the hard work of reforming government, but instead, are intent on holding the rest of us responsible for any ugly outcomes. But this isn’t some old time gangster movie. In the real world, hostage situations rarely lead to happy endings.

Senator Doug LaMalfa is a lifelong farmer representing the fourth Senate District including Shasta, Tehama, Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Siskiyou, Sutter, Del Norte, Placer, Trinity, Yuba and Nevada counties.


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This is a call to Action!!!

Dept. Fish & Game

 Please call more Senators to vote against AB 2179 — it passed out of Natural Resources Committee, after many phone calls were made asking for a NO vote !!!

This is how they voted on AB2179 ….

We must stop this out of control Agency!!!!


MEASURE :  A.B. No. 2179

AUTHOR(S)      :  Allen.

TOPIC   :  Fish and game: enforcement and penalties.


+LAST AMENDED DATE  :  05/25/2012





                Majority Vote Required

                Non-State-Mandated Local Program


                Non-Tax Levy

LAST HIST. ACT. DATE:  06/14/2012

LAST HIST. ACTION   :  Referred to Com. on  N.R. & W.


COMM. ACTION DATE   :  06/26/2012

COMM. ACTION   :  Do pass as amended, and re-refer to the Committee on


COMM. VOTE SUMMARY  :  Ayes:   06     Noes: 02       PASS

Date Result Location Ayes Noes NVR Motion 06/26/12 (PASS) Sen Natural Resources and Water 6 2 1 Do pass as amended, and re-refer to the Committee on Appropriations.   Ayes: Evans, Kehoe, Padilla, Pavley, Simitian, Wolk   Noes: Cannella, La Malfa   No Votes Recorded: Fuller

This bill has been sent to Appropriation Committee.  This is our last chance to stop it.  Please send this out to all on your email list and urge everyone to call/fax to protest this bill.  It will be devastating to our Ranching and Farming friends and neighbors.  Every phone call counts.  It only takes a few minutes. 


All you have to do when you call is say that you are strongly opposed.  It is that easy and is so important.  If you belong to any organizations such as cattlemen or women, tea parties, political organizations etc. Send it out to all the membership of these organizations. 

Appropriations Committee meets every Monday at 11:00 A.M so call before Monday!!!

This is the list for the Appropriation Committee members to call.  If you have a fax machine call and Fax.  We need to crash both these systems will all our calls.

Senator Christine Kehoe (Chair), Democrat
State Capitol, Room 5050
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4039
Fax:     (916) 327-2188

Senator Mimi Walters (Vice Chair), Republican                                                                   State Capitol, Room 3082
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4033
Fax: (916) 445-9754

Senator Elaine Alquist, Democrat                                                                                                      State Capitol, Room 5080

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 651-4013

Fax: (916) 324-0283

Senator Bob Dutton, Republican

State Capitol, Room 5097
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4031
Fax: (916) 327-2272

Senator Ted W. Lieu, Democrat  (author of the Hound bill)                                                                                         State Capitol, Room 4090
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4028
Fax: (916) 323-6056

Senator Curren Price, Democrat

State Capitol, Room 2057
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4026
Fax: (916) 445-8899

Steinberg, Democrat

State Capitol, Room 205
Sacramento,  CA  95814
Phone:  (916) 651-4006
Fax:  (916) 323-2263

Addresses & Staff

Staff Director: Bob Franzoia
Consultants: Marie Liu, Brendan McCarthy, Mark McKenzie, Jolie Onodera, Maureen Ortiz and Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez
Assistants: Jennifer Douglas and Lydia McKim
Phone: (916) 651-4101
Room: 2206

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