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Amish Farmer Jailed Over Herbal Salve Label

Agriculture, Federal gov & land grabs

Redoubt News.com

The entire indictment is explained at the bottom of the article.

KY Amish Farmer Jailed over a Salve Label

The FDA Wants Him Jailed for Life

Reprinted with permission from Kentucky Free Press
By Sally Oh

I know it sounds like I made up a terribly inflammatory headline… but it’s not JUST inflammatory. It’s true, the Girod indictment is below.

Amish farmer Sam Girod of Owingsville makes 3 products: a chickweed salve, a bloodroot salve and an essential oil blend called Sine Eze. The photo of the 3 products was just taken on my iPad on my desk. You can find similar products online. In fact, you’ll find the recipes online. You can make these products in your kitchen, it’s not rocket science.

A few years ago, the FDA came after Sam for labeling crimes — Sam said his salves could cure certain things and that’s a big FDA no-no. Sam immediately fixed the labels as per FDA demands.

But then the FDA fixated on him and just would not let go. You’ll see in the indictment. In my line of hobby work (political blogging), I’ve seen this over and over and over again. An alphabet agency gets you in its sights and just will not quit.

And why would they quit? No skin off their teeth and gives them something to do. State agencies are bad enough, but the feds… the feds are especially lawless. There is no accountability in a federal agency, they break their own rules as a matter of course.

I have a little inside info on why this persecution is taking place plus a couple of questions. “Inside info” because I’m involved in food and health freedom, so aware of persecution of other farmers around the country.

The first thing of note is that, when it comes to powerful well-funded federal agencies looking to set precedent, the Amish have a special target on their backs. Why? Because they generally don’t use lawyers which makes them easy prey. They don’t use lawyers because the Amish are self-sufficient, they know their constitutional rights and they are a peaceful community. They don’t fight back (unless lives are at stake).

The FDA is also after an enormously successful Amish farm in PA, Miller’s Organic Farm. Like Sam, the Millers have established a private club whereby only members can purchase products. As a member of Miller’s Organic Farm, I can order anything I want, including raw milk, that can be shipped to me anywhere in the country. (Read up on the Miller’s case here.)

The FDA hates private membership clubs because club sales and products are NOT subject to FDA rules and regulations! Private memberships are protected under the Constitution’s contract clause. I can contract with anyone I want, sell them anything I made or produced, and the state may not interfere. The state, of course, hates this kind of freedom and will do anything it can to pierce that veil. Including bankrupting businesses and jailing a peaceful farmer for the rest of his life.

MORE in below link


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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What to Expect from Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator

Clean Water ACT - EPA

PNP comment: Please remember that U.S. Senator John McCain made a BIG deal out of not showing up to vote for Scott Pruitt. — Editor Liz Bowen


Calvin Beisner

Calvin Beisner


Posted: Feb 17, 2017 4:01 PM

Town Hall. com

The Senate’s confirmation of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency is a historic step toward the recovery of America’s Constitutional order after years of regulatory overreach.

It also puts at the helm of one of the most powerful federal regulatory agencies someone committed to the rule of law, agency transparency, and accountability to the public, and to sound science and common-sense cost/benefit calculation as indispensable parts of responsible regulation.

To nobody’s surprise, the environmental Left went apoplectic when President Donald Trump nominated Pruitt.

The Greens saw only that Pruitt had repeatedly sued the EPA, that he dared to say publicly what every climate scientist knows but dare not say (that although human contribution to global warming is pretty well certain, its magnitude and consequences are hotly debated even in the climate science community), and that he didn’t think every oil, gas, and coal company is the devil incarnate.

The reality, as the Cornwall Alliance expressed in an open letter supporting Pruitt’s nomination, signed by nearly 150 scientists and hundreds of ordinary citizens and quoted and entered into public record by Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Chairman John Barrasso (R-WY) during Pruitt’s confirmation hearing, is that Pruitt is well suited to the position:

The EPA has the crucial task of writing and enforcing regulations that apply statutes passed by Congress and signed by the President to protect the life and health of Americans. Its work necessarily integrates science, economics, law, politics, and ethics, all of which are rooted in religious worldviews. A good administrator must demonstrate expertise in at least some of these, and mature understanding of and receptivity to the insights of all. Scott Pruitt does.

Pruitt’s lawsuits—some successful, some not, some pending—against the EPA focused mainly on whether the agency had proper statutory authority for some of its regulations and had followed proper procedures in adopting them, not on whether the regulations wisely addressed real dangers, i.e., they sought to enforce the rule of law, not impose policy.

He expressed his view of climate change in an article in National Review in May of last year: “Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind.”

Pruitt, then Attorney General of Oklahoma, expressed that opinion, which anyone who reads the massive assessment reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recognizes as fully consistent with them, along with Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange. They were rightly rebuking “AGs United for Clean Power,” a patently partisan group threatening civil and criminal investigation and prosecution of corporations, think tanks, and individuals who dare exercise their First Amendment rights to say they disagree with the alleged consensus that human-induced global warming is rapid and catastrophic and requires total transformation of the global energy infrastructure, costing $1 to $2 trillion per year through the rest of this century, to avert.



In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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Irony: Environmentalists Protesting North Dakota Pipeline Left Behind Tons of Waste, Could Contaminate Waterways


Town Hall.com

Matt Vespa

Matt Vespa

|Posted: Feb 16, 2017 5:00 PM

In case you missed it, the legal and bureaucratic battle over the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines is finished. We won. President Donald J. Trump signed two executive orders to move forward with the projects. The Army Corp of Engineers signed off on the Dakota Access Pipeline’s final permit. And a judge refused to hear an appeal to block the project’s construction. After Trump won the 2016 election, it was only a matter of time before the incoming president would sign off on the projects. Hundreds of protestors flocked to Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota to protest the pipeline’s construction, which activists say will desecrate their sacred burial grounds and would contaminate their drinking water along the 1,172-mile route.

There have been claims that Dakota Access LLC never consulted the local tribes about the pipeline. They were consulted 389 times. There are also archeologists on site just in case construction runs into a burial site.

Activists from across the country came to save a piece of Mother Earth, but ended up almost killing it. As the cleanup of the protest camp begins, authorities have found enough trash to fill 2,500 pick up trucks. Gov. Doug Burgum said that the amount of waste, coupled with the ending of winter and a potential spring flood, could lead to an environmental disaster concerning contamination of drinking water. The cleanup operation between the Native Americans, activists, and state officials began at the end of January (via Reuters):

Those involved said it was not an effort to destroy the camp, which sits on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land, but a move to prevent waste contaminating water sources.


There are dozens of abandoned cars and structures as well as waste at the camp.

“It is paramount for public safety, and to prevent an environmental disaster, that the camps be cleared prior to a potential spring flood,” said North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, a Republican who supports the completion of the pipeline, in a statement.

Via ABC News [emphasis mine]:

Federal and state officials announced plans Wednesday to accelerate cleanup at a camp in southern North Dakota that has housed hundreds and sometimes thousands of Dakota Access pipeline opponents.

Officials fear the camp near the Cannonball River will soon flood due to warm weather and rapid snowmelt. They worry trash and debris left behind by people who have left in recent weeks might pollute the Missouri River and other nearby waterways.

“With the amount of people that have been out there and the amount of estimated waste and trash out there, there is a good chance it will end up in the river if it is not cleaned up,” Corps spokesman Capt. Ryan Hignight said.

Local and federal officials estimate there’s enough trash and debris in the camp to fill about 2,500 pickup trucks. Garbage ranges from trash to building debris to human waste, according to Morton County Emergency Manager Tom Doering.

So, environmentalists protested the pipeline because they felt it could contaminate the water only to have their protests site accumulate so much crap that it could…contaminate the water. Oh, the irony, folks.



In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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Leaked Video Chronicles BLM Aggression At Bundy Ranch

Bundy Battle - Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, Constitution, CORRUPTION, CRIMINAL, Federal gov & land grabs

Redoubt News.com

Includes body and dash cam footage…

via Bundy Ranch Standoff

A video surfaced on the internet today showing leaked body and dash cam footage from the Bundy Ranch Protest. The video assembles a concise timeline of how events unfolded, using previously unseen footage from agent’s body cameras and patrol vehicle dash-mounted cameras.

In the video, agents can be seen mocking protesters and joking about who or what they should shoot first. Instructions to keep long guns either slung or out of site came from the Sheriff’s office. Agents ignored that directive and raised their weapons at protesters.

The content of the video speaks for itself. This is only a fraction of what the government does not want anyone to see. They are culpable for the escalation of tension at Bundy Ranch. This video shows a portion of that truth.

A video is available at the link below:


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml


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Marcus Mumford Hearing in Portland

Bundy Battle - Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, Constitution, CORRUPTION, Courts, CRIMINAL

Redoubt News.com

February 15, 2017

by Shari Dovale

Marcus Mumford, attorney for Ammon Bundy in last year’s Malheur Protest Trial, was called to Portland for a hearing today in the over reaching government charges against him.

After the jury found his client Not Guilty of all charges, he proceeded to do his due diligence and argue the case for his client’s release. Since the government had not provided him with any documents, such as a writ of habeas corpus or an arrest warrant from the District in Nevada, he would have been negligent to not argue for Bundy’s immediate release.

The US Marshals took it upon themselves to get physically violent and attack the defense attorney – and then charge him for this privilege. Mumford has been charged with multiple misdemeanor counts and has asked for a jury trial.

Mumford was injured during the attack and his attorney, Michael Levine, explained to the court that Mumford is currently receiving cortisone shots for his back injury. Mumford was also tased by the US Marshals during the attack.

The prosecution requested a Bench Trial in which the presiding judge would decide the outcome, as Judge Anna Brown is doing with the lesser charges in the second trial of Malheur Protesters. Levine made it very clear that he intends to cross examine a sitting federal judge and that it would be inappropriate for another federal judge to preside in those circumstances.

The judge instructed the prosecution to comply with the defense discovery request to turn over all texts and messages that might show a bias of the US Marshals against Mr. Mumford.

The defense submitted motions to have the charges dismissed, though they have planned for a three-day trial in April. They intend to call Judge Anna Brown, her court clerk and court reporter as witnesses, as well as the defense attorneys present and possibly members of the public that watched the uproar.

The trial is currently scheduled for April 17th.

Judge John C. Coughenour is expected to issue his rulings on the various motions on Thursday.


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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Bunkerville standoff: First trial commences

Bundy Battle - Nevada, Bureau of Land Management, Constitution, CORRUPTION, Courts, CRIMINAL, Federal gov & land grabs

Western Livestock Journal

February 13, 2017

—Both sides request details be suppressed from the trial

It was almost three years ago that Cliven Bundy, four of his sons, and hundreds of armed citizens squared off with armed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents with a court order to round up Bundy cattle near Bunkerville, NV. Each side allegedly had guns trained at the other, though no shots were fired. Nineteen citizens were eventually arrested, and the government charged them all with conspiracy, assault, weapons charges, and others.

Last Tuesday, Feb. 7, jurors were appointed and the first trial began for six of those defendants. Judge Gloria Navarro for the U.S. District Court for Nevada scheduled opening statements for Thursday, Feb. 9. The trial is expected to take up to 10 weeks.

The six on trial now are considered by the court to be “the least culpable” defendants. They are Richard Lovelien, Todd Engel, Gregory Burleson, Eric Parker, O. Scott Drexler, and Steven Stewart.

Eleven others, including Bundy and his sons, are due to stand trial later this year. Of the 19 defendants, 17 have pleaded not guilty, while two—Gerald DeLemus and Blaine Cooper—previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges.

According to a Department of Justice (DOJ) press release from August 2016, DeLemus faces up to five years in prison on a count of “conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States,” up to 20 years in prison on a count of “interstate travel in aid of extortion,” and fines of up to $250,000 on each count. Cooper faces up to five years in prison on the same conspiracy count, up to 20 years in prison on a count of assault on a federal officer, and fines of up to $250,000 on each count.

“Federal law enforcement officers must be able to engage in their official duties, including executing federal court orders, without fear of assault or losing their lives,” said U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden for the District of Nevada in the press release. “Persons who impede and interfere with the official duties of these law enforcement officers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Long history, recent events

The 2014 incident was not the first time BLM met with resistance from Bundys. Since 1993, Bundy had refused to pay grazing fees to the federal government. He stated he did not recognize BLM’s jurisdiction over the Gold Butte area where he runs his cattle, arguing the federal government lacks the constitutional authority to own the land.

BLM has reportedly made numerous attempts since 1993 to get the trespass cattle off the territory.

The agency brandished court orders, injunctions, letters of notice, fines, and planned (and cancelled) gathers. One gather planned in 2012 was cancelled due to Bundy statements the government characterized as “threatening.” He is said to have written multiple letters stating he would do “whatever it takes” to protect his grazing rights. The BLM called off the gather to prevent violence, the agency said at the time.

A look at DeLemus’ plea agreement may shed light on how the 2014 incident came to pass. According to the August, 2016, DOJ press release, the plea agreement said:

“DeLemus’ plea agreement states that he learned of Cliven Bundy [presumably the armed BLM forces gathering his cattle] and placed a telephone call…to Cliven Bundy …. During that call, DeLemus understood Bundy to tell him that federal officers had guns and that Bundy needed ‘bodies.’ DeLemus agreed to assist Bundy. Shortly thereafter, DeLemus gathered multiple firearms and gunmen, and they traveled from New Hampshire to Nevada. DeLemus arrived in Bunkerville …after the cattle had been forcibly obtained by Bundy and his conspirators. For weeks thereafter, DeLemus provided personal security for Bundy and other conspirators, organized and led other gunmen in conducting patrols and manning security checkpoints, called for others to travel to Bunkerville, and displayed firearms and made public statements to show and threaten force. DeLemus admitted that when he traveled to Nevada, he joined a conspiracy to display force and aggression in order to influence, impede or interfere with the duties of federal law enforcement officers.”

As for the 17 defendants pleading “not guilty,” they have been indicted with 16 felony charges, as reported in WLJ Feb. 29, 2016.

Charges included conspiracy to commit an offense against the U.S.; assault on a federal law enforcement officer; use and carry of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence; and others.

On Feb. 2 of this year, Judge Navarro dropped one of the weapons charges against all defendants— the charge of “conspiracy to impede and injure a federal officer.”

However, three similar weapons charges remain, as do 12 other felony charges related to conspiracy and assault. Should the defendants be found guilty on any or all of these charges, they could face prison sentences ranging from 25 years to life.

Which facts matter?

WLJ accessed court filings from the past year to ascertain some of the central issues the judge and jury will be considering. Both sides asked for information to be withheld from the trial.

Several defendants asked for recorded interviews that happened after the standoff to be withheld, based on their belief that the interviewers were federal agents posing as a documentary film crew under the name “Longbow Productions.”

“The FBI created a fake film production company designed to trick defendants into making boastful, false and potentially incriminating statements that could be used against Defendants,” stated a Feb. 2 motion filed by Cliven Bundy’s attorney.

However, Judge Navarro Monday denied the request to withhold the interviews.

The prosecution also asked the judge to prevent certain information from being presented to the jury. A Jan. 24 motion asked that the following topics be prohibited in the trial:

  • “References to the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the subsequent trial…or the result in that trial.” (Editor’s note: as reported in November 2016, a jury had acquitted the leaders of the 41-day occupation in eastern Oregon, including Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, and others now being prosecuted in Nevada. They had occupied the refuge as a matter of protest of federal ownership of western rangelands). 

  • “References to supposed mistreatment of cattle during the impoundment operation or agency, or officer, misconduct in this or other impoundment operations or investigations.”

  • “Arguments … that the federal government … or its agencies are improperly and excessively armed, use military tactics, act outside their authority or have engaged in the use of excessive force in other venues or at other times.

  • “Hearsay statements or opinions regarding the BLM, the impoundment operation, or the events of April 12, including opinions and statements of elected or appointed government officials (such as Nevada Gov. Sandoval, U.S. Sens. Orrin Hatch, Harry Reid, U.S. Rep.-Elect Ruben Kikuen, Nevada Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore).”

  • “Legal arguments or opinions that the federal government does not, or should not, own public lands, that the federal government does not, or should not own the Gold Butte Range, or that Gold Butte Range has now been designated a National Monument by the president of the United States.”

  • “Legal arguments or opinions that law enforcement officers within the Department of Interior are not constitutional, that ‘natural law’ or other authority permits the use of force against law enforcement officers in defense of property or individual rights, or that the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada is illegitimate.”

Arguments over inclusion

In explanation of the above list, the DOJ motion noted that, “While it is within the defendants’ rights to test the government’s evidence in a trial, and to present any and all legally supported defenses that they may have, the government has reason to believe that the defendants will seek to divert the jury’s attention to matters collateral to this case in the hope that it can place the federal government, and more specifically the [BLM] and its officers, on trial, in the hope of engendering confusion, sympathy, or other considerations may distract the jury from the evidence.”

Bret Whipple, Cliven Bundy’s attorney, filed a responding brief arguing that, by attempting to exclude the above information, the government was “seek[ing] to prevent the defendants from introducing evidence of their innocence.”

He argued, for example, that disallowing any arguments about federal land ownership or the new national monument that now encompasses Bundy’s historic range, the government was attempting to bar relevant evidence on the historic background of the dispute between the Bundy Ranch and the BLM. He said the government’s request would also bar Cliven Bundy from discussing the reason for his actions in this case, including his belief that the Bundy Ranch owns grazing rights, improvements, and easements on the allotment that cannot be denied by BLM.

Whipple’s brief additionally argued that references to the Malheur occupation and the actions of some of the involved defendants— including Ammon and Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne— would give the jury a better understanding of defendants’ “good faith and innocent states of mind” in the earlier Bunkerville standoff.

He also wrote the defendants would be hamstrung by the government’s request to leave out discussions of the government’s armaments and alleged use of force during the 2014 standoff.

Regarding the DOJ’s request to exclude details of alleged cattle mistreatment by BLM agents during the attempted impound, Whipple claims this was a primary motivation for Bundy’s actions in the standoff.

“Thus the government’s motion to ban discussion of the mistreatment of cattle is an effort to deprive defendants of the right to put on a defense,” wrote Whipple. — Theodora Johnson, WLJ Correspondent

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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Klamath dams, flooding, pulse flows, Guv Brown, Farm Bureau and groundwater

Klamath Basin Crisis.org

PNP comment: Be careful of the “Pulse flow curbed in wake of downstream concerns” article in H&N — it was Ray Haupt, Siskiyou Co. Supervisor, who raised the most ruckus to stop the pulse on top of flooding water. He found huge support from CA. Congressman Doug LaMalfa and his staff hustling at the WA D.C. level to get BOR to stop the flow. Tribes didn’t realize they had created a huge problem until it was too late. Read my article a few posts down “Liz Writes Life” 2-14-17 for the real scoop! You will need to click on “older posts” to get to it or do a search in the small box on the left. — Editor Liz Bowen

KBC News

Klamath River floods as Jerry Brown set to tear down dams, Breitbart, posted to KBC 2/18/17. “The un-noticed Klamath River, even with its dam system still in place, is expected to flood and potentially cause serious damage to the North Coast when the rains hit. If four of the seven dams were already torn down, the flood and destruction from the Klamath River would likely have been be epic.”

Pulse flow curbed in wake of downstream concerns, H&N, posted to KBC 2/18/17. KBC note: Tribes and environmental groups sought court order to take 100,000 acre feet of water from Klamath Irrigator storage to wash a parasite out of the river on an already high water year.  Tribes saw their homes might get wet. “In the Happy Camp area, where river water levels were reaching the highway, residents were getting nervous…Due to the danger looming downstream and terribly high water levels just from the run-off from the river and side hills, we decided to scale back.”

No major losses reported due to Sprague flooding, H&N, posted to KBC 2/18/17

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review 2/17/17. Includes rodent control, Calif. farm product buyer mandates, funding of the Open Space Subvention program,  more than a dozen water measures, Cal State Water Resources Control Board mandates, regulations for stockponds, and MORE.

California Farm Bureau Federation Friday Legislative Review 2/10/17. Blackbird regulations, Spotted Owl issues, water rights fees, groundwater management, well permits, access to affordable water….


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Senate committee talks ESA “modernization”


Western Livestock Journal

February 20, 2017

Could the last election’s shakeup in Washington, D.C. mean a makeover for the Endangered Species Act (ESA)? On Wednesday, Feb. 15, the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW) held a hearing to discuss ESA weaknesses and possible areas for improvement. For the first time since 1988, many are saying Washington’s stage is set for ESA amendments.

Although specific legislative amendments were not brought up at the hearing, broad suggestions were. Those included improving state/federal coordination; requiring better scientific quality and quantity before species can be listed; making sure every listing decision is accompanied by a clear delisting plan; and providing landowners with positive incentives for habitat conservation, rather than just regulatory burdens.

Over the years, these and more ideas have been discussed at a multitude of hearings held by both the Senate and the House of Representatives. A witness who spoke at the Senate hearing on behalf of Defenders of Wildlife noted that over 130 bills or legislative riders were introduced last Congress to update the ESA. Had that legislation ever reached President Barack Obama’s desk, it would have been destined for failure.

But President Donald Trump has claimed his administration will be different. For example, the White House website states his administration will “identify job-killing regulations that should be repealed.” Already, his administration has come under fire for delaying protections for the rusty patched bumble bee, which the Obama administration listed as endangered in January. An environmental group has since filed suit against the Interior Department.

The House has also signaled it will likely tackle ESA amendments. On Feb 7, the House Natural Resources Committee approved a workplan for the 115th Congress that includes a directive to “continue to examine ways to update and improve the ESA…” Sen. John Barrasso (R- WY), Chairman of the EPW, noted that of 1,652 total species listed in the U.S. since 1973, only 47 have ever been delisted.

“As a doctor, if I admit a hundred patients to the hospital, and only three recover enough under my treatment to be discharged, I would deserve to lose my medical license,” said Barrasso, who was a medical doctor before being elected to the Senate.

“Here’s the problem: The [ESA] isn’t working today,” he said, “and we should all be concerned when the Endangered Species Act fails to work.” — Theodora Johnson, WLJ Correspondent

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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