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Siskiyou Sheriff’s Office Recovers Body of Deceased Adult from Shasta River

Sheriff Jon Lopey, Siskiyou Sheriff's report


February 27, 2017

On February 27, 2017, at about 2:48 p.m., the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) responded to a call of a dead body reported to be partially submerged in a tributary of the Shasta River in vicinity of the 4400 block of Old Shasta River Road (vicinity of SR 263).  Responding SCSO investigators recovered the body of a deceased male adult floating in about six inches of water.  A preliminary investigation revealed that there were no signs of foul play or injuries that appeared to be inflicted by other persons but the cause and manner of death cannot be reasonably determined until an autopsy is conducted later this week.  There is no evidence whatsoever that this case is related to the homicide investigation SCSO initiated last week after a man was recovered deceased while partially submerged in the Klamath River in vicinity of SR 96 and SR 263.

According to Sheriff Jon Lopey, “The identity of the male adult has been tentatively identified and investigators were in the process of notifying the next-of-kin. On behalf of the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, I would like to extend our sincere condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the victim, his family, friends, and associates.  The case is still under investigation and anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact the SCSO’s Major Crimes’ Unit at our 24-hour Dispatch Center at (530) 841-2900.


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Siskiyou Sheriff’s Office Arrests Murder Suspect in Death of Happy Camp Man

Sheriff Jon Lopey, Siskiyou Sheriff's report


February 27, 2017

On Monday, February 27, 2017, the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) arrested a local man for the murder of Mr. Jesse Francis Ward, 62, a Happy Camp man found deceased and partially submerged in the Klamath River on February 20, 2017 near a residence on SR 96 west of SR 263.  Mr. Jerry Merrill Corriea, 34, of Hornbrook, was arrested by members of the SCSO’s Major Crimes’ Unit (MCU) for the murder charge.  Mr. Corriea was already in jail on an unrelated charge and was booked for the murder offense, which will require an arraignment within the next 48 hours.  The SCSO’s MCU has been working an extensive investigation into Mr. Ward’s death since his recovery on February 20, 2017.  The SCSO investigation has revealed that Mr. Ward was residing at the residence in vicinity of where his body was recovered at the time of his death.

The body was recovered from the north bank area of the river by SCSO’s Dive Team and Water Safety Unit.  The case was deemed suspicious due to a variety of factors and after an autopsy was conducted on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, SCSO detectives, in consultation with the county’s criminal pathologist, coupled with additional investigative information derived from their on-going investigation, conclusively determined the cause of death and manner of death.  The cause of death included injuries inflicted by one or more assailants. The manner of death was deemed a homicide, which is defined as the killing of a person by another.   The charges against Mr. Corriea include murder, which is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought.  First degree murder includes the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought, with premeditation and deliberation.

In another development related to the murder investigation, Mr. Mark Alan Smith, 43, of Yreka, was arrested and charged with resisting, obstructing, and delaying a peace officer performing official duties and more importantly, he was arrested and booked for being an accessory after the fact.  These charges were related to the on-going murder investigation and Mr. Smith was charged due to acts or omissions related to events after the murder of Mr. Ward.  He is a known associate of the main suspect, Mr. Corriea.

According to Sheriff Jon Lopey, “The arrests of Mr. Corriea for the senseless murder of Mr. Ward and the arrest of Mr. Smith for being an accessory after the fact are encouraging developments in the case but we still have a lot of work to do to ensure justice is achieved for the victim, family, and People of Siskiyou County.  We know there are others in the local community who know something about this case.  Anyone with any information about this case is urged to contact the SCSO Major Crimes’ Unit by calling our 24-hour Dispatch Center at (530) 841-2900.”

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Preview of the President’s Address to a Joint Session of Congress 2-28-17

  • One by one, President Trump has been checking off the promises he made to the American people. He’s doing what he said he was going to do.

  • In Tuesday night’s speech, he will lay out an optimistic vision for the country that crosses the traditional lines of party, race and socioeconomic status. It will invite Americans of all backgrounds to come together in the service of a stronger, brighter future for our nation.

  • All Americans share a desire for safe communities for themselves and their families. All Americans want their children to have access to good schools. And all Americans deserve good jobs that allow them to prosper and dream. For far too many people – “the forgotten men and women” – these fundamental desires have been out of reach for too long.

  • The President will lay out the concrete steps he has already taken to make the American Dream possible for all of our people.

  • He will talk about how he wants to work with Congress to pass a bold agenda. That will include:

o             Tax and regulatory reform to get relief to hardworking Americans and American businesses.

o             Making the workplace better for working parents.

o             Saving American families from the disaster of Obamacare.

o             Making sure every child in America has access to a good education.

o             A great rebuilding of the American military.

o             Fulfilling our commitments to our veterans and making sure they have access to the care they need.

  • It will be a speech addressed to ALL Americans AS Americans—not to a coalition of special interests and minor issues.

  • Americans can expect a speech that is grounded firmly in solving real problems for real people. How can we make sure that every American who needs a good job can get one? How can we get kids who are trapped in failing schools into a better school? How we can keep gangs and drugs and violent crime out of their neighborhoods?

  • The President will reach out to Americans living in the poorest and most vulnerable communities, and let them know that help is on the way.

  • He will also speak to the daily challenges of the Middle Class.

  • He will look to the future and talk about what we can achieve if we come together.

  • Finally, he will call on Congress to act. He is eager to partner with lawmakers to fix our problems and build on this renewed American spirit.

Paul Teller

Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs

The White House

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Fixing the EPA –hopefully!

Agriculture, Clean Water ACT - EPA

Why farmers and ranchers think the EPA Clean Water Rule goes too far

San Francisco Chronicle

President Trump is expected to issue an executive order directing federal agencies to revise the Clean Water Rule, a major regulation published by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers in 2015. The rule’s purpose is to clarify which water bodies and wetlands are federally protected under the Clean Water Act.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt led a multi-state lawsuit against the rule as Oklahoma attorney general, and has called it “the greatest blow to private property rights the modern era has seen.”

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Looks like the 2014 controversial CA. Water Bond may go to good use after all

Agriculture - California, Air, Climate & Weather

PNP comment: This should relieve our concerns about the CA. Water Bond money going to destroy the Klamath dams. There is much more pressing concerns — like protecting and upgrading present dams — than taking 4 hydro-electric dams out that are 200 miles up the Klamath River. — Editor Liz Bowen

Water bond money to go to fixing deteriorating infrastructure across the state


In 2014, California voters approved a $7.5 billion bond that would go to several water projects. So far, only 2 percent of the money has been used and the rest has been sitting in a fund untapped.

In light, of the Oroville Dam scare in early February, lawmakers are looking to focus their attention on flood management projects, like fixing old dams and maybe building new ones.

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Siskiyou Sheriff’s Office Recovers Stolen Loot & Arrests Suspect

Sheriff Jon Lopey, Siskiyou Sheriff's report

February 27, 2017

Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) investigators, in partnership with Mount Shasta Police Department (MSPD) officers, recently solved a major theft case, which involved the recovery of over one-thousand dollars’ worth of stolen property, including items stolen from various Mt. Shasta locations.  The thefts also included equipment taken from a SCSO Search and Rescue (SAR) vehicle parked at the United States Forest Service (USFS) yard in Mt. Shasta.  On February 23, 2017, at about 8:59 a.m., Deputy Ben Whetstine responded to the Mt. Shasta USFS office in response to a MSPD report of vehicle break-ins and thefts perpetrated in the nearby Mt. Shasta area.  A MSPD investigator found some SCSO SAR property in bushes in the area, including a tool box and backpack.  The MSPD investigator helped SCSO deputies identify two suspects in the stolen property and auto burglary case.  The subsequent investigation reasonably substantiated the identity of thieves involved in the break-ins and thefts.

Deputy Whetstine obtained a search warrant for the residence of the main suspect and with the assistance of Deputies Deputy Sam Kubowitz, two police officers and lieutenant from MSPD, executed the search warrant at the Pine Street (Mt. Shasta) address of the suspect.  Stolen property from a separate auto burglary and theft were recovered.  Additionally, stolen SCSO SAR equipment stolen from the SAR vehicle were recovered, including a ICOM radio, a SAR Global Positioning System Beacon, SAR first aid kit, a Klein crimp tool, and flashlight.  A Smith and Wesson .32 caliber handgun was also confiscated for safe keeping.  The value of the property recovered was in excess of $1300.00.

Mr. Toketee Radabaugh, 22, of Mt. Shasta, was arrested at the residence for possession of stolen property and grand theft.  Mr. Radabaugh was booked at the Siskiyou County Jail.

According to Sheriff Jon Lopey, “This was excellent police work on the part of the involved SCSO and MSPD investigators.  They teamed-up to put a car burglar and thief out of business.  This is a good time to remind our citizens that there has been an increase in residential and vehicle break-ins and corresponding thefts in recent months.  All citizens are urged to keep their vehicles and residences locked and to report suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.  This case is still under investigation and anyone with information about the incidents or other thefts in the Mt. Shasta area is urged to contact the SCSO’s 24-hour Dispatch Center at (530) 841-2900, or MSPD at (530) 926-7539.  For cases involving burglaries or thefts in-progress, dial 9-1-1.”

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