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Assemblyman Jim Nielsen blasts AB 109 Realignment of prison inmates

Assemblyman/Senator Jim Nielsen

The Disastrous Effects Of One Year of AB 109 Realignment

From Assemblyman Jim Nielsen

        Alice Alecu (916) 319-2562

(Sacramento) – Assemblyman Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) was joined by public safety leaders and families of crime victims today, speaking against AB 109, the Public Safety Realignment, during a press conference at the State Capitol. Every speaker advocated for the immediate repeal of the failed Realignment experiment, which has victimized hundreds of individuals since its implementation a year ago.

“This legislation, unlike any other before, has unleashed an unprecedented crime wave across the state over the past year, and it started in the very first week,” said Nielsen. “This crime wave is real; AB 109 is not working.”

Nielsen said that his experience as the head of the Board of Prison Terms affirms that there is no such thing as ‘low level offenders.’

“There is no greater responsibility for our elected officials and our governors than to protect our lives and property,” said Nielsen.  “Through the implementation of AB 109 they have failed to do so and it constitutes the greatest mistake of this state government in the history of the State of California.”

Nielsen pointed out to the fact that the courts’ ruling was never to let inmates out before completing their sentences, but to fix inmate healthcare, the product of overcrowding. He also suggested that there are better ways to solve the issue without victimizing more innocent citizens in process.  He suggested presenting the courts with a new plan that would not endanger public safety. He also suggested that there is an urgent need for tort and prison reform, which would lower litigation costs imposed on the state by an endless stream of inmate lawsuits.

Nielsen also advocated for imposing greater consequences for re-offending criminals, rather than significantly reduced ones, which is occurring under AB 109.

“There is only one way to make amends,” said Nielsen. “Change it – repeal it and then redo it.”


Assemblyman Nielsen represents the Second Assembly District, which includes: Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Modoc, Shasta, Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama and Yolo counties.

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HAYFORK Trinity County Patriot Meeting 11-1-12

TEA Party


On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 4:06 PM, WE THE PEOPLE 2007 <wethepeople2007@gmail.com> wrote:

HAYFORK Trinity County Patriot Meeting


“2016 – Obama’s America”

Please join us at 6pm –  Chips and salsa will be served – Casa de Castellanos Restaurant

We will be discussing:

  • If there      is an interest in helping  people get to the polling      places?  We would like to get together to help drive voters to the      polls…literally

  • Cal-Fire      Tax information on billing and information from last weeks Cal-Fire Town      Hall meeting.

  • Looking      for people who are interested in gathering signatures for the initiatives.      We have more brochures and petitions ready.

  • We      need people to write letters to the Editor.  The Trinity Journal is      an effective way to get information out to people and generate an open      discussion of what is going on locally and nationally.

  • Benghazi      scandal – THE TRUTH

  • Illegal      Code Enforcement harassment & SOLUTIONS – Guest speaker

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Letter to Editor from Ken Delfino in Colfax, CA.

Elections, Op-ed

Ken Delfino

P.O. Box 1690 * Colfax, CA 95713-1690


For those of us in the far south of the new 1st Assembly District, we’ve had to do a lot of studying on the two candidates. In researching Supervisor Dahle’s background, listening to the debates on YouTube and reading articles in your northern papers, some things disturb me about Supervisor Dahle:

* His claim of not favoring “Eminent Domain” yet using it on a      Lassen County project. If it needed to be done, then so be it….why did he      deny it when according to county documents, he supported it?

 * His statement of support for keeping the dams up on the Klamath      River….yet he has accepted over $5,000 in donations from people who want      the dams removed. If I were one of those donors, I would be furious and highly      insulted for having been made a fool of.

 * As of today, I have not heard him take a stand on Proposition 32. He      has union backing, which any candidate is entitled to. However, why won’t      he take a stand?

 *  Vice-Mayor Bosetti did vote      in favor of the “Timber Tax” in spite of signing a “No Tax Pledge”. Supervisor  Dahle stated he supported the THP,      but abstained “because he signed      a no new tax pledge while running for office”. By voting for the THP,      Vice-Mayor Bosetti helped SAVE 22,000 jobs!

 * Finally, I have a deep concern over his “hidden ties” to the      Sierra Nevada Conservancy. As a director, he went along with a unanimous      vote that donated $1M to The Nature Conservancy which helped change      Independence Lake in Sierra County from free access to limited access.  There are other projects that this      conservancy has in its sights to close public lands for ‘conservation’      purposes.  He chooses not disclose      his conservancy ties on his website or flyers.

I want a decisive and up-front person representing me in Sacramento and I ask you to join me in voting for Rick Bosetti for 1st Assembly District.

S/Ken Delfino

Ken Delfino

Colfax, CA

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Siskiyou County – Calling all patriots..


Help get the vote out in Siskiyou County

 The Republican Election Headquarter is hosting a get out the vote telephone campaign

 Thursday, November 1, 2012 

from 5 to 8PM

304 SO Broadway

Bring  your cell phone,  voter numbers will be provided along with a script — all calls are local.  

 The Headquarters will serve the callers Pizza.

Make calls

 Eat pizza

  Make a difference!!!

If you are telephone shy we have other task you can perform to help with this get out the vote effort

Please RSVP to Daralyn Reed at 842-5443

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“Benghazi-gate” must be exposed


Unlike Watergate, 4 brave men were murdered in defense of their country in “Benghazi-gate” !!!

There is a great article by Thomas Sowell in Oct. 31, 2012 Redding Record Searchlight newspaper.  Americans can no longer allow themselves to be “marks” of political con men–we MUST BE VIGILANT and demand that the truth comes out!


Contact these news outlets and demand that they cover “Benghazi-gate”

ABC News  212-456-7777
CBS News  212-975-4321
NBC News  212-664-3720

Contact our Representatives and demand an investigation into “what the President knew and when did he know it.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein         202-224-3841     415-393-0707
Senator Barbara Boxer            202-224-3553     916-448-2787
Congressman Wally Herger     202-225-3076     530-223-5898

Please make that call and tell your friends — Editor Liz Bowen

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Good articles from California Farm Water Coaliton

CA Farm Water Coalition


Rice: A true story

From Bibberche – Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012
In the days preceding my trip north to Sacramento Valley with California Farm Water Coalition and the visit to Lundberg Family Farms, I invoked my inner romanticist and historian and conjured up the images of people in wide-brimmed straw hats hip-deep in rice fields, with water buffalo lounging in the muddy shallows of the Mekong River Delta.


Fears linger in language of Delta draft plan

From Stockton Record – Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012
City leaders reported progress Tuesday resolving a dispute with a new state agency that they fear will disrupt Stockton’s ability to grow as it sees fit. The Delta Stewardship Council is tasked with writing a long-term plan governing the river estuary through the year 2100.

Could a league of rivals cure California’s Bay Delta policy blues?

By Ian Boisvert
From BlueSky Mediation & Law – Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012
As I have written about before, California’s Bay Deltas suffer from a lot controversy over policies big and small. People’s disagreement centers on water quantity, quality and supply, while habitat and economic concerns thicken the issues. The Delta Dialogues is an alternative venue to the mainstream stakeholder engagement process, the BDCP.


Hatching a plan for northwest salmon: Conference highlights fish stock restoration

Intriguing Story

From Indian Country Today – Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012
Fish hatcheries built below the dams in the Pacific Northwest have replenished salmon stocks for downstream and ocean fishermen for decades, while upstream, wild runs where treaty tribes fish have dwindled.

Now tribes report that hatcheries can serve another purpose-to restore and strengthen wild stocks by allowing them to breed with hatchery fish, a controversial practice that seems to be refuting experts’ fears that the wild fish stocks would be weakened.

PNP comment on above “Indian Country Today” story: The wild fish and hatchery fish have been co-mingling for decades. Duh! — Editor Liz Bowen

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Hundreds watch Shasta salmon

Agriculture - California, American Stewards of Liberty, Greenies & grant $, Salmon and fish

PNP comment: And there has been all this talk that the Shasta River isn’t healthy enough for salmon! Guess that is a bunch of hooey! — Editor Liz  Bowen

Hundreds watch Shasta salmon – Yreka, CA – Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA


By John Bowman

Siskiyou Daily News

October 30, 2012

BIG SPRINGS — Hundreds of visitors, including over 400 local students, attended the Nature Conservancy’s Shasta Big Springs Ranch salmon viewing open house on Friday and Saturday. Visitors came to catch a look at this year’s unusually large run of Shasta River Chinook salmon. The carcass of a salmon, which had already spawned and died, drew a wide range of commentary and eager pointing from the kids, as did the female Chinook noisily splashing and flapping her tail against the stream bed to build her redd (nest) just under the Louie Road bridge where the students stood watching.

This year’s run of fall Chinook salmon on the Klamath River is likely to be the biggest since 1978, with scientists predicting a total near 380,000 fish for the Klamath River system.  The Shasta River has already seen the return of over 22,000 Chinook this fall and this year’s large run has been providing increased opportunities for viewing the annual migration.

Jason Singleton, outdoor education specialist for the Siskiyou County Office of Education said the field trip provided a valuable learning tool for students and the general public. “You don’t often get the chance to watch this kind of thing in the wild. It’s one thing to talk about it in the classroom, but you can’t beat this kind of direct observation,” Singleton explained. He said the students were able to inspect a salmon carcass up-close and learn about the different features of their anatomy, in addition to a lesson on the salmon life cycle and habitat requirements.

The Nature Conservancy operates the Shasta Big Springs Ranch as a working cattle ranch while undertaking stream restoration projects on the property to help protect and improve salmonid spawning and rearing habitat.


NOTE: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted
material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have
expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit
research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

This information and much more that you need to know about the ESA,
the Klamath River Basin, and private property rights can be found at The
Klamath Bucket Brigade’s web site – http://klamathbucketbrigade.org/index.html
please visit today.

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Scott Valley POW holds annual Turkey Shoot Fundraiser 10-27-12

Photos, POW, Scott Valley events

After a threat of autumn sprinkles, the temperature warmed to the 70s on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 as sharp shooters and friends gathered. This is the beginning of the drive up East Moffett Creek. Nice autumn colors from the cottonwood trees.


Yep, this is our camp in an open field near tiny Moffett Creek.

Scott Valley Protect Our Water Turkey Shoot

10-27-12 Winners

Mike March, Scott Valley, won the Grand Prize of dinner for six from the Dirty Driller Barbecue in Fort Jones.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Julie McQuoid for donating the Dirty Driller Barbecue! 

There were many classes shooting at a “running deer” on a cable, 25 yard, 50 yard, 100 yard and 200 yard targets. There was varmint target and hunter shoots. Pistols and muzzle loader classes were also on tap. In all classes (events), the FIRST PLACE or closest to the bull’s eye on the target won a frozen turkey or ham or bacon or salami or cheese. Some shooters went home with their arms full of prizes!

Tied for the most first place wins were:

Gary Tickner and Trenten Hayden

Second highest: Cody Weldon

Third highest: Mike March

Fourth highest: Ken Berryhill

Fifth highest: Tony Rae

Sixth highest: Cliff West

Seventh highest: Mike Lyon

Eighth highest: Chad McWilliams

Ninth highest: Dana Simpson

Tenth highest: Steve Walters

Eleventh highest: Mike LaMarr

Twelfth highest: Mike Martin

Thirteenth highest: Jared Miller

Youth $25 Gift Certificate winner: Bryce Leach

NON-SHOOTERS participated (gambled) by rolling dice or purchasing a circle to be shot at with a shot gun (and the circle with the most pellet holes wins).

Dice winners:

Jared Miller won salami

Steve Walters won ham

Bryce Leach won ham

Sally LeVesque  won salami

Cookie Hunt won bacon and the turkey

Brody Spallino won cheese and the carrot cake

Jim McFadden triumphed by winning the coveted Cherry Pie


Shotgun spatter-board winners were:

Trenten Hayden won the frozen turkey

Tom Pease won the bacon

Elaine Dolcini won ham

Liz Bowen won salami

Scott Valley POW President Tom Pease welcomed the shooters and friends.

Cody Weldon gets ready to shoot.






Shooting at the Running Deer.

Ginny and Kathy take the class signups.

Joyce Landi is cutting up the onions for the chili and hotdogs.

Marellon Baird takes the signups for the non-shooters Dice games.

Chris O’Neil (red shirt)  calls the order of the next class of shooters.

Ranch owner, Mike Cramer, hosted the event with his wife, Pauline, (below). Mike ran the Running Deer Shoot. Pauline organized and purchased all the prizes, food, porta-potties and other extra important details.


Sarah Hayden takes aim at the Running Deer with her pistol.

Roy Hall Jr. and Trenten Hayden get ready.

Pat Swanson gives Jim McFadden the Cherry Pie he won in the Dice Roll Game.

Nope, no trouble with the law! Cal-Fire Law Enforcement Officer, Monte Whipple, stopped by and visited with friends during the Turkey Shoot. It was a very peaceful day. Everyone treats firearms with great respect. There is only one shooter at a time. It is quite safe.

 Waiting for your turn.

Headed home after a long day at the 2nd Annual Scott Valley POW Turkey Shoot.



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Brian Dahle misleads on Rick Bosetti


Local Dentist Falsely Called a “Special Interest”
Calls On Brian Dahle to Pull Deceptive Ad Using His Image Without Permission

Redding, CA) Assembly Candidate Brian Dahle and his Big Labor allies have crossed the line in their false attacks on Redding Councilman Rick Bosetti.  In a recent television ad, the deceptive Dahle campaign and his union cronies went as far as calling local dentist and community leader Russ Holpuch a “special interests”.  Even though the ad is paid for by one the biggest special interests in California—Big Labor.

“Dahle and his union friends do not have my permission to use my face, or my likeness, on a negative campaign ad against Rick Bosetti,” commented Dr. Russ Holpuch.  “I support councilman Bosetti because he is best qualified to lead the North State. If they don’t pull the commercial immediately, I will take legal action.”

Russ Holpuch has been in Redding for over 20 years and is one of the preeminent periodontist in Shasta County. He is a 10-year Navy Veteran and has been a very valuable contributing member of the Redding and Shasta County communities. He is a leader in the continuing education for the Dental industry in Northern California. Dr. Holpuch is a long-standing member of the Bible Study Fellowship group in Redding. His wife Mary is a Board Member of North Valley Catholic Social Services.

Big Labor is running last minute attack ads on Rick Bosetti because of his commitment to fight for real pension reform, just as he did in the City of Redding, which was the first city in California to pass reforms.  Larger metropolitan cities such as San Jose and San Diego soon followed.

Bosetti’s headquarters in Redding is also the North State hub for the “Yes on Prop 32” Campaign.

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California Farm Water Coalition sets record straight on Central Valley, Delta and salmon

Agriculture - California, CA Farm Water Coalition, Salmon and fish, Water, Resources & Quality


The 20th anniversary of the CVPIA – the failure of salmon doubling

By Barry Nelson
From NRDC – Monday, Oct. 29, 2012
Twenty years ago today, President George H.W. Bush signed the most visionary water reform legislation ever passed by Congress, the Central Valley Project Improvement Act. On this anniversary, it is clear that the passage of the CVPIA marked a turning point in California water history and in federal water policy. For example, the CVPIA established environmental protection and restoration as a CVP project purpose, co-equal with the CVP’s traditional water supply mission – 17 years before the state took the same step in the Bay-Delta.

California Farm Water Coalition response …

This author and others continue to point toward the flow of water through the Delta as the deciding factor in improving fish populations but they neglect to address issues that today’s scientists are increasingly pointing toward as the cause of dwindling fish populations. Scientists from the Pacific Marine Management Council and the National Marine Fisheries Service have identified poor ocean conditions—warm temperatures and reduced food supply—as the leading cause of the salmon population decline. Results of these studies have been published in the last two years, which are much more current that any studies used to approve legislation 20 years ago.

The deadly impact of predatory fish such as striped bass on juvenile salmon is also absent in this article. In the past 20 years, which coincides with the passage of CVPIA, studies by the California Department of Fish and Game and UC Davis have shown a strong increasing trend in the abundance of warm water predatory fish in the Delta, including largemouth bass. These predatory fish create a “blood bath” for juvenile salmon as they make their way through the Delta to the ocean, according to fishing guide J.D. Ritchey in an article he wrote for Outdoor Newshttp://farmwater.org/salmonslaughter.pdf.

Consider also the refusal of the fishing industry, both commercial and recreational, to embrace proposals that would lead to the catch and release of wild salmon, thus protecting their populations. These groups have rejected suggestions that only hatchery salmon with clipped fins be caught and kept.

Furthermore, the four-year-old study the author refers to in citing that Reclamation “does not dedicate and manage 800 kaf of water from headwaters storage through the Delta” is another example of only providing part of the information. Discretionary authority is granted to Reclamation in its treatment of the 800 kaf of B2 water as upstream actions (increased releases for fish) and Delta actions (export cuts for fish). What the author fails to mention is that Reclamation routinely exceeds its B2 water budget — http://farmwater.org/B2Budget.pdf.

Continuing to claim that flows alone are the answer to the declining numbers of salmon fails to fully present the facts that scientists and others are dealing with in an effort to provide Delta ecosystem restoration and establishing a reliable water supply.

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