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7th Annual Armed Forces Appreciation Day is May 16, 2015 in Yreka at the fairgrounds

Siskiyou County, Veterans & soldiers

Siskiyou County: The 7th Annual Armed Forces Appreciation Day Event will be held on Saturday, May 16th at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds in Yreka. Please help us spread the word?

Something new this year is our addition of the Stand Down component. We will have various medical services available for our Homeless and At Risk Veterans in addition to other services/programs the VA offers.

As usual, we’ll have our Resource Fair portion displaying a variety of services/resources available locally to our Veterans also.

The local Junior High Band and High School Band will be performing during the morning, there will be historical military vehicles on site, and both Breakfast and Lunch will be provided FREE to our Veterans and their families.

In this year’s ceremony we will be acknowledging our WWII Veterans in an effort to say Thank You and let them know how much we still appreciate their sacrifice and service, not only to our country, but to the world.

We have a retired Naval Officer, LCDR Jim Gibson (Redding), who will be our guest speaker.

During the ceremony, we will also have a Purple Heart presentation for an OIF Veteran. A senior staff member from Major Baldwin’s staff, CA Army National Guard, will be here to make the presentation. The Veteran resides down the Klamath River and never officially received his award.

I think that’s the gist of the event. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Tim Grenvik, CVSO
Siskiyou County Veterans Service Office
105 E Oberlin Road
Yreka, CA 96097
(530) 842-8010
(530) 841-4314 fax

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Siskiyou Co: Support Viet Nam Veterans at B of Sups meeting 5-5-15

Siskiyou County, Veterans & soldiers

Please share this information with as many as possible. Everyone is welcome to attend this public meeting to witness the reading of the Board of Supervisors Proclamation for Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.

I would ask that ALL Veterans, their family members, and the general public consider attending this meeting. This is an opportunity for all of us to show our respect for our Vietnam Veterans. Members of our local Veteran Service Organizations should consider wearing their uniforms. Veteran ball caps are a must – show your colors!

The Board will be presenting their resolution honoring/recognizing Siskiyou County Viet Nam era Veterans for the

50th Anniversary of “Welcome Home Viet Nam Veterans”

at the upcoming Board of Supervisor’s meeting this coming

Tuesday, 05-05-15,

at 10:20 am.

Thank you!

Tim Grenvik, CVSO
Siskiyou County Veterans Service Office
105 E Oberlin Road
Yreka, CA 96097
(530) 842-8010
(530) 841-4314 fax

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Oyster Farmer: ‘We Are Terrified’ Of The Gov’t

Clean Water ACT - EPA, CORRUPTION, CRIMINAL, Federal gov & land grabs

Michael Bastasch

The National Park Service used falsified data to shut down an 80-year-old oyster company in Point Reyes, Calif, its owner claims.

Drakes Bay Oyster Company operated in Point Reyes for decades until National Park Service officials used falsified data to force Kevin Lunny’s family-run oyster farm to shut down. The experience has left its mark on Lunny: “We Are Terrified,” he told lawmakers during a hearing Thursday.

“Let me be clear, we did not fail as a business,” Lunny said in his prepared testimony. “This was not bad luck. Rather, the Park Service engaged in a taxpayer-funded enterprise of corruption to run our small business out of Point Reyes.”

Lunny made this statement in response to a question by Republican Rep. Raul Labrador asking whether or not Lunny felt like there could be consequences from his testimony against the National Parks Service.

Even Democratic California Rep. Jared Huffman admitted that in the rush to get rid of industry from Point Reyes, government officials and environmentalists “overstated” evidence that Lunny’s farm was harming the environment.

“No one has apologized,” Lunny said.

Drakes Bay Oyster Company is located in Northern California’s Point Reyes National Seashore, where it has been for decades. Point Reyes isn’t your typical national park because it was created to preserve the historic coastline where people have been settled since the Gold Rush. It was never intended to be a major tourist attraction like Yellowstone.

For decades the Park Service had a good relationship with the oyster company, but that all changed in the mid-2000s. All of the sudden, NPS officials started blaming the company for an 80 percent decline in the local harbor seal population. Officials also blamed Lunny’s farm for upsetting the ecological balance of Drakes Estero.

But all of these accusations against Drakes Bay Oyster Company turned out to be completely false. The National Parks Service lacked any scientific data to back up its claims that the company was killing seals and hurting the local environment. In fact, studies done by the U.S. Geological Survey and the California State Health Department showed the Parks Service was completely wrong.

NPS, however, didn’t stop there and kept making false claims against the oyster company.

“The Park Service misrepresented that study,” Lunny said. “They instead attempted to demonstrate harm by substituting data from a sixty-year-old study conducted at the Sea of Japan and attributing it to our farm.”

“For example, in assessing the noise impact of our small outboard motor boats, the Park Service, rather than measuring our boats on our soundscape [as required], instead used the measurements from a seventy-horsepower, 700cc Kawasaki jet ski in New Jersey,” Lunny added.

Lunny appealed to higher ups at the National Park Service for help in the matter and to correct the record on false statements made by the agency, but he got no help from the government.

“The local Park Service staff were not willing to correct the false claims, so we went to the Regional Director,” Lunny said. “No help there. Then we went to the Park Service Director, and finally the Secretary of Interior. No one, at any level, was willing to admit that false science was being used against us, or to at least correct the record and stop the false accusations.”

The Interior Department’s own inspector general even found misconduct by agency officials and that they misrepresented facts. But even so, the inspector general was powerless to stop Parks Service officials from attacking Lunny’s business.

Eventually, Drakes Bay Oyster Farm closed its doors because of the litigation and regulatory actions taken by the federal government.

“What the Park Service did to our family was unconscionable,” Lunny said. “This polluted legacy of false science has tainted our dealings with state and federal agencies, and has resulted in unnecessary regulatory and legal action against our family and our farm.”

Follow Michael on Twitter

Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact licensing@dailycallernewsfoundation.org.


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Newest info from State of Jefferson Spokesman Mark Baird

Mark Baird, State of Jefferson

This is one you need to SHARE! If you want to help make Jefferson happen, please send this out to the people on your e-mail list and post it on Facebook.

This is the newest Mark Baird video and it is AWESOME!



This is the Q and A afterward


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California Gov. Jerry Brown calls for large fines for severe water wasters

Air, Climate & Weather, California water, State gov
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Whistleblower Details How Oakland VA Hid and Manipulated 13,184 Claims

Doug LaMalfa Congressman CA, Veterans & soldiers

PNP comment from Erin Ryan, field representative for Congressman Doug LaMalfa:

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Rustyann Brown and several others over the course of the past 2 years on the Oakland Veterans Benefits Administration case. It is far from over but last week there was a hearing of the full House Veterans Affairs Committee in Washington, DC that focused on the Philadelphia and Oakland offices. Rustyann was rushed from the airplane to the hospital via ambulance for an ongoing stomach issue that was most certainly aggravated by the stress of the trip and impending hearing. She and I officially met for the first time in the emergency room.

By Tuesday night she felt well enough to check out of the hospital and Wednesday morning she faced down the VA without batting an eye. She was able to get a huge amount of information out about the abuses in Oakland and how our veteran’s claims are being mishandled. The committee was full of questions for her. The second panel consisted of her former supervisor on the 13,184 informal claims project along with the director of Oakland (her former boss). Unfortunately, Rusty had to be readmitted to the hospital the night of the hearing and was not released until the following Monday to fly back home. It was a miracle that she was able to testify but she refused to miss it.

It’s fun to note that we received a picture at 1am the day of the hearing. This picture shows the files for a secret project happening up on the 17th floor in Oakland. Many of those claims are leftover from the 13,184 informal claims project from 2012. For the past several weeks a group of rating veteran service reps have been working behind locked doors. The director had people watching anyone she thought was helping us. Imagine her surprise when Congressman LaMalfa asked her to address any ongoing projects in her office dealing with informal claims. She just couldn’t think of any and he reached behind him and pulled up a giant blowup of a veritable pallet of claims (see attached picture).

It was awesome and boy was she surprised. Now she has to figure out who else is feeding us information and sending pictures right under her nose. Good luck with that. God bless the good people who work there and want to help our veterans.

I think you’ll enjoy the video of the hearing (the links are at the bottom of the press release). It’s a pretty clear cut view of what it’s like to work in the agencies and the one lady from Philadelphia is very entertaining. It’s pretty clear that the employees from the VA are full of crap (as expected) and the Inspector General basically calls General Hickey, the Undersecretary for Benefits a complete liar. Good times.

Now that we’ve got a whole bunch of this on the record we move to VA appropriations later this week. That’s a place where we can rein them. Remember, congress is the legislative branch while the VA flows down from the executive branch. That wonderful separation of powers seems to create a very wide crevasse in times like these when we would just like to fire them! In 2016 we have the ability to make a change and if we can shift power away from the Democrats it will allow us to have input into the way these agencies are run. It will also give us a new Attorney General and that’s a big piece of this puzzle that is missing too. In the meantime we’ll keep exposing them for the crooks and liars they are and we hope that more good people will step up from the inside to help us.

Erin Ryan

Following is a Press Release from Congressman LaMalfa’s office:

Whistleblower Details How Oakland VA Hid and Manipulated 13,184 Claims

Washington, DC – On Wednesday the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held a hearing on systemic failures and mismanagement at the Oakland Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Regional Office, where investigations determined that at least 13,184 veterans’ benefit claims were hidden and that veterans had died without receiving a response. Mrs. Rustyann Brown, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and former employee at the Oakland VA Regional Office that worked on the 13,184 claims, testified during the hearing about VA management’s efforts to conceal the claims. Mrs. Brown contacted Rep. Doug LaMalfa in 2013, while she was still employed at the Oakland VA, to blow the whistle on the outrageous cover-up within the Oakland VA.

“We realized that a substantial portion of these veterans were now dead and their claims had never been answered; nothing had been done to help them,” Ms. Brown testified. “If we determined they were dead or had never filed a claim, we were instructed to mark them ‘No Action Necessary’.”

In addition, Mrs. Brown added that no efforts were made to contact surviving spouses or families, some of whom may have been entitled to benefits. By simply marking claims “No Action Necessary”, they were kept out of the benefits system and set aside.

When Mrs. Brown and other members of the team that was tasked with reviewing these claims spoke out, they were reprimanded by their supervisors and removed from the project. In Mrs. Brown’s case, the retaliation for speaking up on behalf of veterans was shockingly cruel.

“I began to see Military Sexual Trauma claims show up in my work assignments. These claims are supposed to be developed by the Special Ops Team because of the sensitive nature of the claim. But, when I would take the claim to my mentor or supervisor and tell them what I had and that it needed to be moved to the Special Ops Team, I was told to just do the next action and move it on. This was a huge problem for me as I am a survivor of military sexual trauma and service-connected for PTSD due to this. For me, simply reading the statements would bring back all the memories I had tried for years to forget. I would spend time in the restroom crying or hiding in a stairwell so I could be alone and not have anyone see the physical reaction I would have to these claims.”

Rep. LaMalfa, who has repeatedly challenged the VA to produce records proving the 13,184 claims were addressed, thanked Mrs. Brown for traveling to the Capitol to testify.

“Rustyann Brown proudly served her country in the U.S. Navy for ten years and decided she wanted to continue to serve by helping her fellow veterans,” said Rep. LaMalfa. “She was a hard-working employee, dedicated public servant, and a tremendous asset to the Oakland VA. The way she was treated by her managers in Oakland is disgraceful and represents a culture of bullying and intimidation that cannot be tolerated. I applaud Rusty’s courage in speaking out and thank her for all her efforts to help our nation’s veterans.”

Following Mrs. Brown’s testimony and Rep. LaMalfa’s participation in the hearing, the VA Office of the Inspector General testified that it has reopened an investigation into the Oakland VA Office.

Video of Wednesday’s hearing may be viewed in two parts at the following links:
Congressman Doug LaMalfa is a lifelong farmer representing California’s First Congressional District, including Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou and Tehama Counties.

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News from Sugar Pine Mine vs BLM near Grants Pass, Oregon

Bureau of Land Management, CA & OR, CORRUPTION, Federal gov & land grabs, Mining, PROTESTS

Dateline: Merlin, Oregon

25 April 2015

Yesterday a half a dozen citizens of Josephine County held a press conference stating their unhappiness and fear of the Sugar Pine Mine operation. They asked us to stop doing what we are doing. Not one of them has spoken to the Oath Keepers, the miners or the Public Information Officers. They asked if anyone had questions, but when we attempted to ask a question they turned and left.
We are not seeing armed men with long guns in our city.

We are not bringing demonstrators into the city. In fact, we carefully screen our volunteers.

We have asked that if you come with a different agenda or to stir up trouble, DO NOT COME, we do not want you.

We are keeping the peace. We are protecting the mine from a specific threat and we are assuring that due process takes place.

Yesterday saw a large influx of new volunteers. We saw the return of a son who had originally been with us and was replaced by his father when he had to leave. He is back. We have had people drive from Alabama, Michigan, Southern California and many States in between.

We are also hosting media from all over the County and appearing on live Nation-wide radio and TV. We continue to fight the battle against misinformation. All media are invited to contact us directly at


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Two arrests made for Narcotics, Burglary, child Endangerment and Violation of Probation

Siskiyou Sheriff's report


“Two arrests made for Narcotics, Burglary, Child Endangerment and Violation of Probation.”

April 26, 2015

During the early morning hours of April 23, 2015, member of the Siskiyou Unified Major Investigations Team (SUMIT) executed a Narcotics Search Warrant at a residence in Dunsmuir. During the execution of the search warrant one suspect, Ms. Amanda Linse, was arrested on narcotics and child endangerment charges.

Two children were removed from the home under protective custody by Child Protective Services (CPS). Because of the condition of the residence the Dunsmuir Fire Marshall, Dunsmuir Code Enforcement Officer and the Siskiyou County Public Health Department were called to the scene. The residence was subsequently “Red Tagged” by the Fire Marshall and Siskiyou County Public Health and deemed uninhabitable at this time.

Following the execution of the search warrant, further information was developed by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office that led to further investigation into a possible burglary and theft in Dunsmuir. This investigation resulted in the recovery of stolen property linked to two different burglaries and also led to the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

Additional follow up by the Sheriff’s Office led to a probation search at another residence in Dunsmuir on April 24, 2015.

Deputies conducted a probation search of the residence of Mr. Thomas O. Duarte and during the probation search investigators recovered over $3,000 in stolen property, reportedly linked to three different burglaries in the Dunsmuir and the South Mt. Shasta areas.

Mr. Duarte was arrested and booked into the Siskiyou County Jail for being in possession of stolen property valued at over $950.00, a felony burglary charge, and he was in violation of felony probation terms. Further charges are being requested through the Siskiyou County District Attorney’s Office on Duarte for additional illegal items recovered in the residence.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office is currently working to establish further information on additional suspects for the related burglaries and thefts.

Lt. Mark Hilsenberg stated that, “The investigation is still ongoing at this time and additional information is being developed and anyone with additional information about these crimes is urged to contact the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office 24-hour Dispatch at (530) 841-2900.

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Scott Valley Protect Our Water meets 4-30-15

POW, Water rights, Water, Resources & Quality

Scott Valley
Protect Our Water


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fort Jones Community Center

7 p.m.

Please bring a dessert to share.
We eat before, during and after the meeting.


Congressman LaMalfa’s Forum on USFS

Water rights in Scott Valley

Using Klamath Compact to save Klamath dams

Dist. 5 Supervisor Ray Haupt

Groundwater issues in Scott Valley

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Cal-Fire announces May 1st deadline for Burn Permits

FIRES, State gov

Burn Permits Required May 1st

Yreka –Effective Friday, May 1st, 2015 the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) Siskiyou Unit will require residential (dooryard) burning permits for any type of open burning in State Responsibility Areas (SRA). Residents must obtain a valid burn permit and burn only on permissive burn days as determined by the Siskiyou County Air Pollution Control District.
Anyone conducting open burning must keep the fire within permit requirements at all times. Basic requirements for a residential burn permit include continuous monitoring by a responsible adult, at least 10 foot clearance to bare mineral soil around the pile, and adequate control resources (tools, water, etc). Open burning should not be conducted when winds exceed 10 miles per hour. Failure to maintain control of the fire will result in the permit becoming void and the responsible party could be held liable for fire suppression costs, fines, and civil damages. It is illegal to burn garbage.
Before burning, call the Siskiyou County Air Pollution Control District at 530-842-8123 or toll free at 1-866-652-2876 to confirm the burn day status and appropriate burn hours. For Non- residential burning, please contact your local CAL FIRE station for additional information.
You can pick up a burning permit at any of the CAL FIRE stations. On May 3th a CAL FIRE engine crew will be at the Etna Rodeo issuing permits in Scott Valley. If you live within City Limits, you need to contact your local fire agency for burn permit information and requirements.
CAL FIRE’s Unit Chief Phil Anzo, wants to remind residents to take extra precautions while burning. Siskiyou County is extremely dry due to the lack of rain and we are already experiencing an increase in fire escapes. CAL FIRE crews will be out and about talking to residents and making sure folks are burning as safely as possible.
# # #

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