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Steve Frank: The Case FOR Christopher Columbus: The Case Against Spain and Spanish


Tomorrow is the real Columbus Day Holiday, not the government convenient, three day weekend created October 9 version of Columbus Day.  This is the day to honor the Columbus effort to find a new way to the East Indies.  Instead, he found the island of Hispaniola—which led to the discovery of the American continent by other explorers.

For years the illogical Left have been denouncing Columbus, an Italian for the murder of Indians, the bringing of disease to this part of the world (of course Hispaniola and America did not have any diseases before Columbus—LOL) and for the enslavement of Indigenous people.

Why take it out on Columbus, he was just the hired hand.  Take down his statues for what?  Change the name of a major Indiana city, Columbus, because the guy had an idea and found a financier to fund the effort?  Who actually paid for this venture?  Who expected to be financially rewarded for this trip?  Who wanted the riches of a new world?  Find that person or country and punish them, not Columbus.

Editorial by Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views,  10/11/17

Lets go to the facts.  Christopher Columbus had an aide on how to fund a new, shorter route to the East Indies.  He thought he would wind up in Japan, instead he found himself in what is now San Salvador.

But the key is how did he finance the trip and what was he going to get out of it?

From Wikipedia, “In the April 1492 “Capitulations of Santa Fe“, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella promised Columbus that if he succeeded he would be given the rank of Admiral of the Ocean Sea and appointed Viceroy and Governor of all the new lands he could claim for Spain. He had the right to nominate three persons, from whom the sovereigns would choose one, for any office in the new lands. He would be entitled to 10 percent of all the revenues from the new lands in perpetuity. Additionally, he would also have the option of buying one-eighth interest in any commercial venture with the new lands and receive one-eighth of the profits.[36]

Columbus was later arrested in 1500 and dismissed from his posts. He and his sons, Diego and Fernando, then conducted a lengthy series of court cases against the Castilian crown, known as the pleitos colombinos, alleging that the Crown had illegally reneged on its contractual obligations to Columbus and his heirs. The Columbus family had some success in their first litigation, as a judgment of 1511 confirmed Diego’s position as Viceroy, but reduced his powers. Diego resumed litigation in 1512, which lasted until 1536, and further disputes continued until 1790.[43]

First notice this court case lasted 279 YEARS!!!  In California we had the famous Colorado River water case that lasted 100 years—not much compared to the Columbus case!   Importantly, he expected to get rich, famous and powerful—exchange for Spain financing the venture.  He would get 10% of the revenues and Spain would get 90%.

Why are we so upset with the Italian Columbus and not more upset with Spain for paying for this?  It was Spain that wanted the riches.  It was Spain therefore, mostly responsible for all the negative effects.  Why are we taking down Columbus monuments and remembrances and saying and doing nothing to Spain?  Well, as far as I know, we do not have any monuments in the United States promoting Spain or Queen Isabella.  So, there is nothing we can do to them.  There are no holidays for Spain to cut out or change the name.  How then do we punish Spain for all the negatives laid on Columbus, which actually belongs to Spain?

Here is an idea.  Why do we promote the language of Spain in the United Sates?  Every word in Spanish is a slap in the face of the Indigenous people, the Indians and those that they harmed.  Can we use the language of those that killed the Indigenous residents, brought disease, famine and global warming to their shores?  Why do we allow our government to promote Spain and its history of hate and destruction of the Indigenous people?

Will Antifa tear down signs in Spanish in East L.A. or Sacramento?  Will they trash government forms in Spanish?  Why not.  If they hate the employee, Columbus—shouldn’t they really hate those that finance and hoped to get rich off the backs of the Indigenous folks?

Can we allow people into this country, illegally, that speak that vicious language?  Can we afford more Spanish speaking people to remind us of the hate and bigotry of Queen Isabella and Spain?

On this Columbus Day, October 12, let us recommit ourselves to ending the glorification of Columbus and his boss, Spain.  No statues of Christopher, no use of the Spanish language for Spain.  What do you think?  Shouldn’t we be fair and equal in our wiping out of history?

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, any copyrighted material herein is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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It is not about race or injustices, it about respect and appreciation for the freedoms and liberties we do enjoy


Hooray for Alejandro!

At least there is one principled football player who dared to go against his coach/team wishes and for good reason – he served as an Army Officer and wore the Ranger Tab. He took an oath, served honorably, and that actually means something to him and many across the country.


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Opinion from a bygone era of firefighters

FIRES, Forestry & USFS, Op-ed

Sorry folks, I may get blasted all over the place, but here goes.  I spent 33 years in the forest service, fought fire from Canada, to Florida, and all along the west coast, and many states in between. Spent most of that time in fire suppression and fire management. Spent many years on national and regional incident teams as a Operations Chief and Incident Commander.  By the way ten years on the Happy Camp District and have physically walked on the ground and totally familiar with the terrain, weather patterns, and very importantly, fuels. In all those years I do not recall a time when we did not attack a wildfire because of safety or other concerns.  We may have modified our attack anchor points and made discretionary safety decisions, but did aggressively attack the wildfire until the fire was controlled and did this without the thousands of personnel, monsters helicopters and air tankers as are available today.  You cannot put wildfires out with aircraft alone.  The first thing someone will attack me with is… we always put safety first… well let me tell we did that also, but people get hurt or killed in ALL dangerous jobs, firefighting is a dangerous job, no matter how safe you think you are doing the job… just a fact of life.  I have many friends who have been seriously injured and killed in logging, aircraft, police work, farming,etc. but you do not see them hang up there equipment or quit flying, or quit logging, policing, farming, No, they keep at it with more determination.

Secondly, I do not want to hear a word about climate change and fires burn hotter because of climate change… that is an excuse and pure garbage.  Now, if you want to talk about total mismanage of the forest fuels you may have some argument on this issue and probably have much validity with this argument.

Finally,  I looked at the photographs on this Inciweb report only to see a bunch pussycat smiling fire managers in photo ops.  Instead of concentrating on the job at hand.

OK, it has been a long time since the very first fire I was on. It was 1958 out of Big Flat Guard Station on the Six Rivers National Forest.  The fire was located in Goose Creek in very steep terrain, we had to use ropes to construct our fire line to tie the fire off into Goose Creek.  Don’t remember a lot of complaining, we had a job to do and we just did it.

Jess  Bigham

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Poem posted on facebook today — full of nothing, but the TRUTH!!!



This poem by a local 16 year old eager kid says it all:

Wallow Fire

Let’s return the forest to its natural state,
trust me boys this will be great!
We’ll shut down the loggers and cut back the cows,
this will leave more room for wolves and spotted owls.

We will build little roads for ATV’s,
and big old camps for boats and RV’s.
We will lift all restrictions of fire laws,
let no loggers in with axes or saws.

Yup, we are goin green that’s what they said,
send your cattle our way, we’ve got wolves that need fed!
We will put riparian areas for the elk to eat,
then make them cowboys keep our fences neat.

We will measure the grass, mark all the trees,
we will count all their cattle and collect our fees.
Those loggers make our forest bare,
make it look like a mans head that ain’t got no hair.

That’s what they said many years ago,
and in takin action they wasn’t too slow.

So the grass grew tall, the forest got thick
and cowboys and loggers, it made them all sick.
Now we sit here in a smoke covered town,
Forest Service trucks runnin’ around.

This coulda been stopped, but it wouldn’t be heard.
Those greenies didn’t listen, guess they’d rather it burned.
As humans we’ve failed to protect our land,
so Mother Nature stepped in and gave us a hand.

But it coulda been stopped by fallin some trees,
and that, I think, now everyone sees.
So there you go, it’s in its natural state,
but don’t cry now, it’s already too late.

You wanted a green forest, you wanted it seen,
well take a good look cause black’s the new green!

– Carson Lee

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Oregon: On 7/23/2017 8:57 PM, RONALD GLYNN wrote:

Federal gov & land grabs, FIRES, Op-ed, Wilderness

 Dear Josephine County Residents:

Well, they are at it again! I found out on Senator Ron Wyden’s website that on 7-13-17 our two Senators introduce Legislation to create more Wilderness Areas in Oregon.

We currently have 47 Wilderness Areas across the State Of Oregon which 98% of Oregonians will never set foot in. It is nice that we have some Wilderness Areas for future generations. However, we have already too many Wilderness Areas now. Enough is enough!

We do not need anymore Public Lands put into the non-use categories.

The worst part of their proposal is that they once again seek to lock up more of our Public Land in Josephine County into Wilderness.  Plus,  the legislation creates an additional 125 miles of the Rogue River to go along the existing 84 mile Rouge River Wild And Scenic area. Specifically, they want to add around 50,000 acres (78 square miles) of our Public Land in Josephine County to expand the existing Wild Rogue Wilderness (55 square miles).

Senators Merkley and Wyden have tried this kind of land grab about 5 years ago.

What was really insulting is that they did not even bother talking to our County Commissioners before they introduce their bill 5 years ago. I doubt they bothered contacting our current Commissioners this time.

We must oppose their proposed plan.

We can not rest on the fact that the Republicans control both the House and the Senate. The margin of Republicans-Democrat is very thin in the Senate.

We have a better chance of stopping this Liberal Insanity in the House.   To start with, this is what I recommend as a course of action .  If you live in the Congressional District 4 portion of Josephine County, please contact Congressman Peter DeFazio on his web site to indicate that you OPPOSE locking any more of our Public Land into Wilderness.

If you live in the Congressional District 2, please contact Congressman Greg Walden to register your Opposition.

Here are some talking points: Stress that Josephine County already has 70,000 acres (109 square miles) in the 180,000 acre (281 square miles) Kalmiopis Wilderness Area. The Federal Government controls 67% of Josephine County’s land mass and timber harvesting is down to a small fraction of historical harvests.

Clear cutting is not done any more and the only timber harvest comes from thinning projects which take years to get approval.

All the time, the neo-environmental groups have been there gumming up the works with delay tactics make the process take years. I have taken 2 BLM field trips on thinning projects and found out what a long and difficult process the local BLM staff must go through. Our last large scale saw mill, Rough and Ready,  in Josephine County ceased operations forever in April of this year.

The mill owners in recent years had the mill retooled to change to milling smaller diameter trees, the kind of logs that come from thinning project sales. The reason for the complete dismantling of the mill was the lack of an adequate supply of small diameter logs. The cruel irony is that you can stand at the former mill site and view untold millions of trees on Public Land in the surrounding mountains.

Every year, we have to witness a portion of those trees burn up because the forest lands need to be thinned out to prevent catastrophic wild fires.   The North Portland based radical preservation group Oregon Wild is backing The Merkley-Wyden Oregon Wildlands Act.  Oregon Wild is a radical preservationist group headquartered in North Portland.. They have been the primary driver of the Wilderness Expansion movement in Oregon for the last 40 years and Senator Wyden is their main water carrier in the Congress. Their goal is to create 5 million more acres of Public Land into Wilderness Areas. That is 781 square miles and would triple the amount of Public Land locked up in Wilderness Areas.

These people in Oregon Wild don’t really care about the average Rural Oregonian. They want to convert much of Rural Oregon into a giant park so in the future a fraction of Urban dwellers can have a place to come play around once in awhile. Basically, Oregon Wild has had little opposition to their agenda over the last 4 decades. W

We need to oppose these people for the protection of future Rural Oregonians.   Yours For Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperity,   Ron Glynn 3930 Lower Wolf Creek Road Wolf Creek, Oregon 97497  ph. (541)659-9620

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Ron Glynn send letter to Oregon elected officials


PNP comment: Ron Glynn sent this letter to Oregon Senator Wyden; Senator Jeff Merkley; Congressman Peter DeFazio.  — Editor Liz Bowen

Dear Gentlemen:

In New York City’s Central Park, there is current play production called Shakespeare In The Park which is currently putting on “Caesar”. The play has been modernized and the character playing Caesar looks like President Donald Trump. In the end of the play, Caesar is violently stabbed to death by a mob of attackers. The liberal audience is clapping and cheering as the Caesar character is murdered. Do you get it? Hundreds of Americans nightly are cheering the murder of President Trump. I challenge you to watch the scene on You Tube. This play is outrageous Nazi style propaganda put on by sick people for sick people.

 I call upon you to condemn this play.


Ronald B. Glynn

Wolf Creek, Oregon

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Managing water under California’s broken water system – opinion


BLOG: Managing water under California’s broken water system

California Farm Water Coalition

California’s farm water suppliers don’t shy away from hard work. They never have-but our broken water system continues to erode their ability to do the most important part of their job- managing and delivering the water used to grow the food and fiber we all depend on. With the ever-escalating demand of more than 15 different overlapping agencies that require farm water suppliers to meet perpetually-changing regulatory processes, it’s little wonder that despite bountiful water provided by nature- scarcity and uncertainty continue to burden farms, rural communities, and even our cities.

A recent Sacramento Bee Editorial underscored the complexity of managing water under California’s broken system, claiming that not filing a form with the Department of Water Resources (DWR) has left Californians in the dark about where and how the water used to grow our food and fiber is delivered.

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Comment: Angry Mob Of Anti-Trump Protestors Attack Pro-Trump Supporter At Portland Airport


Dear Freedom Loving Americans:

Watch the attached video to see the kind of people turning out for protests against President Trump.  These protests “breaking out” across America are not spontaneous. Left Wing forces started organizing Resistance against President Trump the day after Election. I know because I am on their email lists. Money coming from the Extremist Billionaire George Soros is paying for organization and the mobs are centrally controlled and directed where to protest. Those controlling these mobs have lots of young useful idiots to fill their ranks of protestors.  


The Left is making a strategic error using Viet Nam War Era Protesting tactics to an attempt to win over the Average American to side with them against President Trump. What they are doing is going to backfire on them. The Average American(Liberal, Conservative, Moderate) are not going to support violence and property destruction done by mobs of vulgar, shrieking hateful people. One of the mistakes they are doing is interfering with people’s right to move and to have free association with other people. An example of this was their effort at the Inauguration to block people from getting to see the Inauguration.

They have also been blocking traffic in large Metropolitan areas. Some liberal sitting in his car stuck in traffic and ending up being two hours late for work is not going to look to too kindly on their movement. Let’s hope the Left Wing Radicals keeps up this type of movement and that the Democratic Leaders like Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon keep supporting their activities. It will get real old for most Americans in a matter of few months.

Yours For Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperity,

Ron Glynn

Retired Multnomah County Parole & Probation Officer

Wolf Creek, Oregon

Video: Anti-Trump Rioter Knocks Out Trump Supporter at Portland Airport » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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Rex Cozallio: Reasons for no expansion of Cascade/Siskiyou National Monument

Federal gov & land grabs, Op-ed, Rex Cozzalio

To Siskiyou Co. Supervisors:

Subject: Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

When the existing Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument was created, extensive and adamant promises were made to the affected regional majority in opposition.   Forcibly imposed upon the affected public, the ensuing years have revealed EVERY ONE of those promises a premeditated lie:

– Ranchers with generations of vested contributions helping CREATE the biodiverse region, assured by proponents they would have continuing ability for survival, were surreptitiously regulated into extinction.

– Residents within the monument boundaries have been harassed and impeded into compelled positions of ‘willing sellers’.

– ‘Preservation and access to the public’ has instead resulted in essentially unmanaged lands made virtually inaccessible through road decommissioning and policy degraded conditions such as the dominance of invasive weed species and fire potential growth.

– ‘Untouchable’ fire policies have resulted in real world consequential added risk and threat to the lives and property of residents living in, and adjacent to, the monument borders, as evidenced during recently experienced fires.

– Promises of a vast increase in regional jobs and income that would result from ‘monument status’ in ‘exchange’ for the many livelihoods and productive regional benefits lost, has instead seen NO identifiable resulting enhancements  to ANYTHING other than the pockets of otherwise unaffected proponent NGOs and regulatory administering agencies.

Logically, the drastic expansion of the existing monument once again proposed by the same prior personally benefitting entities, using the same already established lies, can only produce the same proportional ‘expansion’ of previously experienced failures. The only reasonable explanation for an effort compounding past failure is that the real intent is for FURTHER expansion of ‘rewilding’ policy ‘executive’ imposed devastation and attrition upon the region.

Federal lands should be accessible to all Americans, and should be actively managed for multiple benefits and multiple values. Expanding the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument under the Antiquities Act would accomplish just the opposite.

We and the vast majority of Siskiyou County fought the previous intended California expansion of the Monument which originally mapped their ultimate intention for the Monument far beyond even those presently and destructively imposed.  The well documented intent goes far beyond even this incrementally oppressive agenda.  Once this irresponsible and unaccountable mandate is in place, the final stage to the original intent becomes a much easier additional step.  Therefore, even after this travesty is implemented, the battle against area attrition and loss would  not be over, instead it would only be the beginning of one even greater..

My family and I are opposed to the proposed expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.  I would hope that enough resolute public attention in opposition can be made to impede a unilateral Executive Order.  As with the special interest KHSA/KBRA/KBCA/KPFA debacle, Wyden and Merkley are once again proving themselves the facilitators of an agenda using any deceptive means against the survival of the very regions they claim to represent.  Please consider opposing the Monument expansion.


Rex Cozzalio

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Opinion: Learn from history … fight to keep your water

California water, Op-ed, Water rights, Water, Resources & Quality

PNP comment: Looks like the coho salmon is the only fraud perpetrated on farmers and ranchers and fishermen. — Editor Liz Bowen

OPINION: Learn from history … fight to keep your water

Modesto Bee

At an important meeting last week in Modesto, The Bee reported, Francisco Canela, a member of the Stanislaus County Water Advisory Committee, asked one of the state’s top water regulators a great question:

“Where’s the end game for this community? That’s our concern. We’re giving more water and more water, and we aren’t getting anything back.”

The short answer to Canela’s question is that the community will never get back any water or anything else.

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