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Bundy Trial in Portland: Defense has begun

Bundy Battle - Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, Constitution, CORRUPTION, Courts, CRIMINAL, Federal gov & land grabs

Redoubt News

Malheur Defense Starts With a Bang

By Shari Dovale

Today began the defense case in the Malheur Protest Trial in Portland. The jury heard a 40 minute audio recording of a call between FBI Negotiator Christopher Luh and Ammon Bundy.

Bundy explained to Luh how the protesters were cleaning the refuge, making repairs and working with the community. We heard Ammon estimate that about 1,000 community members had come to the refuge and shared information. One of the most prominent stories that Ammon shared on this call was how the “Fires have been so destructive to them and how it appears that the Bureau of Land Management is only there to make money on the fires.”

“They’re not there to put the fires out,” Bundy explained. He then went on to give statistics on the poor management of the BLM versus the local volunteer fire group. They have a track record of keeping the fires down to less than a thousand acres when the volunteers are on it, but “when the Bureau of Land Management firefighters are on it there’s hundreds of thousands of acres.”

Another powerful witness was Sheila Warren, an elder with the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. She testified that, after hearing news reports of what was happening at Malheur, she decided to investigate the events herself. She was very concerned for the reported abuse of the Paiute artifacts. She arrived on January 24th and spent several hours overall.

Warren testified that she went into an office building and never saw damage, the people were respectful, the refuge was clean, and the general atmosphere was open and responsive. She also testified that she never saw any guns during her time there. This part of her testimony was important because she said that she specifically looked for weapons, due to the media reports.

She reported that the artifacts were not being abused and she tried repeatedly to reach the Burns Paiute Tribal Chair, Charlotte Rodrique, though she was unsuccessful.

After leaving the refuge and returning home, Warren testified of a phone call she received from FBI Agent Ronnie Walker. He did not immediately identify himself to her but did attempt to bully her into talking to him. Walker told this Tribal Elder that she did not have a choice but to talk to him, and she was made to feel as if she did something wrong by visiting the refuge.

Judge Anna Brown did not want to let the jury hear this information, but Tiffany Harris, Shawna Cox’s attorney, did a wonderful job in questioning and getting the information presented. Warren was able to present the fact that she felt threatened by Agent Walker.

There have been several FBI agents testifying during this trial. Ronnie Walker has been treated very special by the court in that he has been allowed to sit through each day in the courtroom, listening to all the testimony, before he himself testified, repeatedly. Not even the other agents have received that privilege Certainly no regular citizen witnesses would be allowed this same benefit.

That isn’t the only unusual behavior by the FBI during this trial. Agent Lapp is a prime example of the disrespect the FBI has for the jury and these proceedings. He was assigned to this case in November 2015. However, this trained investigator was not able to recall most details of which he was questioned. He could not remember who’s Facebook accounts were being reviewed, other than Ammon’s. He couldn’t even remember when he started watching these accounts.

When questioned about the government informants at the refuge, his memory got even worse. He couldn’t remember how many informants there were, or who they were, or much about them in general. He was finally prompted to reveal that he saw a written proposal to pay Mark McConnell for being a government informant.

Several agents claimed to “not recall” specifics of their investigations, except when prompted by their “302” reports. These reports are the written summaries they fill out about witness interviews. It seems to me, when they are called to testify, they should at least review their notes, reports, or even the case files, to prepare for their testimony. Too many times today they appeared incompetent by falling back on the “I do not recall” answers.

Tomorrow will be another big day for the defense. Sheriff David Ward will return from Harney County. Reverend Franklin Graham is also expected to testify, as well as the possibility of Ammon Bundy taking the stand.

Judge Anna Brown has begun to push the defense to make a minimal case and wrap it up by early next week. Today was the first day, and they are not in court on Friday. So, 2 days this week, maybe 2 days next week, is a dramatic shortening of their evidence.

There is a video that the defense wants to admit and show the jury, but speculation is running that Judge Brown will not allow it, as it will just lengthen the case. Yes, she can be very intimidating to attorneys. However, their future does not trump these defendant’s freedom.

I hope they get their full day in court.

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Gap Fire Update Burned Area Emergency Response

FIRES, Forestry & USFS

Sept. 29, 2016

Yreka, CA —Before the last embers of the 33,867 acre Gap Fire cooled, teams of natural resource specialists began assessing the damage in order to recommend actions to minimize post fire risks in a burned landscape. The specialists, organized into a Burned Area Emergency Response Team (BAER), include hydrologists, soil scientists, wildlife and fishery biologists, geologists, foresters and archeologists.

The BAER Team’s first task was to complete a soils burn severity map. To do this, information was collected using satellite, aircraft and on-the-ground review. The final Gap map shows that 67% of the soil in the fire area was not burned at all or burned at low intensity, 26% burned at moderate intensity and 7% burned at high intensity.

“Some areas of the Gap Fire burned very hot”, stated Dave Young, Soil Scientist and Team Leader for the Gap Fire BAER. “The majority of the area appears to have had very low to moderate soil burn severity—with areas adjoining Horse Creek and other small, isolated areas where fire burned extra hot.”

Soil burn severity mapping provides important information for determining what kind of rehabilitation actions are needed. The resulting BAER Action Plan addresses concerns for community water supplies, water quality, fisheries and wildlife habitat, erosion potential, and threats to life and property. The plan recommends actions to stabilize soil and control water, sediment and debris movement, and prevent damage to downstream resources. Proposed actions are prioritized to provide protection to the soil and water before winter rains begin.

The BAER plan is developed in close coordination with representatives of local, state, and Federal agencies and organizations responsible for dealing with potential affects outside of the Klamath National Forest.  The next steps in the BAER process will be to request funding and to prepare contracts for implementation of treatments.

“The BAER Plan for the Gap Fire is vitally important for the current and future management of watersheds within the Klamath National Forest,” stated Acting Forest Supervisor Chris Frisbee. “We are fortunate to have a highly capable group of specialists on the Gap Fire BAER Team.  We welcome and appreciate the involvement of a wide cross section of representatives from local, state, and Federal agencies and organizations to help insure the final BAER Plan addresses as many key issues as possible.”


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Siskiyou Co: Be aware of possible phone scams

Sheriff Jon Lopey, Siskiyou Sheriff's report

September 26, 2016

Report from Siskiyou Co. Sheriff’s Office

 The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) has received a number of reports indicating that “con artists” have been active recently in the local area.  Typically, criminals attempting to defraud citizens out of their hard-earned money do so over the telephone and some are imaginative and assertive in how they attempt to cheat their victim.  The following fraudulent schemes have been the most common scams reported to the SCSO, which involve a variety of methods with which to separate people from their hard-earned money.  Often times, these fraud schemes are perpetrated against the most vulnerable in our county –  our seniors.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Scam:

            Generally, an IRS scam is perpetrated by a caller contacting a citizen on the telephone or leaving them a message indicating that they owe back taxes or fees that require immediate remittance.  The citizen will be engaged on the telephone or advised on the message to call back on a designated number to negotiate a settlement with an IRS agent.  There have been actual perpetrators of this scam who have called local residents claiming to be IRS agents, and some have been assertive and threatened residents with criminal and civil penalties if they do not settle their “tax bill.”  Some phone numbers provided will be answered by people identifying themselves as IRS Agents and some provide identification numbers.  Most scam artists have had foreign-type accents.  Bottom line, never give any personal information such as address, full name, Social Security Number, date-of-birth, or similar information to anyone on the phone and do not give a credit card number to anyone you do not know to be legitimate.  Always insist that such requests are put in writing and mailed to your home.

Grand Parent Scam:

            Some residents have received a telephone call from a young person that refers to the call takers as “grandma” or “grandpa.”  Often times the caller sounds very distant and it is hard to hear the conversation.   Frequently, the caller will refer to themselves as the ‘youngest grandchild’ but not give a name.  This will often elicit a response from the call taker asking if this is a grandson and they will provide the name in a question, which is acknowledged by the caller. For example, the person being called will ask, “Is this Johnny?” and of course the person calling will then identify themselves as Johnny.

     The caller might also identify themselves as a law enforcement officer or attorney and claim that the relative, such as a grandchild, has been involved in a traffic collision or has been jailed and needs immediate monetary assistance, which they normally insist must be done immediately.  Always verify such calls by asking a question that only your relative such as a grandchild would know and if they claim to be in a particular jurisdiction, advise them you will call them back and contact the local law enforcement agency to validate the incident.  Again, it is always best not to give any identifying information or credit card information over the telephone and always substantiate such claims by following a few steps to ensure the claims are valid.  Law enforcement officers and attorneys should not solicit any money over the phone and that is an indication that such a request in being perpetrated by a con artist out to get your money.

Jury Duty Scam:

            Citizens have received calls from a person identifying themselves as a member of law enforcement, indicating that the call taker has missed jury duty and to avoid arrest or an arrest warrant, a fine must be remitted immediately by providing a credit card number.  Always refuse to give any identifying information or credit card number, ask for a call-back phone number and advise the caller you will call them back.  You may also contact SCSO 24-hour Dispatch at 1-530-841-2900, and the claim can be validated or refuted, since SCSO has court staff on-duty during business days.  Additionally, you should contact your law enforcement agency if you reside in an incorporated city should this or a similar scam be suspected.

Lottery Scam:

            Many local residents have received the infamous “lottery scam.”  Typically, a caller will claim that a local resident has won a sizeable lottery, sometimes a foreign variety such as the Canadian Lottery.  Often times, this claim is made even though the called citizen does not have a lottery ticket for that particular lottery.  Normally, the citizen will be asked to send money to satisfy taxes on the lottery winnings to facilitate the claiming of the prize.  Many of these scams are perpetrated from foreign countries or from callers residing in various states.  Some perpetrators will make hundreds if not thousands of phone calls a day in hopes of getting one or more victims to provide them money.  Always decline to provide any identifying information or credit card information and ask for a call back number.  If this information is refused or you cannot contact the caller, it is an indication the call was a fraudulent scheme to get your hard-earned money.  According to SCSO spokesperson Sergeant Jeremiah LaRue, “Sadly, we occasionally have citizens who succumb to these con artist scams.  Additionally, there have been instances when citizens are asked to split a lottery award with the winner but they are asked to provide up-front money to help settle a fictitious “tax bill” to facilitate the claiming of the lottery prize.  In these instances, the “lottery winner” absconds with the money and the victim is left with a depleted bank account.”

Craig’s List Scam:

            This is a con game that involves on-line purchases.  The victim will typically receive an e-mail from a prospective buyer, expressing the intention of purchasing an item for sale.  Often times, the victim will be advised that an agent of the buyer will pick up the merchandise or item.  These con artists will often obtain a money order or cashier’s check, sometimes made out for more than the amount of the original purchase.  They will often advise the seller that they can keep the extra funds for their trouble or, they may ask that the difference be remitted at the time the sale item is transferred.  Always verify money orders or cashier’s checks prior to surrendering property for sale, especially if it is a valuable item and you do not know the buyer.  It is all too common for scam artists to use forged money orders or cashier’s checks.  Needless to say if the buyer pays with a regular check or cashier’s check, ensure the check is legitimate and the amount credited to your account prior to transferring the merchandise or object sold.

Remember that some banks will credit a deposit to your account if a check appears legitimate so it is a good idea if you don’t know the buyer to delay the remittance of the property until you are assured by bank authorities the deposit will stand after the check is verified to be legitimate, which may take a few days.

Computer Scam:

            Citizens have received a telephone call from a person claiming to be a technician responsible for repairing computer virus-related problems.  The citizen will be asked to provide access to their computer, including user names and password information.  Perpetrators of this scam can actually install a virus to the victim’s computer and then demand a monetary “ransom” to inactivate the virus or save their computer from major damage.   Never surrender any identifying information, credit card data, or personal identifiers that give access to your computer to someone you don’t know, especially if you do not know the caller.

Home Repair Scam:

            Other types of scams to be aware of include unsolicited construction workers attempting to offer minor repair jobs on roofs, driveways, or other home improvements at reduces costs.  Typically these repairmen will be in your neighborhood, knock on your door and claim that they have leftover materials from a larger job and can do a repair or home improvement project at a low cost.  Always get a contractor’s license number, do not agree to any repair job without validating the company or persons doing the work.

          According Sergeant Jeremiah LaRue, “These fraud schemes or con artist ploys are often perpetrated against the elderly because often times, older citizens are more trusting of people and sometimes can more easily be exploited; however, these types of scams have and do occur with a variety of people – young and old.  The bottom line is using “common sense” and precautions to protect yourself from con artists.  If it seems too good to be true it probably is and make sure to verify all information about the caller and who their employer is and always avoid giving personal information and credit card numbers to callers or persons you do not know until you take the time to validate their claims.  The biggest problem law enforcement has in investigating these types of scams is that most of the perpetrators are calling from out-of-state and often from foreign countries, which often impedes investigative follow-up efforts.  Again, if in doubt, call SCSO 24-hour dispatch at 530-841-2900, or contact your local law enforcement agency.”

         Additional information may also be obtained by contacting the Siskiyou Alliance Against Abuse of Aging and At-Risk Adults (SA6), at 1-530-842-1687, or toll free at 1-800-510-2020.”    A SA6 Fraud Prevention Fair is planned for November 2, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Yreka Community Center Building, 810 N. Oregon Street, Yreka.  Madrone Senior Services is hosting the event and reservations may be obtained by calling 1-530-841-2365.

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Siskiyou County Sheriff Illegal Marijuana Update

Sheriff Jon Lopey, Siskiyou Sheriff's report

September 26, 2016

Largest Private Property Seizure of Illegal Marijuana of Season Reported

 On Monday, September 26, 2016, Siskiyou County Sheriff, Jon Lopey, provided a marijuana enforcement update for the week of September 18 – 24, 2016.  This report summarizes marijuana enforcement efforts on private lands in Siskiyou County.  The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and the Siskiyou County District Attorney’s Office formed the Siskiyou Interagency Marijuana Investigation Team (SIMIT), which has assumed the primary mission of enforcing drug-related laws and the new marijuana ordinance on private property during the current marijuana season.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, SIMIT served 2 search warrants in the Butte Valley area, one on Homeland Road and one on Lazy Ranch Road.  Although SIMIT only served two search warrants, it was the largest one-day private property seizure since the team was formed during June 2016.  SIMIT seized 1,484 illegal marijuana plants and 868.58 pounds of processed marijuana during the one-day operation.  Several law enforcement agencies participated in the operation, including other members of the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), Agents of the Siskiyou Unified Major Investigation Team (SUMIT), members of the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Law Enforcement Officers of the California Department of Forestry (CAL FIRE), volunteers from the SCSO’s Sheriff’s Posse, and a team from the Klamath County Sheriffs’ Office also participated in the all-day mission.  Additional support was provided by the Siskiyou County Public Work’s Department because the amount and size of the illegal marijuana plants required a dump truck and a trailer because SIMIT could not fit all of the marijuana in their existing trucks and trailers.

SIMIT has additional search warrants signed for the week of September 25 – October 1st and will address citizen complaints in other portions of the county.  Seven suspects were detained at the site of the first search warrant but later were released, pending the referral of charges to the Siskiyou County District Attorney’s Office.  At least one of the suspects was from Virginia and one from Fresno, California.  The illegal marijuana seized was mostly mature, high-yield plants.  The illegal plants had a wholesale street value of about $1.5 million.

Retail values of the illegal cannabis plants are estimated to be up to $31.1 million due to the high-yield nature of the plants.  The wholesale value of the processed marijuana (868.58 pounds) is estimated to be approximately $868,000.00 with a retail value up to about $6+ million.  The number of illegal plants and amount of processed marijuana clearly indicate large-scale, illegal drug trafficking operations at the locations subject to the law enforcement operations.

The processed marijuana was contained in over 50 large garbage bags and was being processed for transportation and sale, as indicated by the evidence and statements of persons at the scene.

According to Sheriff Lopey, “The efforts of SIMIT continue to have a positive impact on curtailing illegal private property marijuana cultivation operations in Siskiyou County.  We continue to see large gardens with high-capacity plants capable of producing amounts of marijuana that are worth millions of dollars, once more debunking claims that the cannabis is being produced pursuant to existing medical marijuana provisions of law.”

SIMIT investigators continue to encounter environmental damage inflicted by growers, including downed trees, garbage, raw sewage, illegal water diversions, chemicals and fertilizers used in cultivation sites, and other adverse impacts.  Illegal campfires on land parcels have been detected along with a number of fire hazards associated with debris piles, fuels, and hazardous substances, which has drawn the close attention of assisting CAL FIRE investigators.

Last week, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) conducted a special operation to deal with an increase in the number of water trucks operating in impacted areas of the county.  The CHP stopped a minimum of seven water trucks, placed six out-of-service, and issued citations totaling 24 violations of law.

During the current marijuana enforcement season, primarily on private property, SIMIT has seized 8,556 illegal cannabis plants, 1,726.58 pounds of processed marijuana, 113 ounces of concentrated cannabis, and $9,410.00 in drug-related money has been confiscated.  14 generators, 4 water pumps, and one 4,000-gallon water truck have also been seized by SIMIT investigators.  The illegal cannabis plants seized (8,556) are worth about $59 million to $179 million based on high-yield estimates on the illegal drug market.  The processed marijuana seized (1,726.58 pounds) is worth approximately $1.7 million wholesale and approximately $12 to $36 million retail on the illegal retail drug market.

According to a recent comment by SCSO spokesperson, Sergeant Jeremiah LaRue, “There are other joint counter-drug operations planned in the near future in various areas of the county.  We are focusing primarily on areas where we are receiving complaints from the public, which are mostly on private property parcels.  We will continue using search warrants, citations, arrest investigations, and the new marijuana ordinance, in partnership with the Siskiyou County District Attorney, Planning Department, and County Counsel.  Thus far, a plan to issue citations to some marijuana ordinance violators has been implemented and citations have been issued in the field by SCSO.”

The new marijuana ordinance adopted by the county does not allow outdoor cultivation of marijuana plants in county areas and limits growers to 12 plants, which must be cultivated in a separate indoor structure meeting county specifications and requirements.  SIMIT and NSMIT have not encountered one cannabis grow site this season that has not involved illegal drug-related activity.

According to Sergeant LaRue, “It is important to note that it is estimated these illegal, outdoor marijuana sites, on private property alone, are expending up to 2 million gallons of water a day to maintain their illicit cannabis gardens.  We are not seeking enforcement against legitimate medical marijuana users or growers who comply with the law.  We are actively and aggressively implementing enforcement action against illegal cannabis growers whose unlawful acts, disregard for their neighbors and the environment are adversely impacting the quality of life in our county.”

There are additional resources that have been requested from other state agencies, which should be deployed in the near future.  SCSO, SIMIT, and the North State Marijuana Investigation Team (NSMIT), a regional team working with the United States Forest Service to curtail illegal marijuana grow sites on public lands are accelerating the pace of counter-drug enforcement operations.  NSMIT has seized about 94,243 illegal cannabis plants in private and public land areas of Siskiyou County in recent weeks. NSMIT has also detected hazardous chemicals that threaten the environment in public land grows.  According to Sheriff Lopey, “We appreciate the information and support we are receiving from the majority of impacted Siskiyou County residents and we plan to expand our drug enforcement efforts to protect the environment, make our communities safer, and, we will continue to interdict and deter illegal drug production and trafficking in Siskiyou County.  As previously emphasized, we are definitely interrupting the illegal drug supply to many other counties and states throughout the nation and responding to numerous requests for assistance from the citizens we serve.  I also urge any citizen or group to contact me if they have any questions about our existing ordinance or lawful provisions of criminal law related to marijuana cultivation.  I urge all citizens now in violation of our county ordinance to voluntarily comply with the law, which could stop, curtail, or reduce administrative and criminal penalties associated with illegal cultivation activities. Additional information may also be obtained at the Siskiyou County Planning Department, Siskiyou County District Attorney’s Office, or, at websites maintained by SCSO and these departments.”

According to Sergeant LaRue, “Anyone with information about an illegal marijuana cultivation site is urged to contact the SCSO’s 24-hour Dispatch Center at (530) 841-2900.  Citizens may also contact the Siskiyou County Planning Department (Community Development) to report suspected marijuana ordinance violations at (530) 841-2100.”

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News from Klamath Basin Crisis.org

Klamath Basin Crisis.org, Uncategorized

KBC News

Our Federal and State Governments reject the voices of the Klamath River Basin people:

* POLL –
Should the four Klamath River hydroelectric dams be removed? Herald and News Poll, 9/24/16 results:
NO – 581 votes   YES  180 votes   No Opinion  8 votes.  Should the four Klamath River hydroelectric dams be removed?

* November 2010 election: 80% of Siskiyou County, home of 3 Klamath River Hydroelectric Dams targeted for destruction, oppose the KBRA / Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement that mandates 4 Klamath Dams be removed. Nearly 50% of Klamath County oppose their current County Commissioners’ being at the table in support of the KBRA They voted out Klamath County Commissioner John Elliott who supports the KBRA, and voted in a newcomer, Dennis Linthicum, who opposes it. They voted to keep a state representative Bill Garrard who opposes the KBRA, and voted against Karl Scronce, a supporter. 77% of Tulelake voters opposed the KBRA/Dam removal.

* VIDEO 2011: Toby Freeman, Pacific Power’s Community Manager, speaks about being “forced” “into an agreement that would result in dam removal,” YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibZUMJ96ywA,  6:14 minute video

* KBC News KBRA and dam removal videos, polls and petitions
* 12/29/08 – Karuk Tribe petition against dam removal. 250 signed petition

* Klamath County Commissioners and Siskiyou County Supervisors (elected officials) voted against supporting the Klamath dam removal agreements.

Utility, renewal corporation file to remove 4 hydro-dams, H&N 9/23/16. “There is also opposition to dam removal, both in Klamath and Siskiyou counties. Both county commissions are on record opposing the removal.” “It will be the largest dam removal project in U.S. history.”


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Yreka Tea Party Patriots meet 9-27-16

TEA Party

Yreka Tea Party Patriots

Meeting for Tuesday, Sept.27th

6:30 PM at the Covenant Chapel Church

200 Greenhorn Rd.   Yreka 


Chief of Police Brian Bowles


District 5 Supervisor Ray Haupt

                              Proponents of the Siskiyou County November Ballot “Measure G”                          

           County wide sales tax for the general fund to build a new jail


Free….no membership.  Doors open at 6PM, come early to socialize with like minded people.

To read the text of the proposition before the meeting go to: co.siskiyou.ca.us/page/elections-registrar-of-voters-0 ..Scroll down until  you come to measure G.


Contact Louise @ 530-842-5443

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Protect Our Water meets 9-29-16

POW, Siskiyou County

Scott Valley Protect Our Water

will meet

Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016

7 p.m.

Fort Jones Community Center

Discussion on newest move to destroy the Klamath dams

Info on Measure H — ground water  in Siskiyou County

reasons to Vote NO on Measure H

Please bring a desert to share as we eat before, during and after!

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Liz Writes Life 9-20-16

Liz Writes Life

Sept. 20, 2016

Liz Writes Life

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA

What a rush on signatures for the Veto Gunmageddon petitions last week! The sign-it Wednesday was a great success. Thank you to all the supporters of the 2nd Amendment that stopped by the businesses that had the gun petitions and signed. You kept us busy dropping off more petitions to Yreka and South County locations. For those that haven’t signed, and would like to, you have the rest of this week to get ‘er done. The petitions will be picked up on Sept. 26-27. We need to organize them and then turn them into our Siskiyou Co. Clerk’s office by Sept. 29th, so the signatures can be verified as registered voters in Siskiyou County.


The garden is winding down. Jack has pulled all the corn stalks and chopped them up using a hatchet. Then he pulled up the green beans and chopped them up as well, so we have a pretty good pile of compost. There were more green beans on the bushes than he thought, so he pulled them off and I cooked one last batch.

I dug some carrots to go with a beef roast and Jack dug some red potatoes.

Except for those four or five hot days and nights, it sure is feeling like fall. According to the weather reports, there may be one night this week that may come close to a frost, but other than that it doesn’t look like it will freeze anytime soon, so maybe we’ll have tomato and cucumber salad for a while yet! We do need to get to making and canning more green tomato sweet relish.

My blue morning glories are in full glory right now and I will hate to see the frost take them out. The four o’clocks are getting old and seed pods are setting on, but there are still some trumpet blooms of white, yellow, fuchsia and a white and pink blotched one.

Oh, we picked a few concord grapes and they were really sweet. There are enough to do some juicing with the steamer, so that needs to go on the “to do” list.


The Scott Valley Protect Our Water meeting will be on Sept. 29th at the Fort Jones Community Center. Time is 7 p.m. Several agenda items will include an update on the Klamath dams and California Public Utilities Commission situation, where PacifiCorp wants to add another surcharge to our bills to off-set its cost of taking the Klamath dams out – which is not a done deal.

Another item of interest will be discussion on the Siskiyou Co. Measure H that will be on our ballot in the General Election Nov. 8, 2016. It looks like we will lose control of our water rights if this passes. Come to the meeting and ask questions.

Ray Haupt, Dist. 5 Siskiyou Co. Supervisor, will share about the importance of the new resolution adopting the traditional homelands of the Shasta People. I am so excited the county supervisors approved this resolution with a 5-0 vote. This map includes most of Siskiyou County, including the Western portion, and uses documents dating as far back as the 1851 Treaty between the U.S. and the Shasta People that became congressional testimony.

Encroachments have been made by surrounding tribes into the Shasta Homelands and this resolution really should settle any arguments. If a tribe disagrees with these boundaries, it will have to show proof of their boundary lines using accepted Tribal historical documents.


There is more bad news on the small suction dredge mining situation as the California Supreme Court unanimously overruled the California’s Third Appellate Court’s unanimous ruling in the Rinehart case. Last week, the New 49er’s in Happy Camp released a statement on the decision. This is a group that owns a number of claims in the Klamath and Scott River areas. Most of its members do the small engine dredge mining as a hobby.

The crux of the ruling is that the Court has declared that a State agency has the authority to ban certain types of mining if it determines that the method is harmful to the State’s waterways. First suction dredging actually cleans the environment, but a big question is regarding the ambiguous determination that motorized mining within 100 yards of a waterway is harmful. That issue was not even part of the Rinehart case, yet the court added this ruling. Shocking!

Gold suction dredging uses a small engine to power a vacuum-type hose that cleans sediment from the gravels in the river. Brandon Rinehart is this type of miner. How a ruling regarding dry land mining can be incorporated into an issue that is clearly — in the river — is amazingly wrong to me.

So now, it looks like any prospector using a motor to remove or process streambed material within 100 yards of an active waterway without a permit can be successfully prosecuted. To rub more salt into the wound, apparently the State is not even making a permit available.

The attorney for the New 49er’s believes the ruling is extremely flawed and is working on an appeal.

What is additionally interesting is in a previous ruling, the San Bernardino Court stated the State was operating an unreasonable “scheme” to eliminate suction dredging. So, it certainly looks like the CA Supreme Court is the fox watching the hen house.

# # #

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Response to Cow Farts will now be regulated by State of CA

cattle, State gov

Here is the back story on the article you sent about the recent action by Governor Jerry Brown. When Americans think about cheese, they think Wisconsin as being the Nation’s top Dairy State and look for Wisconsin Cheese when shopping. It works great for marketing their product. Now, what is the average consumer going to think when they find out California produces 19.6% of America’s milk and Wisconsin’s output is a distant second at 13.9%? Well, Wisconsin Dairy farmers are concerned that consumers will confuse more with better. They don’t want to see TV commercials on National TV showing a field of happy cows followed by a picture of a platter of sliced cheese with someone like actor Sam  Elliot voicing “California Cheese, We are number one. What in your fridge?


Wisconsin Dairy Farmers sent a busload of lobbyists with pockets full of cash to try do something to curtail the California Dairy Industry. They tried to wine and dine Democrat legislators and Governor Brown to do something to hurt the California Dairy Industry. They met a wall of resistance with statements like, “We would have to be crazy to do that!”  After putting their heads together, the lobbyists decided to go in that direction. They spiked all of their coffee and herbal tea with LSD and PCP. It worked! After this law fully kicks in 2030, Mississippi will be producing more milk than California.



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Oregon: Nedsbar Timber Sale in the Applegate Valley Has Been Tree Spiked

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IMG_20160908_134510“The Nedsbar timber sale in the southern Oregon Applegate Valley has been tree spiked.

The BLM’s decision to go forward with this project is unacceptable, any company who bids on the logging of these trees should also consider itself a possible target of sabotage.

For those opposed to the Nedsbar timber sale we would like to remind you that known green scare snitch Suzanne Savoie and her almost equally untrustworthy partner Luke Ruediger are active in groups opposing nedsbar, anyone serious about challenging the current state of ecological devastation would be wise to exclude them from their lives and especially environmental organizing.

Rather than begging for concessions from, or trying to use the institutions that perpetuate the current state of affairs how about working in small leaderless groups and taking direct action in anyway you see fit?

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