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Human toll of Washington D.C. edicts — especially Siskiyou Co.

Agenda 21 & Sustainable, Agriculture, CORRUPTION, CRIMINAL, Endangered Species Act, Federal gov & land grabs

PNP comment: The below info was recently brought to our attention by Pearl Hewett in Clallam County, Washington, who stated her county has the same problems as Siskiyou in California and Josephine Co. in Oregon. Below is the link to Pearl’s webpage connecting the dots. Also, a BIG thank you to our local KARE Assoc. for putting these facts together. They have followed and documented the destruction to the environment by the Greenies and government for more than 25 years! — Editor Liz Bowen



From KARE, Klamath Alliance for Resources and Environment in Siskiyou County, CA.

The Human Toll in Siskiyou County

Siskiyou County has been hard hit by the environmental movement during the past twenty years. Time and again, we are promised that tourism will rise and offset any damage to our resource driven economy, and yet those dollars refuse to materialize. For 20 years, timber has been excluded from our national forests (see this shocking graph) which consume nearly two thirds of our entire county. Mining has been all but eliminated, agriculture (the largest remaining industry in this county) and now KS Wild has the temerity to claim that our county will be better off with another 200,000 acres (of 600,000 total) of timberland locked up in some “climate refuge?” Next time somebody trots out that line, give them some of these demographic statistics:

Unemployment, July 2011

(State wide data by county: PDF file)

  • California: 12.4%

  • Siskiyou Co: 16.6%

  • Shasta Co: 15.0%

  • Modoc Co: 13.9%

  • Humboldt Co: 11.9%

  • LA Co: 13.3%

  • Sacramento Co: 12.9%

  • San Franscsco Co: 9.0%

Siskiyou County 2010 Snapshot

(PDF file)

  • Population: around 48,000

  • The median age of the population is 43

  • 36% of the population is employed

  • Unemployment is 18.5%

  • Median Household Income $35,692 ($59,928 for CA)

  • 28% of households have children under 18 (46% USA)

  • 18% of the population lives below the poverty line (13% CA)

  • 27% of children live below the poverty line (18.5% CA)

  • 18% of the population is eligible for food stamps

  • 22% are eligible for Medi-Cal programs (18% CA)

  • Substantiation of Child Abuse and Neglect 31.7 per 1,000 ( 9/1,000 for CA)

  • Siskiyou Co. has higher rates of all violent crime (aggravated assaults, forcible rape and robbery) except homicide than Los Angeles Co. 11% of Seniors aged 60 and above have been abused.

  • Methamphetamine accounts for 44% of substance abuse treatment admissions. Roughly 11.9 percent of adolescents under 18 reported binge drinking over the past month (CA 6.6 percent.)

  • Of youth between age 10-17 admitted for treatment, 72% were for marijuana, 17% methamphetamine, and 11% alcohol. 83% were male. This age group also accounts for 13% of drug-related arrests.

  • Individuals between 25 and 34 years account for 25 percent of admissions to alcohol and drug treatment. This age group also accounts for 22 percent of drug related arrests

  • Individuals between 35 and 44 years accounts for 27 percent of alcohol-related arrests

Twenty Year Trends

(PDF file)

  • Demographic Trends — Age distribution: The census indicates that between 1990 and 2008, Siskiyou County experienced a 25% loss in the population of children under the age of 18. The County saw a 45% increasein the population age 45-64 and an 18% increase of those age 65 and older. This sh“““““““““““““““ows that our population is aging dramatically, and younger family wage earners are migrating elsewhere.

  • Income Trends; The BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) indicates that in 1987, the average wage for jobs in Siskiyou County were 73% of the California average. There was a steady decline down to as low as 57% in the year 2000, then the percentage stabilized at 61 % with an increase to 63% in 2008. This shows that our wages are depressed, not keeping pace with inflation and the rest of the state.

  • Unemployment — The EDD statistics indicate that from 1990-2009, the highest rates of unemployment occurred in individual months in 1991-1993 (19.3-21.1%.) The average rate of unemployment for 1991 was 13.2, for 1992 — 15.8 and for 1993 -15.6. This high rate likely reflects the closure of the four timber mills in Siskiyou County between 1989-1999. The rate of unemployment then very gradually decreased each year until it plateaued around 2001 -2007 at 8-9.5% It climbed to an average of 10.2% in 2008 and was at 15.8% average in 2009.

  • Median Household Income The census (SAIPE) reports that in 1989, the median household income of Siskiyou County residents was $22,077. This was 66% of the California median, (down $11,000 from the CA median.) In 2008, the Siskiyou County median was $36,823. It had decreasedto 60% of the California median, (down $24,000 from the CA median household income.) Siskiyou County ranks 51 out of 58 California Counties in median income.

  • Poverty Rates — The census (SAIPE) reports that in 1989, 14.4% of Siskiyou County residents lived below the poverty line. This was 1.7% higher than the poverty rate for California in general. In 1989, 23.5% of children under 18 in Siskiyou County lived in poverty. This was 2.2% higher than the California rate. In 2008, 16.4% of all residents in Siskiyou County lived in poverty. This is a 2 percent increase in the rate over that of 1989 and is 3.1% higher than the California rate. In 2008, 25.4% of children under the age of 18 in Siskiyou County lived in poverty. That is a 2 percent increase in the rate over that of 1989 and is 6.9% greater than the California rate.

Summary Comment: Siskiyou County is an aging county. A large percentage of children in the county live in poverty and this is getting worse. Average wages are poor compared to the rest of California and getting worse. The household median income in the County has historically lagged far behind that of California and is getting worse. Unemployment has always been substantially higher than California in general. After stabilizing from high employment in the aftermath of mill closures and Forest Service layoffs, unemployment has substantially increased in the past two years and is climbing. It is currently 15.6% (May 2010.) The well-being of a substantial number of Siskiyou County residents is depressed and trending downward.

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