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Site is owned and edited by Liz Bowen, who lives in Siskiyou County, California. Like-minded folks can call me at 530-467-3515.

ABOUT Scott Valley Protect Our Water

WE share information regarding government issues that are affecting the agricultural land, irrigation water use and, ultimately, private property rights in Scott Valley.

We are a small valley in the mountains at the very top of the State of California, in Siskiyou County.

Photo by Pam Thomas

Our significant towns are: Fort Jones, population 600; Greenview, with no official boundaries may have a population of 150; Etna with 750 population; down to the old mining town of Callahan, which boasts a population of 50.

An larger number number of folks live outside the “incorporated” areas on ranches and subdivided smaller acreages giving Scott Valley approximately 5,000 residents.

Map of California.  Siskiyou County is at the top border.

Red X marks Scott Valley.

One thing they all have in common and may not realize is the need for water; both for household use and irrigation of gardens and crops.

Many people have ideas on how to manage water, especially government agencies.  This blog will share information regarding the encroachment on Water Rights and Property Rights in the 21st century — NOW.

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *


Acronyms and definitions

Scott Valley POW – Scott Valley Protect Our Water — developed from the Pie N Politics, TEA Party meetings and a major PROTEST on May 27, 2010 against DFG.

Pie N Politics – A group that began meeting in Scott Valley 2008 to learn more about government intrusions into Private Property and developed this website/blog.

DFG – California Department of Fish and Game

ITP – Incidental Take Permit. DFG oversees the protection of coho salmon and has regulations regarding these protections. Originally, an ITP provided protection to a landowner who may accidentally harm, injure or harass coho salmon, especially juvenile salmon in the stream.

The ITP has been re-written by the DFG and we allege it now harms, injures and harasses the landowner.

1600 Streambed Alteration Permit – Originally in the 1960s, it was created to provide some protection to the streambed and bank of creeks and rivers as bridges, culverts, roads and other large projects gave little protection to environmental concerns at the time.

1603 – Originally, a one-page understanding between DFG and a landowner that allowed an irrigation diverter to get into the stream to push up gravel and encouraged his legal Water Right allotment to enter the diversion for irrigation.

The newly re-written 1602 claims that opening a headgate diversion on a ditch is a streambed alteration, although no equipment or even shovel has been used to touch the streambed or bank.

( Our belief is that — Both  the ITP and 1600 Streambed Permit are contracts that will allow the government to tell you how much of your legal Water Right you can use.)

Coho salmon – A specie of salmon that was listed with the federal ESA in 1996 in Northern California and Oregon areas — only.

Coho salmon – Same specie of salmon that was listed with the California ESA in 2002 for the Northern California area only.

It must be noted that coho salmon are plentiful in many places throughout the world and is still a popular fish for anglers in Canada and Alaska.

ESA – Endangered Species Act – a federal regulation enacted in 1973 through the Environmental Protection Agency.

USFWS – United States Fish and Wildlife Service – Typically, the agency that creates regulations regarding ESA listed animals, but not in the instance of coho salmon.

NMFS – National Marine Fisheries Service is the federal agency that establishes regulations to protect coho salmon.

CESA – California Endangered Species Act. DFG is the agency that designates regulations on species listed with the state ESA.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Roy’s Poem

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cowboy Poem by Roy Smith

Siskiyou County rancher, Roy Smith, wrote this on June 10, 2010

We have to save the coho salmon

But, the records are so very new

Was there ever very many

Was there always just a few?

They ruined families, homes and towns

So the spotted owl could have its way.

But, we’ve never really heard

if the owl is better off today.

We fenced our land along the creeks

It’s not as scenic as it was.

But everybody volunteered

They said it was a worthy cause.

We went to meeting after meeting

Just to learn what we could do.

We learned we were expendable

and they want the water too!


In the cruelest trick of all

If the Fish and Game should have their say;

We will have to buy a permit

to give our Water Rights away!

Cowboy and poet, Roy Smith gathering cattle on their range East of Mt. Shasta in Siskiyou County, California.



1 Comment

  1. (Edit)Pat Patterson •  Feb 7, 2011 @10:09 pm

    You said it so well, Roy! “We will have to buy a permit to give our Water Rights away.” Don’t buy a permit, don’t sign anything! Your water rights belong to you–they are a part of your real estate! Good for you, Roy!



  1. Dusty  •  Apr 12, 2010 @5:34 am

    What we need is some politicans on our side. Can we invite Herger and DeVore to come and speak?

  2. Rally Sally  •  Dec 12, 2010 @4:03 pm

    I heard Mark on the radio this morning on KCNR 1460. Would like to help you get the word out to more folks. Have you contacted Bill Wattenburg on KGO AM 810 in San Francisco? These are the kinds of issues he talks about regularly on his show. You can easily find him on google. Also, have you talked to anyone from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association? John Coupal would definately be on your side.

  3. Jerry Crow, Esq.  •  Dec 22, 2010 @2:44 pm

    Board of Supervisors vs. JPR-KSYC Sale: Mission Drift

    The December 20, 2010 edition of The Siskiyou Daily News reported on page one, that the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors (BOS) voted 3/2 to object to Jefferson Public Radio’s offer to purchase from Lee Jamison, his radio station, KSYC-FM. That action was based on the BOS reacting to JPR’s intention to move the content from KMJC-AM (Mt. Shasta) to the new station, changing the current content for KSYC, which is country music. The BOS Chairman Armstrong “feared a loss of ‘cultural identity'” when the change took place, adding that there would be a loss of air time “for community events and advertising for local businesses.” The dissenting supervisors were quoted “citing their concerns about government interfering in a private business transaction”.

    There are two major concerns that are raised by the Board’s decision, one that it is using its governmental power to advance or retard a business transaction and secondly, seeks to use its power to edit a publication’s media content which it finds objectionable. This decision serves as a precedent to use it’s power in the future to control other business transactions and to control newspaper, radio, and television content. This precedent would be useful for the BOS to require business sellers to get approval of a potential buyer and buyers to get approval to buy, a business or property in the county. Similarly, the precedent would be useful for the BOS to approve or disaprove of the content of newspapers, radio and television stations, so as to maintain the cultural identity favored by the BOS.

    Philosophically, the government attention has drifted to expand its governing power to include manipulating parties engaged in the sale and purchase of private property rights. Governmental expansion is a topic that is of concern to everyone, especially considering the economic impact that such expansion causes.

    Analyzing this action using SisQTax’s foundational principles, we can see the issues that the BOS has raised by its action to squash the sale of a property, and basing its decision on its desire to determine what freedom of speech (and music) will be allowed and that which will be restricted. It quickly changes into a conflict between the government and the citizen’s freedom of property and speech. Below is a list of SisQTax principles relating to taxes and changes the topic from taxes to action, such as the resolution and letter by the BOS condemning the sale and purchase of the KSYC radio station to JPR and what changes they will make to the media content from country music to the unknown.

    ALL TAXES AND FEES MUST BE FAIR. Is this action fair to the seller who just lost a buyer of his property? Every seller knows the feeling of loss when someone interferes with a sale/purchase transaction and the need to find another buyer. Every buyer knows the feeling of the loss when someone interferes with a sale/purchase transaction and the need to find another property to purchase. The missed business opportunity does not appear to be fair to the parties. It does not seem fair that the BOS has or should have the power to choose who is an acceptable buyer of property and what changes they can make when the power infringes our freedom of speech and press.

    ALL TAXES/FEES MUST BE UNDERSTANDABLE. Can you understand why a buyer like JPR would buy the station and then stop the content that attracts listeners, like information about local events, clubs, and local businesses? Can you understand why the government should be the decider about kind of music you listen to? Does it make sense that the government’s goal is to expand its power over businesses and listeners? Is the government the protector of “cultural identity”. What if the government wants to change our “cultural identity”? Should it have the power to decide who buys what and what they do with it after they buy it? Further inquiry may lead to a better understanding, but not an understandable basis for governmental intervention.

    ALL TAXES/FEES MUST BE COST EFFECTIVE. Here, a private sale has been canceled. Profits, taxes, commissions, advertising, pending operations, all will have to suffer as a result of this action. There is no way to measure whether or not the action was effective, as we don’t measure “cultural identity”. It is not possible to determine if the costs created by this action are offset by benefits which are effective.

    ALL TAXES/FEES MUST BE GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY. Stopping the sale and purchase of something is not good for the economy. As the number of transactions goes down, the economy is said to slow down. Slowing down the economy now is the opposite of what local government should be doing. The government should stimulate the economy, and that means stimulating the number, value, type, and variety of transactions. Quenching sales is not good for the economy.

    ALL EXPENDITURES MUST BE FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE. Here, the government has put an economic loss and burden on private interprise without being responsible for the economic burden it has created. Waste has been created which must be paid by private enterprise, all of which is passed on to the various sub-economies like advertising costs, the amount of available free time for public service announcements, etc.

    ALL EXPENDITURES MUST BE ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE. Can the economy recover and grow if every transaction is subject to BOS approval or condemnation? Can the BOS continue to interfere with private enterprise and expect to be able to continue to do so in the future?

    ALL EXPENDITURES MUST BE SOCIETALLY EQUITABLE. Is this governmental action equitable to the parties, the community, the economy, and the government?

    All of these principles are helpful in looking at governmental action and seeing if the decisions will be good or bad, will the results be good or bad, will the precedents be good or bad, and will their ultimate effect be good or bad. These principles make it easy for anyone to analyze this action and come to a conclusion. Feedback is needed for the BOS to learn when to act and when to refrain from action. Your comments to this blog will be useful in communicating to the BOS and help them focus on good government and avoid the alternative. Comment now. Thank you.

  4. Stan C Thomsom  •  Jan 15, 2011 @9:45 pm

    I live in Ohio now.
    I had the honor of standing with some folks in Klamath Falls at the head gates,
    Perhaps the information we gleaned from this will help you deal with these left wing balls of scum. If you should have any intrest in my comments, you may contact me at this address. If not, know that some of us do care. Care will do nothing for you. You are surounded by well meaning people that care. They watch TV and shake their head while the goverenment dives Americans off their land. You can not take a mans land without taking his country from him. Stan C. Thomson

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