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Scott Valley POW

NEXT  MEETING  IS  Thurs. Aug. 27, 2015

at the Fort Jones Community Center, Fort Jones, California

POW stands for —

Protect Our Water

We are a little agricultural valley

in the mountains of Siskiyou County —

at the very top of the State of California.

Scott River is located in Scott Valley over a range of hills from Interstate 5 near county seat Yreka.

Population in the entire Siskiyou County is 45,000;

Population in Scott Valley is roughly 5,000.

Photo above is —

Scott River in June 2010 at the south end of Scott Valley.  This is taken from the old dump road bridge near Callahan about a mile from where the South Fork and the East Fork of the river join and start heading down through the valley.

The snow pack in the mountains behind Mt. Bolivar was at 140 percent in 2010 winter and spring, which provided lots of water in May, June and July.

When the snow pack is melted, the river volume drops dramatically.

About Scott Valley POW —

Scott Valley Protect Our Water organized in May 2010 as an ad-hoc group of like-minded individuals, who have decided to stand-up against governments, its agencies and officials, when those governments, agencies and officials are invasive and threaten OUR Individual and Property Rights.

General meetings are open to like-minded individuals.

Those who do not agree with the Scott Valley POW Mission Statement are not welcome.


We say “NO” to those regulations that are attempting to destroy our Constitutional Rights.

We will not submit,

nor sign our rights away;

we will stand on those

Constitutional Rights

with all the resources at our command.

Civil Disobedience is legal

We will be calm.  We will be peaceful.  But, we will support one another.

If the California Department of Fish and Game Wardens step foot on your property — with just a phone call to our Phone Tree — the word will be sent out and we will immediately drive to your property and stand with you — against these THREATENING government officials.

We realize that saying “NO” to a government official is civil disobedience, but once again we claim protection under the U.S. Constitution. Civil disobedience is legal and, in this instance, a healthy fix to out-of-control government agencies.

April 3, 2010 at the North end of Scott Valley.  Bruce Walker had just turned over the soil for planting.  Yep, that was another skiff of snow.

This is taken in just about the same spot, only this was the end of July after the field has been irrigated by wheel-line on and off for two months.  Nice crop of alfalfa hay, Bruce and Lisa.

Protect Our Water – Scott Valley Central Committee

To contact the committee, please email:


Officers and committee chairs are as follows:

President – Mike Adams

Vice Presidents – Andrew Hurlimann, Mark Baird, Tom Pease

Vice President & media – Liz Bowen

Treasurer – Cyndi Baird 
Assistant Treasurer – Pauline Cramer

Research – John Menke & Jennifer Menke

Nancy Carver and Tom Pease – Documentation of DFG Wardens contact with Water Right holders

Jim McFadden

Mike Cramer

Andrea Carson

Jerry Bacigalupi – liason with Shasta Valley ranchers

Richard Marshall

Bernard Dowling


  1. Ron Glynn  •  May 22, 2011 @7:45 am


    Ron Glynn
    Josephine County
    State of Jefferson

  2. Jon Olson  •  Jun 16, 2011 @8:24 pm

    Nice Work on the web page look- keep it up. The Committee Vote Came out on Funding the Army Corps regarding the definition of water. See the links below. Bottom line is the bill came out of Committee with the language Fred Kelly Grant wanted to see. Cool beans!! the bad news is that the EPA is working with the Army Corps and I don’t know where their funds come from.

    The Point is comment to the EPA regarding the guidance document, “Don’t change the meaning of Federal Water. Stick to regulating navigable waters with respect to commerce like the US Constitution says.” Comment on new guidance document at http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0409-0001




    Republican Appropriations Committee

    Appropriations Committee Clears Fiscal Year 2012 Energy and Water Funding Bill
    Amendment to Provide Emergency Funding for Flood Disasters Approved
    Final Passage The bill was approved by the full Committee on a vote of 26-20.

    Jon Olson Christian first Patriot second

  3. Rob DeHarpport  •  Oct 5, 2011 @11:28 am

    I’m impressed with Scott Valley POW! There will be several of use from the Oakridge/Eugene region attending the October 22nd Defend Rural America event. Here is an event next week in the once great timber town of Oakridge, Oregon ( my home)
    Your friends
    Rob DeHarpport
    Please join the Oakridge Patriots as they host Oregon’s Americans for Prosperity Chair and rural policy expert Karla Kay Edwards at in Oakridge at the Oakridge High School Auditorium on October 11th at 6:00pm for the presentation and discussion; Timber Jobs…can we bring them back?
    Do you believe that the Northwest Forest Plan has failed rural Oregonians and has failed miserably to live up to it’…s stated goals to;
    1. Never forget human and economic dimensions of the issues.
    2. Protect the long term health of forests, wildlife… and waterways.
    3. Focus on scientifically sound, ecological credible, and legally responsible
    strategies and implementations.
    4. Produce a predictable and sustainable level of timber sales and nontimber
    resources; and
    5. Ensure fedral agencies work together

  4. Robert Exter  •  Nov 14, 2011 @1:48 am

    Video clips from the event.. Compliments of the 24HourPatriots Redding Tea Party. And maybe there will be a few more.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZldzFkQNNw Tom Pease

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjYaZkfWnXI Gill Gilbertson plug

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgrMcPrasdU Charley Hooper plug

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_wqaJYNSuY Brandon Criss interview

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoNeo9FOrhQ interview with attending person Tom Slone

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6slvGbdsh5U interview with Mary Wilson

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