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Liz Writes Life 1-24-17

Liz Writes Life

Jan. 24, 2017

Liz Writes Life

Published in Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA


The meeting for the Scott Valley Protect Our Water this Thursday has been canceled. Instead, POW leaders are encouraging supporters to attend the State Water Board meeting on the Environmental Impact Report on the Klamath dams that will be held Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017 at the Miner’s Inn Convention Center. Time is 5 to 7 p.m. The meeting is specifically for public comment on the clean water aspect of relicensing the Klamath hydro-dams, so please attend the meeting and share your comments.


Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017 is also the first anniversary of the death of LaVoy Finicum, when the FBI, U.S. Marshals and other police officers set up a roadblock and put snipers in the trees on the highway in Eastern Oregon, where LaVoy was shot and killed.

LaVoy’s wife, Jeanette Finicum, is holding a meeting in John Day, Oregon called –the meeting with LaVoy Finicum that never happened. Last week, I said I would try to find a phone number to call to buy your $15 ticket, but I haven’t been successful. The only way I can find to purchase tickets is to Google the title of the meeting on the web and it comes up on Oathkeepers.org and you order them through Eventbrite.

Bundy trial

In trying to find info on the upcoming trial of the five Bundy men and 14 supporters, who are sitting in a federal jail facility, I couldn’t find a start date. It had been set for this month, but hasn’t happened. I did learn that the Review Journal newspaper in Las Vegas, just asked a federal appeals court to overturn a federal judge’s ruling that is blocking public access to evidence.

The Review Journal contends it is effectively locked out of reporting on the case. Lawyers for the Review Journal said the public’s right to inspect certain criminal court records is protected by the First Amendment.

The federal government and courts continue to be stinkers as Ammon Bundy’s attorney had a frustrating day in court this month. Marcus Mumford was one of Ammon’s defense lawyers in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Oregon trial that prevailed in favor of the Bundys. Ammon, his brother Ryan, and five others were found not guilty by the jury last Oct. 27, 2016.

Mumford demanded the release of Ammon and was then met with physical force by deputy U.S. marshals. He was tackled to the floor by at least six deputies, stunned with a Taser and handcuffed. Three misdemeanor charges have been brought against Mumford. This was an unprecedented move by deputies to restrain and stop a trial lawyer from defending his client.

Mumford’s attorney is vigorously challenging the misdemeanor charges and has filed a motion requesting the personnel files of all the marshals involved in the incident. The next hearing on the case is set for Feb. 15, 2017.

Lead ammo

Just before leaving office, Obama ordered a new ammunition ban for certain federal lands. The ban eliminates the use of lead-based ammo in national parks, wildlife refuges and any other lands managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I guess this does not include USFS lands.

Gun rights groups are outraged as the ban will have major impacts on hunting. California has also banned lead ammo. I don’t know if it will do any good, but the National Shooting Sports Foundation immediately called for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s new director to rescind the order.

I also don’t know what the consequences of being caught with lead ammo will be. Surely, the federal bureaucracy knows that hunters’ closets are full of lead ammo. Hum, I wonder if we can still target practice with it as part of the claimed reasoning behind the lead ban is to protect the environment. Oh, doesn’t lead come from the environment?

Also on the eve of his departure, Obama also had the 3-way light bulb banned by the Energy Dept. Gee whiz!


Up to a few weeks ago, California state agencies were still not willing to admit the drought had ended. In my way of thinking, the bureaucrats did not want to give up any power over water that they had obtained through the drought. Anyway, major newspapers are finally using the word “flooding” in their headlines and most everyone has to admit the drought is over.

Reservoirs are filling up and levees in the Sacramento Delta are stressed. This month can now claim fourth in the highest amount of rainfall in the Sacramento area.

Snowfall has been significant. The Boreal Mountain Ski Resort in the Sierras is reporting nearly 20 feet. Here in Siskiyou Co., I think our Mt. Shasta City residents are feeling pretty trapped by the white stuff. It sounds like there is four feet or more that has fallen in the city.


This winter, we have certainly had our fill of the passing-on of family and neighbors. It is certainly sad to see our loved ones go. I didn’t want to leave anyone out and had not planned on mentioning names, but a prime example is the recent death of George Thackeray. He was a good man, who served Siskiyou County as our Dist. 5 Supervisor in the 1980s and 1990s. His goal was to serve the people. One example that I recall was when the State of California mandated the closing of the garbage dumps and to do environmental analysis on future sites. George was extremely frustrated the state gave a mandate with no funding for the county to do the state’s bidding. It was a change most of us didn’t like – we liked our open dumps. Great treasures were sometimes found there! Now, continued mandates by state agencies are the normal – without funding to do the job! George, and others like him, will be missed.

Liz Bowen is a native of Siskiyou County and lives near Callahan. Call her at 530-467-3515.

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